2006 SAAB 9-3 2.0T 2.0 4-cylinder from North America


A great car for a young professional looking for a reasonably priced sport-sedan


Nothing has gone wrong with this car. It runs like a champ and I haven't had to take it to the dealer for anything.

- When it is below freezing outside there is an electronic buzz that goes away in about 30 seconds after starting the car.

- Saab modified their free maintenance plan, so I have to change the oil more myself, which at $50 for their rare synthetic oil doesn't make me happy.

- The rear aluminum tires get incredibly dirty in no time and a royal pain to clean.

General Comments:

I love this car. I get a kick from walking up to it and realizing that it is mine. It looks good and drives great. Now, it may not be for everyone. It's usually only me in the car so the lack of rear seat leg space is hardly a concern.

My mother doesn't think the ride is that great - and it probably isn't from a passenger's point of view. But it's a sport-sedan and you get a good feel for the road from the stiffer suspension. It is great on snow and ice. It's quick; now it's not gonna go out and beat a V-8 but it has plenty of kick for any legal driving you'll undertake. If you're doing 65 and need to pass a truck, just give it some gas and you're doing 85 before you know it - while still in 5th.

Gas mileage is pretty good. I average about 23 (mostly in town) but can get around 32 on a freeway.

Interior center dash is complicated with small buttons. But the automated climate control works so well I rarely need to push anything. (They improved this a lot in the 2007 model). Otherwise, the controls are very intuitive (e.g. cruise control)

It has a towing rating (something you won't find on a honda or toyota) and impresses people more than those brands - even if it costs about the same.

I haven't tested this, but it has superb safety ratings.

I'm worried the key fob slot won't last 10 years, but no problems yet.

Dealers are a bit rare in the US.

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Review Date: 3rd December, 2007

31st Aug 2008, 05:51

I would think that the "aluminum tires" you speak of, must be very noisy, wear very quickly & have no traction - I would think that tires made of rubber would be a better choice.

2nd Mar 2012, 00:49

He meant aluminum rims for sure. :)

2006 SAAB 9-3 2.0 T from North America


Same as of the dealer and SAAB: poor


2006 SAAB 93 2.0T - 20000miles.

"Gear box malfunction" message came on. I took the car to the dealer, paid $105 for the diagnostics. They said it just needs software updates. They did that, I took the car from there. Went with it 2 miles, the same message came on. Took the car back to the dealer. Now they say is the transmission and the estimate for replacing it is $ 3300 (even though, when I called the same dealer they told me the transmission is $1565 and labor is $1005)...weirdddd. Ohh... and when I asked the service guy from the dealer how about the warranty on the new transmission, he told me laughing: 12000 miles. at the question: " Does that mean that the new one will break at 13000 miles?", the dealer guy just answered "Maybe".

Anyways, I never thought a transmission can go down at 20000 miles.

One thing is for sure: I'll never buy another SAAB in my life. Not only the car broke, but both the dealer and the central Saab don't want to talk about the problem (they say they do not know the cause...weird...specially because I paid for a diagnostics)

So, do you still want to buy a SAAB?

General Comments:

Never thought can be this unreliable.

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Review Date: 20th August, 2007

20th Aug 2007, 06:22

Your warranty will cover that sir. I work for a Saab dealer in the UK. I am also disgusted to hear of the way you where treated at your local dealership. In the UK, we have excellent customer service, just as people deserve.

I am also very surprised to hear of the faults you car has incurred. Very rare and unusual I have to say, I hope they get rectified as swiftly and as cheaply (free) as possible.



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