24th Jun 2008, 05:27

I have a 1999 (V) Renault Megane 1.6 16v Automatic.

When I atttempted to start the car (and on turning the key), the ABS + service light were lit, and the engine would not turn over.

I tried again and the same thing happened again, BUT then everything died. Now, when I turn the key nothing happens; the immobilizer light just flashes and I am unable to operate the windows and stereo. The display doesn't light up at all.

The key fob works fine; central locking opens no problem, and the battery is good. I recntly had a new starter motor installed.

Does anyone have any ideas before Renault rip me off?

15th Jul 2008, 16:01

Hi everyone/anyone.

I also have a 1999 Megane 1.6 with an intermittent fault. Most time it starts no problem, but now and again the engine just turns over and over.

If I leave it for about an hour, sometimes it will start. Question is - is this an immobiliser fault?

Does the engine turn over, but not start when the immobiliser is at fault?

16th Jul 2008, 15:55

Glad to find I'm not alone with the intermittent starting fault. My 1999 Megane has been doing this for some time now, with no apparent pattern to the times it occurs (wet or dry weather, whether been standing for hours or weeks) or how long it takes to fix itself. I think it could be the immobiliser resetting if I wait too long before starting the engine, but I don't understand whether this means I have to follow the given instructions to resynchronize, or get a new key (or get a new car???)?


1st Aug 2008, 12:57

My friend has a 2ltr RXE Megane 1998, and she is driven crazy with problem of the immobiliser. Is there any way to by-pass the thing altogether?? I would value any comments ta.. cathel.

21st Aug 2008, 13:17

Hope someone is able to help, I have a Megane Scenic 1.4 (2003) today the whole thing went mad all the lights came on, the indicators the windscreen wipers the dash kept beeping and flashing and the speedometer disappeared, it wouldn't switch off and even when I took the key out it continued for about 10 minutes, have tried this several times today and have the same outcome. Any ideas would be greatly received!!


Claire x.

8th Sep 2008, 19:59

Renault Megane 1999.

OK this is now driving me daft, I've been entering in the code for the last 2 months, thank god I don't drive that much. I did the stupid thing and went for the quick fix of getting a new key on ebay ---- it doesn't work!!! Looks like I'll have to give Renault the 150 euro for the fob. I hate thinking of all them times I've wasted seconds entering that code. If anyone finds a way to bypass it, please let me know, otherwise when I get rid of the car I'm going take out that ECU immobiliser thing and blow it up!!! I'll video it and post the link here, hopefully it will bring joy to the suffering of my fellow fob hating Renaultians.

23rd Sep 2008, 16:59

I had the same problem.. paid 50 pounds for a code, then found out that there is a free code calculator on net.. just google Renault immobilizer test kit or this:


It will work out your code for you. Also make sure the chip under the drivers/passenger light isn't rotten, otherwise you will need to get another one... as I have just ordered mine.. (if your roof is leaking, don't forget to fix it).

Don't go to a Renault dealer, cos they told me that I had to buy the full light/switch unit for 95 pounds plus VAT (20 pounds).

Thanks. Hope this helps loads of people.

25th Sep 2008, 15:33

I have a Renault megane Scenic 1998 (S Reg). It has always started on the button. Past month I have an immobiliser problem. It's intermittent. Past two weeks it's been fine then today when I really needed to be somewhere it wouldn't start.

Same as others have mentioned on here - immobiliser light is flashing and the Engine Management Light is too.

Tonight I went out there to start it and nothing is flashing and it started first time.

Why would it not start this morning but start OK first time tonight?

27th Sep 2008, 03:39

Just get another chip from scrapyard, if you can't get a chip from a Megane, then one from a Laguna will work. Just follow instructions..

2) The grey case where you point your key at the little black bulb thing needs to be taken off (the chip under this is what has messed up). When the case is off, just pull the chip away from the connector, there should only be 4 wires going to it.

3) Now you need to find a new chip, I got mine from a scrapyard for 3 pounds (hard to believe).

4) Put the key in and enter your over ride code again. This time don't start the car up, just wait for the red light to stay on to say you have done it right!

5) Take the key out, hold down your central locking button on the dash until you hear it lock x2, now point the key at the black bulb thing and keep the key button held in, then press the central locking button in the car 3 times!

All being well, the central locking should now work of your key.

This post wasn't originally mine, I've just rearranged it so people can understand it a little better.. any probs email me at gavin_miller8@yahoo.com

Thanks for looking.

6th Oct 2008, 06:39

My problem is that the previous owner damaged the circuits on the key fob when changing the battery and as a result the fob won't work and can't be programmed!!

Is there any way to use a secondhand fob from another car to work on my car?

20th Oct 2008, 15:05

A friend's Megane broke down, Red light flashing, he contacted http://mobileautoelectrics.co.uk/webdesign/index.html and he came out, repaired my key and the car has been running fine ever since. He can also fix it so the immobiliser doesn't need to see a working key.

26th Oct 2008, 09:13

If your Renault Megane is just turning over, it's the flywheel sensor; it tells the engine when to start and at what position. Just unclip it, wet your finger and put it on the end of the sensor. You won't have another problem with it. All it does is release the static build up.

Job done.

Thanx Mal.

8th Dec 2008, 02:04

I had a similar problem as most with the immobiliser and key on my P reg Renault Megane. I tried the emergency recode facility but could not get it to work myself. I contacted Gavin Miller at gavin_miller8@yahoo.com.

Gavin was fab. He found my emergency code and I can now use the car. Am so pleased. You have to put the code in every time but at least it's drivable, which is great.

Thanks again Gavin.

23rd Dec 2008, 13:37

My 98 Megane 2.0 8v coupe was until last week, a first time starter, until it just stopped in traffic. Managed to get it going around 45 minutes later and got home, but with the management light on.

The day after, nothing, just turning and turning, cleaned the TDC sensor and started first time, and worked fine all day, next day again just turning over and over, put a brand new TDC sensor on it and still nothing.

Everything works as it should, nothing flashing ie immobiliser light, checked the plugs and there is no spark at any of them, any ideas anyone? John.