2002 Saturn SC SC2 1.9 Liter from North America


I would buy another 2002 Saturn SC


Old battery failed at 80000 miles. My fault though. I should have kept track of this and replaced before failure.

The interior dome light goes on 2 seconds after opening the door. Probably the door light switch is worn. I will fix it.

General Comments:

From the readings of other posts, I would not buy a 2002 Saturn SC that has a moon-roof and/or automatic transmission. I have neither of these by the way.

The power windows are a nice feature on my SC2, but not really needed. It's just another potential problem down the road.

The 2002 Saturn SC2 is very sporty and handles nice. Several times a year I add Chevron fuel injector cleaner. I drive moderate speeds. I get mid 30's around town, and low 40's highway mpg.

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Review Date: 23rd September, 2010

2002 Saturn SC SC1 1.9 SOHC from North America


Bring Saturn back :(


- The strap that holds the exhaust up snapped due to high amounts of corrosion

- Engine mount broke at 150,000km

- Front passenger side wheel bearing started howling at 160,000km.

General Comments:

I love this car. When I first got it, I was expecting a boring drive, but the car grew on me a lot, and next thing you know, I take a lot of pride in my Saturn.

The good :

- FUEL ECONOMY! 40L will get me 700+ km on the highway cruising at 125 to 130 km/h.

- Acceleration won't compare to a BMW, but for 100 horsepower at the crank, it has no issues keeping up and passing a Civic, Integra, Focus, or even a Mazda 3.

- Plenty of torque!

- Cruises at about 130km/h, not damn bad for 100 horses!

- Gets to top speed pretty quick 166km/h, but if it wasn't for the governor, I know this car could easily do 200+ km/h.

- When foot to the floor, it doesn't sound too pleasing, but open the air box, pull out the little black tube, and move the air intake sensor just before the air box and it has a cold air intake sound, and actually feels a little more responsive, and sounds great.

- Has plenty of passing power if you step on it at 90 km/h.

- You can easily fool your friends that it's a 5 speed, because you can shift the tranny and actually chirp the tires from first to second in this automatic :)



- Plenty of cargo space when seats folded down, I fit a 42" plasma in my trunk in the box with no problem. And that third door makes everything that much easier for anything.


- CHECK YOUR OIL EVERY TANK OF GAS! A lot of Saturns with the 1.9L SOHC/DOHC love to eat oil up. Saturn even said it's normal and it has a 2.5 L tolerance per 2500KM, but most will take 2L every 5000KM, so check it and you're fine!!!

- Front seats are uncomfortable after driving for 6 hours straight, and your butt will go numb

- Lots of road noise

- Governed at 166 km/h :(

- 185/65/14 tires, too narrow for this car. I changed mine over to 195/60/14, it made a HUGE difference, and it hugs the road!

- Lots of body roll and flex, but easily fixed with front strut mount sway bar! :)

- Suspension is too soft for this sports coupe

- Back seat isn't buddy friendly if they are over 5 foot 8!

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Review Date: 27th April, 2010

28th Apr 2010, 08:53

Checking the oil level when filling up won't give an accurate reading.

You need to let the car stand for at least an hour to allow the oil to drain back.

2002 Saturn SC SC1 vin8 SOHC 105HP from North America


A fuel miser's friend


From most recent to least.

* Intake manifold gasket & PCV valve at the same time. These components failing at the same time was happenstance. The car was driven for approximately 500 miles before the intake manifold gasket was replaced. The unspent fuel and burned oil from the failed PCV valve sullied both oxygen sensors.

* Engine mount failed @ approx 80,000.

* Factory front pads worn @ 60,000 miles. Rotors were still well within service limit.

* Firestone FR680 (Junk!) tires wore out @ 30,000 miles.

* Driver side seat vinyl on the outboard side for the bottom cushion cracked within the first year. Dealer did offer to replace but... eh.

My Saturn dealer has been excellent for servicing, except for the intake manifold gasket issue. They failed to test drive the car until it was fully warmed and reading from the O2 sensors. A simple enough mistake, but I had to take two notches away from their score. I called and complained to Saturn N.A. and they advised me the servicing mechanic was the senior tech. It's the only reason their service department received an 8 instead of a 10. The dealer really has been excellent, otherwise, for service.

General Comments:

Fuel economy is spectacular. With a patient foot we've been able to pull a solid 38mpg with 80%/20% highway/town use.

Considering this car has a 100 crank HP, I find it impressive that it can do 100mph and not need 15 minutes to get there (approx 1 minute required).

Very good road holding, especially in cornering and emergency handling.

Wish the dome light was augmented with floor lighting.

People seem split on liking or hating the placement of the third door. I find I quite like the driver's side placement.

Road noise is worse than comparable cars. Plastic paneling has its limits.

Not a single dent despite some abuse. I really considered the polymer panels to be a great selling point for Saturn.

Trunk has plenty of space, but the opening isn't sufficient relative to available volume.

HVAC system is very capable.

Replacement tires are cheap due to small size.

Traction control is a hindrance for climbing hills in snow. It cannot be fully bypassed.

Entry can be difficult for people taller than 5'8". This car sits quite low to the ground.

Unlike other compacts, driving this car IS NOT like trying to hold a big stick in the wind.

I have never liked the sound of the automatic transmission's linkage. Kind of noisy and has become noisier over the years. A nuisance. but I am convinced its harmless after 6 years.

Overall I am very satisfied with this car. I would be wary of any used Saturn as I am under the impression that their engines can sludge up easily if not cared for, and a lot of Saturn drivers...

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Review Date: 7th October, 2008