2005 Renault Megane Dynamique 3dr 1.9dci from UK and Ireland


Not as cheap to run as it should be


Nothing has gone wrong yet (touch wood!), but reading the other reviews it sounds like there are good cars and bad ones. Hopefully mine is the former!

General Comments:

Generally happy with the car, haven't had any problems.

The performance is good for a diesel, no complaints there. If I stick to 70ish then I get just over 50mpg. Keeping up with the traffic doing 80-85 the fuel consumption drops to around 47mpg which isn't too bad.

Handling is miles better than my old Volvo S60, although that's probably down to the Volvo being terrible as much as anything. Cornering is fairly neat, understeering if you overdo things. I do worry that the brakes might not be up to the job, fading quite quickly under moderate braking. Maybe some different pads will resolve that.

The seat would be better for long journeys if it had a bit more support and adjustment. The stereo sound quality is a bit lacking as well.

The headlights are also a bit of a let down. I was going to upgrade the bulbs, but have read reports of the headlight lenses melting when other people have done this! There is also the issue of changing the bulbs, which requires removal of the front bumper unless you're a gynaecologist.

I was also shocked to find that the service intervals are every 9k miles, and most dealers charge around 250-300 pounds a go!!!

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Review Date: 30th October, 2006

1st Nov 2006, 06:06

You don't need to remove the bumper, although it is quite tricky to replace the bulbs. Details on Meganeownersclub.co.uk.

19th Aug 2007, 14:10

Original Poster here with an update:

Well, after 42k miles I thought I had a (rare) good'un. Unfortunately the other day whilst driving down the M4 there was a terrible stink of diesel every time I slowed down.

Turns out that the high pressure feed line from the fuel pump to the injectors had a fracture and was peeing diesel everywhere. This part has an advisory recommending an updated bracket and bolt. It would have been a five minute fix to replace, but nowhere had the part in stock and it had to be ordered from France. Luckily the Renault Assist service from the AA was able to organise a hire car for the 3 days it took to sort out.

I was a bit disappointed that a part which has an obvious design fault (hence the advisory) had to be ordered from France. Oh, and the car now stinks of diesel, but hopefully this will go away.

2005 Renault Megane Dymanique 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Slick, fun, but does have it's problems


Unfortunately quite a list!

First thing noticed was the squeaking brakes, presumed this would go - not so. Apparently this is a common fault with with the Meganes and a 'silence kit' needs to be fitted to rectify the problem.

Next mysteriously got a puncture front off-side. According to my handbook, my fabulous on-board computer would tell me any change in tyre pressure, not so! Good old driver intuition helped out here!!!

Next was gearbox, started off very smooth, however after 2000 miles became very jerky when the car was started (& as per dealers advice, I did leave it to warm up, but in the summer, don't think it being cold is a good enough excuse!). The car struggled in first gear and was over-revving a lot. Taken back to the dealer, who assured me that the 'computer settings had been readjusted'. Fine at first, then just got worse! Whenever I try to book the car in, they are unable to get me an automatic courtesy car so is often a 6-8 week wait and apparently could take some time to fix! So at 12500 the car showed it's true colours and doing 90mph (with 1 passenger) revved to over 6000rpm! Quite worrying on the motorway as it sounded as though it was going to explode! Not to mention it is costing me an absolute BOMB in petrol to run - driving around town (approx 30 miles per day) means I'm putting in £15 nearly every day!

Drivers side indicator went a while ago, at 14000 both headlight bulbs have almost gone, luckily the fog lights are keeping me going (illegal I know!).

The CD player is constantly over-heating (I have had the 6 disc changer fitted & that over heats as well!). On top of that now, its just treating every single CD as though I've dragged them through a gravel pit (even brand new ones!).

Clever little petrol gauge isn't so clever! On full tank, it doesn't change for about 1/4 of a tank, then drops remains constant, then surprise surprise it just drops again - which isn't very handy when it's guzzling petrol anyway!

Interior is wearing quickly, bit concerned!

Problems with the keyless locking, sometimes it doesn't want to lock, or has problems detecting the card to start up.

General Comments:

On speaking to someone at the dealership, it appears the above are common problems!

The automatic in particular is known to have gearbox problems and this has resulted in a ridiculous fuel consumption! I'm yet to experience the economical side of this car - my friend has a 2.6 V6 engine and spends a lot less in petrol then I do, which HURTS at 98.9p per litre! I've had a clio 1.4 1993 and that could live on £25 per week in petrol and was a LOT faster. The similarity, however, is gearbox failure tell-tale signs of banging when going into reverse, over-revving etc.

The handling on this car is poor round conrners and I live in London, I'm not exactly driving on winding roads in France! However on the straights i.e. motorway the car is great! It feels solid and passengers have noted how smooth it is (apart from the jerking when revving over 6000rpm!).

I've had a few extras put on: panoramic sunroof, 6 disc CD changer, keyless entry/start-up. All of these are great and agree with other reviews extra's like these are rare or expensive! So am extremely pleased with them.

I have a 3 door and getting in and out for passengers seems fairly difficult and must say leg-room is a little cramped - although its not exactly a Maebach, so can't really ask for much!

Owning a Megane, still attracts attention and the odd "I see you baby shaking that ____" which is amusing! It's distinct shape sets it apart from the rest and in black still looks very slick.

Boot space is very good, especially with the fold down rear seats, its amazing what you can fit in there!

The light into the cabin is great with the panoramic sun roofs, not to mention Renault have been smart enough to ensure the top half of the cabin is in a light colour!

I haven't been too impressed with the demisting functions in the winter, the angles of the window vents mean that only half the window remains steam free no matter what angles they are adjusted to!

Overall I do have a weakspot for Renaults, and do really like this car and would be looking to change to the Megane convertible as my next car! I just hope that I don't get any such problems in the first 6 months of owning one! Driving the car is smooth and relaxing, if pushed it does hit some good speeds - I won't say how fast, but I have pushed it past the top speed stated in the handbook and that was with 3 passengers and 2 weeks worth of luggage! I'm sure it has potential to do more, but won't be trying that until my washing-machine-sounding gearbox is sorted!

Watch this space!

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Review Date: 7th August, 2006

1st Sep 2006, 15:39

With regard to the tyre pressure monitor system... your car being in Dynamique spec doesn't have this feature as standard. In fact, it was only ever an option on any Megane, so I wondered if you had it added as an option and thus it didn't work, or your vehicle has never had it installed.