26th Dec 2008, 05:08

I had a similar problem - sorry to say it turned out as a blown ECU costing £200 (and that was refurbished!) The original problem was (we think) a faulty spark plug that over time had taken out two coils which then blew the ECU.


A big thank you to others on the forum that posted the key resync solution - that had been bugging me for months!

2nd Jan 2009, 12:41


I have an immobiliser problem on a S reg Megane 1400.

The red light is flashing when the ignition is on, and the yellow light is on and won't start. The car ran OK before this.

The remote blip works the central locking OK. I have a good spark at the plugs and the fuel pump is priming.

I think the immobiliser cuts out the injectors so car won't start.

I have taken the light panel down where the red bulb is, and there is nothing behind it, no chips or printed circuit.

I rang Renault for the code and they give me a 8 number code, which I presume is wrong.

Any help would be appreciated.

19th Jan 2009, 15:00

Hi all -

I have purchased a T reg Renault Megane Cabriolet today... just a few problems, but wondered if someone could help.. It has been stood for 8 months with no use. I've come to take the roof down, and the bit the roof goes under lifts up, but the roof does not go down. It beeps whilst this is trying to do something, and I can hear the motor trying to work... what can I do?

27th Jan 2009, 09:46

So many people with the same problem I have. If you have the 4 number code it will start your car as described on this thread. I purchased an R reg scenic this weekend and inherited this problem. Lucky for me the code was with the car. Now my killer is I think I need to replace the receiver in the roof because I have constantly tried to reprogramme the key in the ways described to no avail. If anyone thinks the same as myself that the problem lies within the receiver your comments would be appreciated.

Many thanks, Dave.

8th Feb 2009, 16:02

We have a a 1.6cc Megane cabriolet and it doesn`t like starting in very cold weather. Has anyone any ideas?


10th Feb 2009, 01:49

Hi, I have a 55 plate Megane Cabriolet Coupe, it has various faults - squealing noise from the wheels, passenger door which only opens from the inside, leaking windows and today it won't start. When pushing the start button and clutch nothing, although when pushing the start button and brake after a delay it starts - does anyone no why? Any ideas before I contact the dealership AGAIN!

27th Feb 2009, 14:35

Currently have a 1999 1.6 Coupe... have cashed out a fortune for all bloody Renault peeps to say it's fine. It soooooo isn't, else it would start... AAAgh.

Terrible thing is, I'm due for a new car, and the only thing out at moment that I really like is the Laguna coupe!!! Sadistic or what!!! Good luck!!!

P.s. I say we all band together and turn up at Renault HQ demanding cars that work. I don't dare use mine 95% in case I get stranded! AGAIN!!!

20th Mar 2009, 18:00

Only problem I have had with Renault Megane is immobilizer, gave the car to my son, got fed up with lining Renault's pockets. New Ford car owner.

24th Mar 2009, 18:30

I am having the same problem and it seems to happen in raining weather... one day the key works the next it doesn't...had the key re soldered and the light is now showing on camera phone... How do I take the immobiliser bit off to dry???

2nd Jun 2009, 12:38

Hi all. Any Megane immobiliser problems then I'm happy to help you get your car going. I've helped several people in the past and got cars started. I'm not a mechanic and don't fix cars, I just help ordinary people like myself.. any immobiliser problems and I'll help you as much as I can.. best of all I do it for free. Thanks for looking. Gavin... gvmllr@msn.com.

14th Oct 2009, 04:43

Having read all the problems with the immobiliser, where do I start? Have changed the battery`s in the fob (start easy first), but no good. I have a Renault Scenic Megane S reg.

Apart from pushing the car into the sea, what can I do? Any help appreciated.

25th Nov 2009, 13:59

I have the immobiliser problem, I have found that leaving anything on or open without the engines started will set off the immobiliser. I don't know how to fix the problem, but you can get it started again by bump starting it in second, works every time for me.

29th Nov 2009, 03:59

Hi I have a Renault Megane 2.0 convertible W reg.

The car starts 1st time every time when cold, but when it reaches normal running temp, if I stop the engine it will not restart for at least 5 minutes, and the longest being 25 minutes, but the starter turns over with no problems.

I presume something needs time to cool before it will let the car start again.

I searched this forum and someone suggested replacing the TDC sensor, which I did, but the problem still exists.

If I need petrol, I have to leave the engine running whilst I fill up!

Has anyone managed to resolve this problem?

Many thanks!


13th Dec 2009, 12:11

Hi, I've read all the comments about immobiliser problems, but haven't come across any like mine. I'd be grateful for any help or advice.

For over 2 years the immobiliser light has been coming on and off intermittently whilst the car is in motion. My mechanic decided it was a loose connection, so not to worry too much about it. Nothing further happened till last week when the light came whilst I was driving on the motorway and the engine cut out completely. It kicked back in seconds later, just before my heart began beating again! This happened twice during that journey, and when I came to restart if for the return journey, I had difficulty turning off the immobiliser. Obviously the car is unsafe to drive, but needless to say it worked perfectly when my mechanic tried it.

It's due to go back to my mechanic this week, but now I find I can't turn the immobiliser off at all. Wipers and lights work, but the engine refuses to start though the battery is strong.

5th Mar 2010, 23:55

I have a 2.0 coupe with an immobiliser problem. I can enter the code manually to start the car, but the indicators flash constantly.

6th Mar 2010, 18:10

I have a 99 Renault Megane convertible. Some days it starts on first turn, other days it takes longer (up to 10 seconds) I recently replaced the TDC sensor. Should I now replace the temperature gauge? Will that help?

3rd Jun 2010, 09:03

Help, my immobiliser will not turn off, changed battery in key. It happened after the rain on Tuesday (rain was leaking through sensor). I have left car in the sun to dry for 2 days, but still no joy. It is stuck in a car park, alarm keeps going off very loud!! Can anyone help?

7th Jun 2010, 06:50

Hi, I have this problem and currently have to use my four digit security number to bypass the immobiliser. My dealer did not want to share the code with me, and then asked for payment of £25.

I managed to find some people who helped me out and offered a free program, which Renault use to gain your code. Follow the next link and follow all instructions, you will have to sign up to Retro Renault club to be able to download the program, here is the link - http://www.retro-renault.com/forums/ice-electrical/59-plip-key-re-synching.html

Hope this helps.