16th Jun 2010, 08:44

Hi all.

I have a 1998 Megane Coupé. Some mornings it is a dream starter, other mornings it just turns over and over and over. Very temperamental it seems. One good thing is that it seems to be a common fault, but the bad thing is that nobody seems to have a solution.

I am looking into this further with Renault - I'll keep you posted :)

2nd Sep 2010, 03:29

I have a S reg Renault Megane, and the immobiliser won't go off. I have changed the batteries in the key and still don't work. Now the driver's window won't open and hazards button inside don't work, and wipers don't work and central locking button don't work either.

I really do need help, as I now don't have a car.

2nd Sep 2010, 08:06

Call Renault about the immobiliser, they may be able to tell you what to do about it. The other stuff could be pretty simple. Check fuses initially. Hopefully you won't need to replace any motors, or it could become expensive.

11th Sep 2010, 12:01

The car won't start or turn over, the radio and electric windows work, but the engine won't turn over. What's wrong?

10th Nov 2010, 14:47

I'm having an immobiliser fault as well, but this is with a 1999 T reg Scenic. It has the RF central locking rather than the older IR pickup. I can't get the immobiliser to turn off, and have tried the link, which gives the by pass code, but when pressing the central locking button, the light still flashes fast, and will not slow down.

Has anyone else managed to get round this fault?

28th Jan 2011, 10:37

So frustrating!!! My car is having the same problems with starting!!! For days, no problems, and then other days, it's a nightmare, especially on the school run!!! I keep getting different solutions to this, so after reading all the comments on this forum, I am going to give them a go... Otherwise, the car is booked in to a Renault Service Workshop...

Frustrated Renault Owner.

29th Jan 2011, 17:59

Oh my god, this has been a problem for nearly 4 years!! Renault really need to sort this out.

I have an R reg Renault Megane Scenic, and the car was working OK. The key was a bit hit and miss, but worked!!

The car went in to garage for work, then back to the MoT station, then the guy rang me up to say the key wasn't working, so obviously couldn't do a re-test, which is gonna cost me another £40. The car then went to a Renault dealership, and they're saying it's a loose wire and it needs a new loom, which is £750. I am not willing to pay this, due to car not even being worth that. He also said something about a female connector being snapped off? They also said the key would not re-code etc... before going to dealership, I did go to an auto electrician, and the key had come off the board, so was soldered back on and tested.

Since the car going to the Renault dealership, they're telling me more and more problems of what they think it is?? I thought their job was to find out?? I will try everything people have said on here, and hopefully my run around will work again. If people have had similar experiences to me, please comment below. Many thanks all of you for your info.

30th Aug 2011, 14:29

Please could you tell me where to put the switch please?

5th Feb 2012, 14:43

I have a Megane Coupe 1998. One key works perfectly with the plip and the other doesn't work. I got my 4 digit immobiliser code and entered it, then tried to sync my key, but it won't work. The key has a new battery, and there is a light when I use the camera trick.

Any ideas how to get the key to sync?

1st Jul 2012, 10:14

Yes I can help. I bought one as well, and after six months mine did the same.

At the back of the engine is an earth cable that attaches to the bodywork of the car. Look at that; if it is broke, the engine won't start.

I had the RAC come to look at it, and that was the problem.

Apparently it is a common fault with these cars; where the engine moves on the mounts, it causes a weak joint, and the cable starts to break.

I hope this helps you.

4th Jul 2012, 11:56

Setting Your Key Plip

This is for anyone who needs to set up a new plip or re-enter their old key.

First of all, you need to get your personal emergency code, which can be provided by your local Renault dealer. This will be a 4 digit code, which can be entered to override your immobiliser if your plip isn't working. Let's take an example. 2552.

The way you would enter this code is by keeping your finger on the central door looking button in your car until your immobiliser LED flashes 2 times, then release, then keep your finger on for 5 times, then release, and so on. After the release of your finger on the final number, the immobiliser is off and the car can be started.

Right, now for programing of the plip.

1. The immobiliser must be on.

2. Turn on your ignition.

3. Enter your emergency code using the central looking button.

4. Turn the ignition off.

5. Within 10 seconds after turning off the ignition, press and hold the central door locking button for more than 2 seconds (the doors should lock, then unlock, and the red immobiliser light will illuminate). You only now have 15 seconds to do the following

6. Press the first plip 3 times within 1.5 seconds, close to your plip receiver in the roof console (the doors should lock then unlock on the 3rd press).

7. Repeat the whole operation if you need a second plip setting.

Now then, I know someone who went to Renault, and had a new battery and 2 plips set for £150. I will say no more.

7th Jul 2012, 22:26

I have a problem with my Renault Megane Coupe. It does not start. I don't have immobilizer code. I bought it second hand with one key. I want to cancel the immobilizer. Please send me the solution. My email address is hlonzamoloi@yahoo.com

2nd Sep 2012, 10:54

I would like to thank you personally. I have had to put the emergency code in to start my car for weeks now after installing a new car battery. Renault wanted to charge me £49.00 to re-sync the key, and I don't have that sort of money to spare. I was told it was a 30 second window to press the key to re-sync, but it never worked, so after reading your review, I tried it straight away... Hey Presto, it worked instantly.

So all in all, you're a star, and thank you, thank you. Dawn.

7th Feb 2013, 14:16

I had this problem, too. Check the crankshaft position sensor on top of the gearbox, right at the back of the engine. It's not an uncommon problem. You may be able to clean the sensor with WD40, or replace if no improvement. Not too expensive, try Eurocarparts.

Good luck!

12th May 2013, 10:14

It might be the ignition coils, which seem to be one of the rare faults of this car.