1998 Saturn SL 2 L4-116 1.9L from North America


Very disappointed, will never buy another


At 3 years old, (60 k miles), started to burn oil, burns one quart per week at this point, no way to fix without replacing engine, no help from Saturn. I do not want to replace as I want to get a new car. Today I had a catastrophic brake failure (pedal to the floor, no brakes). It turned out to be the master cylinder. The mechanic said that should not happen in newer cars (that type of failure). The catalytic converter is shot (no doubt because of the oil), so I am doing the whole exhaust. The roof leaks sometimes above the rear view mirror intermittently. The car including the brakes was maintained properly, including replacing the battery and oil changes and tune ups, but it made no difference. I did put off the exhaust only because it is $900 but I have scheduled it only because I am afraid of what else will break. It is very uncomfortable and not reliable and I am sorry I ever bought it.

General Comments:

I thought this would be another car I could own for 10 years and it would be a good car (like my previous Pontiac GrandAM was). After 5 years, this thing is turing into a money pit and downright dangerous. I am not putting an engine in it (only way to fix the oil burning problems 2 mechanics told me was a manufacturers defect). So, I drive around with a case of oil in the trunk and put a quart in every week when I get gas. It has been this way a year now. I am very disappointed and will not buy another GM now period. Saturn did not stand behind their product at all. I am getting a Nissan Sentra, but in the meantime (I want to pay down some other things I have before I get the new car so it will be a few months) I am doing the exhaust with reservation. This car has cost me $1,400 since January in repairs and it will be another $900 for the exhaust. Now I don't even consider it safe since I could have been killed having my master cylinder fail today, I had no brakes and pedal to the floor. Saturns seem to be a crapshoot 50/50, woe to those who get the defective ones.

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Review Date: 27th August, 2003

29th Aug 2003, 13:39

There does seem to be a lot of unhappy Saturn owners out there. I myself owned a 1993 SL2 and I must say it was a real Junker. Luckily a small electrical fire gutted the entire vehicle. I warn everyone each chance I get, Steer clear of Saturn.

4th Jun 2004, 09:14

Sorry to hear your tale of woe. I've had a 1998 SL2 (bought new in Sept '98) for 6 years and 110K miles. I've had to do the front brakes twice - should have been once, but the shop that did them the first time messed up and the ones they put in croaked after a year. I also had to replace a motor mount (around $100) after 4 years, and am looking at a battery now. Oh, and I've replaced the tires - once - at 90,000. Yes, it cooks a bit of oil - I seem to have to put in a quart about every 1500 miles, but I expect that when the car has 100K+ miles on it. Overall, I've been quite pleased with it.

1998 Saturn SL 2 It's a 4 Cylinder Engine from North America


Great Car for the Price


I had to replace the fan shortly after I purchased the car. This was done under warranty.

General Comments:

I have really enjoyed owning this car.

I have had no major complaints with this car.

The car gets good gas mileage.

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Review Date: 16th April, 2003