24th Oct 2005, 14:56


How do you switch your immobiliser off on the MEGANE COUPE? I've got 98 edition and the TDC sensor has gone and I can't start the vehicle.

4th May 2006, 05:12

My immobiliser packed in on my Renault Megane Coupe, so I took the receiver unit out, which is in the headlining near the rear view mirror, and dried it on the radiator, and as if by magic, it works now. If you don't have a radiator to hand, spray it with wd40, that works as well. It's a common fault on Renault Meganes with a factory fitted sunroof. Water leaks in and stops it from working. Hope this helps!

18th May 2006, 12:39

Been banging my head against a wall, have read all similar problems posted. I have a 99T reg Renault Megane 1.6rt, and yes have been experiencing the erratic starting problems that seem to be quite regular with other owners.

I can start the car no problem one day, then the next it can take 2 or 3 times continuous turning to get the engine started. I have noticed, and this is just an observation, that for some reason when the car fails to start, the odometer resets itself, strange, but I wonder if an electrical problem the culprit. Anyone who has any new ideas, please share your info please.

5th Aug 2006, 10:18

I had the same problem that many people have had with starting my car, a Renault Megane T reg. I solved the problem by removing the TDC sensor, and cleaning it with a dry cloth and removing and dirt from the TDC and electrics. This took me about 5 minutes replacing the TDC, and all worked fine, not forgetting to remove the negative lead to the battery first.

I take no responsibility for any problems that might be caused by doing this; this is done at your own risk.

12th Aug 2006, 09:51

I have just bought a W registered Renault coupe 1.6. I am very pleased with the car except a minor problem. the sunroof won't open!

19th Aug 2006, 07:50

Megane ignition failure:

Is your starter-motor running, but will the engine not start, please check your Hall sensor on the top of the gearbox, this sensor creates the window in which the ignition should take place, it is a well known problem for these cars, I found lots of examples on the dutch Internet referring to it. I replaced the sensor on my car myself (10 minutes job, only unscrew 2 pieces M6 bolds) price is about 26 Euros.

The garage can check your Hall sensor, if they repair it the costs will be around 80 Euros.

Success, regards


19th Dec 2006, 03:35

Have the Immobiliser problem on 97 megane, where it won't disable. There is a band-aid solution: Check inside the key (unscrew the cover) & note the codes down. Phone Renault dealer & describe the problem - they will give you the immobiliser code for your specific car (well they will in Ireland anyway). You can manually enter immobiliser the code by pressing the manual central locking button; works every time. Tried taking out the immobiliser fuse, but the relay seems to default to 'engine disabled' position, as car won't start. Does anyone know how to totally disable the immobiliser permanently? If you do, please post.

25th Jan 2007, 02:21

I have a p reg megane coupe and I'm having problems staring the car. The immobiliser is fine, but the engine won't turn over.

I also have problems with my air reconcycling system which constantly ticks and I have to keep it on to avoid hearing the annoying sound, can someone please help me here?

25th Feb 2007, 18:15

Hi can any one help me I have a Renault megan on an r plate, I think I have a problem with my key because it takes me bout half hour to get the car open. I walk around the car pressing the key but it won't open first time I've changed the battery, please help me I can open the door by putting the key in it, but it needs to be open by pressing the fob because it's got an immobilizer on it.

20th Mar 2007, 07:53

I have a Megane Coupe 97 and am having the immobiliser problems as well. The only solution I have found is to take the fuse out of the immobiliser and replace with a simple switch. Then you just turn the electrics off when starting the car and then back on once the car is started. Only problem being central locking does not work!!

16th Apr 2007, 08:23

I have had numerous problems with my keys etc. and am totally sick of my Renault Scenic 1.6RT - R reg... to the point where I'd like to dump it in a ditch and forget I ever owned it.

Renault are very happy to take money off you for doing very little. To reprogramme a key I was charged £140, the whole thing takes 10 minutes max (A very good rate of pay). If you need to enter your code (which I got from Renault direct using just the details off my car registration doc) follow instructions below:

- Switch key on to the point where the red light on the dashboard is flashing fast.

- Using the door locker button press and hold it down while counting the number of flashes for you first number of the code.

- Repeat this for the other three numbers in your code.

- If you've done this correctly the light will go steady red and you can start the car.

If your key needs reprogramming after getting out of sync with the immobiliser follow this:

- At the point where the light goes steady, turn off the ignition.

- Press and hold the door locker until it clunks, then point it at the receiver and press 3 times. If the key and receiver are OK this sometimes re-syncs the codes.

I have been doing this for the last 6 months as I refuse to pay a single penny more to Renault. It takes about 30 seconds in all, but this can be a pain at petrol stations when there is a queue - everyone wonders what the dodderer at the front is doing when they get back in their car!

I am now going to a local garage which has a diagnostic computer. They have said that they may be able to switch off the immobiliser permanently with this, or reset the code to something smaller (1,1,1,1 rather than all high numbers like mine!). I will post again on the success or failure of this.

29th Apr 2007, 18:09

Hi, all those with infrared immobiliser problems and unhelpful dealers, I can help you out, see here http://www.coupe-club.org.uk/smf/index.php/board,41.0.html

28th Jun 2007, 18:02

I had the same problem with immobiliser sometimes working and sometimes not with key, but have sourced the problem; if your car is fitted with a sunroof, you will have to take the corner of the roof lining off in car, and you will see your rain run off pipe, which is white. Pull this off at the sunroof end, and with a hand pump and the inside of a pen attached to the end, place inside tube and squeeze it, and pump to push all moss and muck out, which blocks pipe.

Do this because water does not escape otherwise from the sunroof, and then in turn goes either into your footwell, which I had, and also into your immobiliser receiver, which is located on your roof lining. Do this for both sides.

Once you have done this, take your receiver out and either spray wd40 on it and dry with damp cloth, or place it on your radiator overnight, then replace an voila! It works perfect.

I've done this many times now for lots of Renaults. If you still have trouble with it, just ask me rodneybuddy5401 at aol dot com as there are a couple more ways to sort it without Renault expenses.

Hope this helps.