2003 Saturn VUE from North America


I love my VUE!


The oaring started to crack at 25,000 miles.

General Comments:

I bought my Vue in Sept. 03. This is my fifth winter with it. The BEST vehicle I have ever driven in the snow. Goes through snow like it's nobody's business.

This car has cost me oil changes and new tires (all city driving), but that's it. It hauls my groceries, my plants, my daughters hope chest, anything I need it for.

I wish Saturn still made their own vehicles, because I really like the different style of the Saturns. I have never really been attached to a vehicle before, but this is MINE!

If you're looking for a winter vehicle, and believe me it has earned its keep in NH this winter, or just a small SUV, check the 03's out. I'm glad I did!

Also GREAT stereo!

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Review Date: 5th April, 2008

2003 Saturn VUE 4 cylinder. from North America


The car is unreliable and not worth the money


About 6 months after purchasing the car used, the transmission started to slip. The RPM's would go up but the car would barely move. Called Saturn, took it for service. They had one day and said it was fixed. I picked it up, a couple of days later it did it again. I took it back to Saturn they had it for 2-3 days. They called and said it was fixed. A week later I was in bumper to bumper rush hour and the car lost all power. The car almost red lined and I could barely get off the road. Saturn had my car for 7 days put 78 miles on it, let the mechanic drive it home and replaced the transmission. Well 13 months almost to the day the new transmission started to act the same way. At least I was able to dive while the RPMs stayed at 4. Again I took it to the same dealer and after calling me to say they needed to order me parts and 4 hours later the car was done. They only had it one day. The car is now at 84,000 miles and after picking it up this morning, my car is back in the same shop because I couldn't even get out of my jobs parking lot. It would not go over 5mph and it was over 4RPM.

I called the corporate office twice today to tell them my frustration and dissatisfaction. They called me back only to tell me that since I am past the 3 year/36,000 mile warranty, and the 5 year/75,000 mile extended VTi transmission warranty that they would repair it but that was all. They also are adding a 12 month/12,000 mile warranty on the third transmission they are installing.

General Comments:

This car is slow on take off because they put a 4 cyl. in an SUV so it cannot get out of the way of itself.

It is totally unreliable due to the VTi transmission.

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Review Date: 4th April, 2008

2003 Saturn VUE 2.2 Inline 4 cylinder from North America


Do not buy a GM product with this transmission


VTi Transmission issues. GM has pulled it from it's line-up for good reasons. Problem, they are not adequately addressing this issue for current owners.

General Comments:

This Vue does have the utility I was looking for. However, the transmission problem is a show stopper!

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Review Date: 23rd March, 2008

2003 Saturn VUE AWD V6 Automatic from North America


Was nice, but not good for long term reliability


Windshield washer fluid froze in cold weather. Had pumps replaced and it worked for a year. Owned car a total of five years

Crank position control sensor went out at 4 years.

Computer module went out and was replaced

Emissions problem (not sure exact issue) but was fixed.

Service engine light constantly on and off. Light was on for approximately the last year.

Fuel gauge started to constantly show the wrong level.

Thermostat went out.

Sway bars and other items were broken. Rattling noise from underneath Something wrong with suspension. There were other issues too like a slow oil leak and some other ones.

Unfortunately these are all common problems after doing some research. Never was offered a loaner except for the recall. A five year old car shouldn't have this many issues, I did all maintenance and drive my car responsibly, no slamming on brakes, etc.

General Comments:

It was comfy and a good car until the problems started. Unfortunately Saturn has changed from the company it used to be and has turned into another outlet for GM.

I never had any problems in the snow like some others had.

I decided to trade it in to avoid any more issues. I need a reliable car for work. The resale value on this car is horrible. Ironically the Saturn dealership was located next to a Honda Dealership. If I had bought a CRV the resale value would have been considerably more and I would have spent less in repairs.

I had some issues with the Saturn SC1 I owned before I upgraded to the Vue.

I downgraded to a car to get better gas mileage and now own a Toyota. I'm in MI too home of the UAW, but GM/Saturn need to seriously work on quality issues.

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Review Date: 9th March, 2008

9th Oct 2008, 23:22

I totally agree with the poster re: the Saturn Vue. I have owned a 2002 Vue AWD V6 for two years. I bought it in 9/2006 with 48K miles and the first year was an ordeal. Fortunately, I bought the car at "trade in" value from a dealer. Now the car has 67K miles. I'm a very careful driver. I'm always afraid when I drive this car that something is going to break. I've spent $3000 in various repairs (above and beyond normal tires, brake work, alignment and oil changes). So far replacements include: Both front wheel bearings, entire engine wiring harness, throttle body, mass air flow module, sunroof drains and new compression springs in the intake manifold. Fortunately, I have a very limited commute and I really take it easy on this car. I had a 1997 Jeep Cherokee before and it was bulletproof other than one oil leak. Don't buy an 02-04 Vue. Buy a newer one or look for a better alternative like the Escape or Jeep products. You can avoid some tranny and suspension problems that way.