1995 Saturn SL SL2 1.9L 4 cylinder. from North America


Now and then I shop for another car, but so far none convince me they'd be as great as this one is


I can only speak to the 94,000 miles I've driven it - so far. <grin!>

Nothing major has gone wrong.

Following replacements/repairs I consider normal wear and tear, and none lasted overnight (m=miles):

PCM engine coolant temp sensor (35,100m).

Horn (37,600m - my choice, not a failure).

Serpentine belt tensioner (39,200m)

Battery (58,100m & 108,600m).

Re-align driver power window and re-seal (60,300m).

Brake rotors turned (61,000m).

Generator & core (64,300m).

Serpentine belt (73,000m).

Transmission top cover gasket (82,400m).

Camshaft housing cover/gasket (89,000m).

Brake pads (89,000m).

EGR valve (97,200m).

Clean injectors (108,600m).

Just as others have commented, over past two years this SL2 is burning one to two quarts of oil between oil changes (3,000 - 5,000 miles); oil burn is worse if I've been driving non-stop long distances over east coast mountains, better if I'm driving local mostly flat roads.

I have noticed occasional clunk when transmission shifts from first to second gear, but about 1500 miles ago, service techs reported there are no visible leaks and fluid is relatively free of debris.

Cruise control is not good for navigating mountains or extended slopes.

Headliner came loose over rear window at about 100,000 miles. I used simple epoxy to glue it back.

Headliner came loose over dash window at about 120,000 miles. I haven't fixed it yet, but will use same epoxy as I used on rear (which is still attached to roof as it should be).

General Comments:

Regular maintenance makes a difference. All regular maintenance recommended by Saturn has been performed pretty much on schedule, and always by Saturn service personnel at a Saturn dealership. I think this is why my car's engine and transmission are in very good condition.

It is road-noisy, but turning up the radio fixes that.

I'm very satisfied with:

Factory exhaust system.

Electrical system.

Coolant system.

Climate control system (heat, defrost, and air conditioning).


Cloth upholstery and floor carpet.

Cruise control.


Gas mileage. It is consistently 28-36 miles per gallon, depending on use of air conditioner; up to 38 miles per gallon on an interstate highway. I contribute this very good gas mileage to sound engine design, operator frugality (I try not to exceed 68 miles per hour), and daily use of cruise control. The gas economy I have with this car is my number one criteria that other cars in this style, feature, and price range just can't beat.

Cost to insure.

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Review Date: 6th August, 2004

1995 Saturn SL from North America


Not nearly the quality and service I expected


Battery has had to be replaced FOUR times--no reason found.

Seals around driver's side doors (both front and rear) don't stay on and leaked even when new--if it's raining outside, it's raining inside.

Alternator/starter replaced--trying to fix battery problem.

Uses (and leaks) massive amounts of oil--I add a couple of quarts a week.

Otherwise, routine maintenance and tune-up--first with the dealer; last three years from an independent shop.

General Comments:

This is a car I bought new because I wanted something safe and reliable. It was great for about the first 32,000 miles, at which point it started using tons of oil and had repeated battery failures.

Numerous trips and a couple of thousand dollars to the dealer failed to resolve the problems. I finally found a guy who fixed everything, but the oil leak for about $70.00.

I loved the car the first two or three years I had it, hated it for the next four, and now like it fine. Never thought it would make it to 100,000 miles, but since I've found a decent mechanic I haven't had any other problems. Probably would never buy a Saturn again, though, except maybe a cheap used one. Wish I would have purchased that Toyota Camry I really wanted...

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Review Date: 2nd August, 2004