1995 Saturn SL SL1 1.9 liter SOHC from North America


A low cost, but reliable car


My engine belt tensioner has started to become weak.

My radiator blew one its end tanks at 113,000 miles.

The seats have become worn out since I got it.

The thermostat became stuck open at 97,000 miles.

I have had to replace the brake pads at 93,000 miles.

I have had to replace my spark plugs twice because of oil fouling.

The driver side door leaks water when I wash my car.

I have blown the side of the the original muffler out.

I have had to replace my engine mounts at 97,000 miles.

General Comments:

When I bought my 95 Saturn SL1, I found out that it hadn't been very well taken care off. I had to spend a considerable amount of time and money to get it running good.

Since I got it all fixed up, I have started to put some performance parts onto it.

I have increased the power of the single cam engine, but kept the fuel economy up. I now have a few things to fix on it that a lot of people have with their Saturn's and am going to fix up the interior.

I would definitely buy another Saturn because of the low maintenance costs and their a fun car to drive.

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Review Date: 4th August, 2003

1995 Saturn SL 1 from North America


A great price for such a reliable car


I needed a new alternator and new brakes at 95,000 miles.

I bought this car new, and after 8 years and 96,000 miles this is the only repair I've had to do on this wonderful car.

General Comments:

I would highly recommend this car. In the 8 years I've owned it, and I'm the original owner, I've only done 2 repairs- a new alternator and brakes. I've changed the oil every 3000 since purchased.

My car still gets 35 miles to the gallon.

I only have 2 complaints.

The first is that the car is noisy- you can hear the outside road noise and sometimes I have to play the radio really loud to hear it.

The car rides low, you really feel low to the ground when you are in the driver's seat.

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2003

25th May 2005, 12:48

I agree with you. I have owned a 1995 Saturn SL since it was brand new and have had no problems with it. It now has almost 400,000 kms on it and it is starting to burn oil. I am very happy with this car and would recommend a Saturn to anyone.

1995 Saturn SL SL2 1.8 DOHC from North America


A super reliable car for someone who takes care of them


Nothing major at all!

General Comments:

Not very fast, but it's an econobox what more do you want?

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Review Date: 30th May, 2003

1995 Saturn SL SL2 Automatic from North America


Built with long-term reliability in mind


At 90,000 miles the speedometer and mileage reader module started to faze in and out. Within two days it completely died. I had no idea how fast I was going at all, and it was nerve-wracking.

I took my car to the original Saturn dealership that it was bought from. I explained that it was bought used from my fiance's family. They were extremely helpful and treated me as though I had just bought a new car off their lot. They even transfered ownership of the car to me in their records and completed their 50 point inspection, free of charge, providing me with and short list of things that I might want have taken care of.

In a matter of hours they were done looking at it. Although there was no reasonable explanation for why the module would work and then not work, the part would need to be replaced because of the mileage reader. They took down the mileage and ordered the part, and thankfully did not ground my car.

While waiting for the part, it miraculously started working again. I was wary about calling since the part was supposed to be in the very next day, but since I'm a poor college student and $600 is a lot for me I called anyways and told them that it was working again. They told me not to worry about it and they would send the module back. If I had any further problems with it just to give them a call and they'd be happy to help out.

It worked fine for a ironically almost exactly a year. After a week, guess what, it started again. Since then, every now and then, it'll stop. It's a very strange problem, that nearly 15 mechanics have not been able to figure out.

One of the pieces on the back glass that heats up the rear defrost became attached while I was cleaning the glass, we were able to sorter it today and it apparently works fine.

The headliner was replaced today. Due to abuse by the previous owners kids, it started falling down and blocking my vision.

The power windows have always been sluggish and I began having problems with them sticking. We tested the switch and there is still power going to them, we can hear the motor trying to make it roll down, but it's stuck. We are going to try to clean the tracks inside the doors; however, we can't figure out how to get the door panels off.

The sunroof used to stick and complained when opening, if you could actually get it open. First you had to pull out the switch from the roof and hold it just right before the electrical connection was made. Last night, a piece in the sunroof assembly broke and the motor burnt up trying to close it. We wiggled it closed before a massive thunderstorm hit. The whole assembly is poorly designed and difficult to work on.

The cruise control has been fun. I find it humorous that every now and then it gets a mind of its own and floors it. I tell my friends the cruise control is demon possessed and they always get a demonstration. It does no harm, and is always a good conversation piece.

General Comments:

It is important to remember when you buy a used car, you always buy problems. You are never guaranteed to have a pleasant experience. You willingly trade a price break for the fact that you might not be getting what you expected.

My 1995 Saturn SL2 was bought used and it was my first car. All my repairs are what I consider normal wear and tear on a vehicle. Considering that the car will be 10 years old next year, I am very pleased with it and its performance and it fits my needs perfectly.

I have not done the first repair underneath the hood yet despite an intense amount of abuse and neglect.

The exterior of the car is in great condition except for the peeling clear-coat on the rear spoiler. When it is clean it is beautiful and looks like new.

The engine is quick and powerful, it never fails to get me up to speed fast.

I wish the colors in the interior would have been matched better. However, I am pleased the leather seats have not started to crack despite intense Louisiana heat.

The factory sound system was actually pretty pleasing; however, I did replace them to fit my youthful taste.

My experience with Saturn has always been great, they are friendly and honest. The south is known for hospitality, even in business.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2003

7th Apr 2004, 12:00

I know exactly what your talking about when you say that the cruise control has a mind of its own. I have a 95 SL-2 and work about 35 miles from my house, the cruise comes in very handy sometimes. Every now and then when its on it gets "possessed",it just starts flooring it for no reason.