26th Feb 2003, 04:18

My megane sport has just developed an immobiliser problem. Sometimes it will start, sometimes not. Very frustrating. I have read other comments (the one about water in the roof) made me think that this has happened after washing my car! I don't know if this will help anybody else, but if failing to start, get out of car lock door with key and then try starting and it might start, myn does, but I do not understand why! HELP!!!

9th Apr 2003, 05:00

If car always starts at garage, but not at home, make sure you give the garage your main key, not a spare. Could be that the transponder chip (not radio sender) in most used key is intermittent. A neighbour had this - garage could never find a problem, it was just the key!

BTW I need a spare key for my Scenic - £125+VAT with labour! wtf!

16th Apr 2003, 08:01

I've got immobiliser problems too! I can start the car first thing in the morning not problem, then drop the kids off at school, then try and start the car and nothing happens, not even the starter motor turns. Try locking and unlocking for about 5 minutes and then it starts!

Any ideas?

12th May 2003, 07:41

I have been having periodic starting problems with my Renault Scenic for about 3 months now.

After one journey, I stopped for 10 minutes and returned to the car to find the engine wouldn't even turn over. Lights plus electric windows still work so can't be the battery.

This problem happens 2 or 3 times in succession once every 3 or 4 weeks. The Renault garage couldn't find anything wrong with it. All they could do was send one of the mechanics out to the car with me to give me a demonstration on how to use the key! As I pointed out to them, I have been driving the car around perfectly well for the last 3.5 years and knew exactly how to operate the key!

If I sit in the car and wait for about half an hour, whatever the problem is seems to clear itself and the car starts.

It is very frustrating as no-one seems to have any idea what the problem can be. I've had people telling me it could be the immobilser, the starter motor or the key. However, as all of the things are not cheap to fix, I am not keen to get the work done and find that it wasn't that after all.

Any ideas gratefully received.

13th May 2003, 08:31

I've had a P reg. Megane for about 3 weeks, it has become very sporadic in it's starting. I disengage the immobiliser, turn the key, the lights come on everything seems to be fine and...nothing! It just doesn't want to turn over, however, if left dormant for a sufficient amount of time it'll start at the first attempt. It sounds like many people have this problem I'm just glad I this found out before taking it to the garage. If anyone ever does find the solution please post it on this site, I shall be eternally grateful. Cheers; Matt, stuck in Bristol.

14th May 2003, 12:54

Matt in Bristol -

I had a similar problem, but only when the engine was hot. It would start fine from cold, but if you have to stop for five minutes, it was almost impossible to start again even though the starter motor would turn the engine over. Turned out that the TDC (Top Dead Centre) sensor connector went high-resistance when it was hot so the engine management system didn't know when to fire the plugs. I think it was about £50 to get fixed at a Renault dealership. A clean up of the connector should help though as they did this and it seemed to work (they didn't have a new connector and wire loom available from stock). Good luck.

On another question, anyone got any idea why my speedo goes nuts. Looks like it's getting some interference from the rev counter as I can blip the throttle when sitting still and the needle on the speedo will jump up to about 30mph. However, it will jump around like it's on a pogo stick if drivinganything over 40mph. I had the battery replaced in the car (1998 1.6e Megane Coupe Sport) a couple of weeks ago, but the problem only started yesterday.

Any ideas? Reply here and I'll check back.

Thanks in advance.


5th Dec 2003, 04:36

Having just been offered a spare key from Reg Vardy for my wife's Renault Megane P reg at about £80, does anyone know of a reasonably costed substitute and who makes them in the UK. I hate being ripped off by this lot.


John Webb.

24th Mar 2004, 07:14

Thank goodness I am not the only one (i have terrible luck with cars!)

I have purchased a Megane Coupe Sport in Feb 2004 and it has recently started not to start. As mentioned above, the dash lights come on, but the engine does not even attempt to start. I have tried locking and unlocking the car, but that doesn't seem to work. I am going to try and take it back to the garage where I bought the car this week - will probably be given some excuse to pay masses of £££. Either that or call the AA, not that they will be able to help!

If I find a cure to this infuriating problem, I shall post again.

19th Apr 2005, 06:39

Has anyone had a problem with the electric roof of the Megane Cabriolet 1.6 sport? (2002) I purchased the car 2nd hand with 10k mile on the clock, as it was winter I did not need to lower the roof, alas in summer, it was pretty bad, sometimes it worked, others it got stuck either halfway up/down, and just transmitted a blipping noise, took the car to my Renaults dealer, who checked it out and declared that it was something to do with the switch, Renault paid something towards having it fixed and I paid the rest, OK for the rest of that summer, summer 2004 it was as bad again, not being in the position to keep coughing up for this I just did not drop the roof - shame when that's the reason I bought the car in the first place.

As summer approached again, I have now booked it into my Renualt dealer to once more look at and hopefully repair.

Anyone else having had the same problem.

Mrs L Best


2nd Sep 2005, 13:00

Having the same 'starting from cold' problems with my 'T' reg Megane 1.6 16v. Sometimes it will start first turn of the key, sometimes it takes 30seconds or more of turning. I have been advised to check the TDC Sensor connection. Everything else appears OK and I have given it a full service.

3rd Oct 2005, 15:01

I too have recently been faced with a problem regarding my immobiliser. Last week the key fob wouldn't work to turn the immobiliser off, I had my batteries in both key fobs changed yet still no joy!

Through talking to a mate he has informed me that the receiver can get damp and cause the immobiliser to pack in until dried out! Can anyone tell me if they know how much it will be to get this problem fixed and do I need to take it to a Renault dealer??

This is very frustrating for me right now as its taking me at least 15 minutes every morning to be able to switch the immobiliser off.