6th Mar 2008, 05:46

One working Megane!!

Go here: http://www.bba-reman.com/content.aspx?content=Test_for_Renault_Key_Immobiliser_failures_emergency_recode

Download the small DOS based program and follow the instructions.

The code for my car works, I now have an over-ridden immobiliser and working car.

This software is free.


11th Mar 2008, 11:14

I just spent 2 days waiting for Renault to get back to me with a code as the computer wouldn't unzip the suggested download, finally got it. Now the car is starting fine. Just a bit worried as someone said it only works for a while... I don't wanna give Renault a penny so wondering how long is a while? Thanks...

If your immobiliser is not working it can be the leak or the key, but renault like to say its the key so they order one, program it, charge you, then say it's not the key its the receiver. Get the code, don't give them a cent, this problem should have been a recall. It is dangerous to be stranded with an immobilised car. I have 3 kids and it happened to me, no engine fault, no nothing, just faulty engineering by renault. They are well aware of this problem and see it as a cash cow.

14th Mar 2008, 06:16

I ran mine for over a week on the emergency code, sometimes having to use it 5 or 6 times a day. I had no problems. I finally got my key sorted yesterday apparently my key had lost it's programming... it cost me 38 quid.

If I could have put up with putting the emergency code in constantly I would have, but the sheer fact I had no central locking was more of a pain, as I was having to check all the doors and the boot everytime I got out of it.

14th Mar 2008, 06:17

P.S You need WinRAR to open the software :)

24th Mar 2008, 16:59

Thanks to the person who posted the link to the program that gets you the immo code! I was finding if I kept push my lip, the car would eventually open, but now I have to put the code in every time. Has anyone got any ideas how I can get the key working again? At the moment I must put in the emergency code every time I use the car.

Cheers kev.

13th Apr 2008, 06:36

Thanks for all the above. As much as anything else it's comforting to know that I'm not alone with this problem of the car not starting. Just one question for the moment - how do you get to the immobiliser in the roof console? I can remove the two light fittings, but am reluctant to pull too hard on the plastic surround. What's the trick?

13th Apr 2008, 17:33

The plastic panel holding the IR module slides towards the windscreen, I used a wide, flat blade to ease it as it is held by 2 clips.

To remove the module, first remove the wiring harness (it slides backwards) then unclip the module by pushing the small clip on the right aside.

26th Apr 2008, 09:44

Hi again,

I just double checked the batteries and seems like old batteries had been fitted to the key...? The smaller red light on the key works now, but I cannot see the IR light through the camera. Someone said that the smaller light only works if the whole chip works coz it is all connected. Anyone know anything about this? Anyhow, IR light working or not, I could not reprogram the key using the instructions in this forum :(


30th Apr 2008, 14:27

I have a renault megane coupe (98). The LED in the centre of the dash is constantly flashing rapidly (whilst engine running). Any idea why this is and how to stop it! Thanks.

1st May 2008, 06:40

It means, take it to the nearest scrap yard, hope this helps.

12th May 2008, 15:47

@ Non-Techy-Daughter.

If there is no infra red light viewable through a mobile phone camera then it looks like a new key I am afraid.

Before you resign yourself (or your mother) to paying for a new key check that you can see the infra red signal from a TV remote using your phone camera, if you can then the key is at fault, if not then perhaps you may be at fault (so to sound so patronizing)

Another option, and I don't know if this will work at all, is to get hold of a key for same car and year from a scrap yard, check that it works of course! and follow programming instructions I posted earlier. Although the key will not work in the car ignition it may programme correctly to operate the central locking/immobilizer.

If it does then think of it as a key fob and to avoid any confusion you could saw the metal part off.

Hope this helps and best of luck.

12th May 2008, 15:53

Check your fuses to see if any are blown, there are two fuses that are part of the immobiliser/engine management system although I will say that normally when these are blown the car would not start at all.

25th May 2008, 02:39

I have had the problem with my immobiliser and decided to pay 120 pounds to get a new key. The renault garage did not manage to code the new key and now telling me that they have to replace the UCH which costs a fortune. Can the immobilser be bypassed?

31st May 2008, 19:48

I've got the same problem as most other posters.

My key fob does seem to be working but the car doesn't respond.

How do I get the 4 digit code?

I tried that DOS software but didn't know what to enter when it asked for "Key Code:".

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

1st Jun 2008, 10:59

OK, I've worked out what the 4 digit code is but I'm not able to enter it.

When I turn the key in the ignition the red immobiliser light doesn't come on.

The Engine Management Light does flash though.

The immobiliser / central locking doesn't seem to respond at all.

When I turn the key in the driver's door it just keeps turning.

1st Jun 2008, 13:34

OK, it's starting to look like my problem is more than just an immobiliser problem.

When I turn the key in the ignition I don't get power to the following.



Drivers side window (passenger window works fine).

When I try to start the car the engine turns over but won't start.

Any help please?

7th Jun 2008, 06:44

Hi, I've got the same problems with immobilizer, and I'm going to try some of the suggestions, but I've just come across this site; they say they permanently disable the immobilizer, although they charge 150 quid.


Anyone who can do this for cheaper?

11th Jun 2008, 13:33

I have a 1997 Megane and on Sunday the key stopped working. The batteries in the keys were very low. The wipers and drivers window would not work either. I checked all the fuses and eventually 'phoned the RAC, a very helpful guy came and eventually thought that the problem had been caused by letting the batteries in the keys get exhausted. He disconnected the car battery, reconnected, put the key in the ignition and switched on the ignition for about a minute and then the car started. He said that this was like rebooting a computer. However it then played up again. He then came back on Monday with new batteries for the keys and fingers crossed everything is OK.