2003 Saturn VUE 2.2 from North America




The transmission went out, the front strut mounts are crap, and the rear wiper motor went out.

General Comments:

This vehicle is a nightmare; the worst vehicle I have ever owned... hands down.

Please, if you are reading this, do not buy a 2003 Saturn Vue 2.2 AWD with the VTI transmission... you will have nothing but problems.

Saturn knows that the VTI is a faulty trans., and still charges $4,600.00 for a new one that will probably last about 50,000 miles, and there is yet to be a recall on it; sounds like a automobile company that really cares about its loyal customers to me.

You can't really blame GM though, because believe me, Saturn tries to distance itself from GM the best it can, even though GM is the best thing Saturn has going for it.

Saturn are disposable vehicles... DO NOT BUY ONE. Buy a older vehicle that you can actually service!

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Review Date: 8th January, 2008

8th Jan 2008, 15:02

Saturn is the "testing grounds" for GM. Anything they are currently working on that they want "real world" reports from is put into a Saturn.

2003 Saturn VUE from North America


Reliable except for the transmission


Problems with the VTI transmission. For those who are interested, there is a Class Action lawsuit with Lakin Law in Illinois. The suit was filed in California. Contact Lakinlaw.com for further info. Not all states are involved in this suit.

General Comments:

Disappointed I paid $22,000 for this car and I'm driving on borrowed time with it. I was offered $2500.00 for the car in September 2007... by a Saturn dealer. Auto manufacturers all know the VTI troubles with this car, which is making it worthless.

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Review Date: 4th January, 2008

2003 Saturn VUE AWD 4 cylinder vti from North America


A poor investment


Four transmission jobs.

Poor service.

Very costly to own because of repairs to the transmission.

No rental vehicle offered or allowed. Service reps says it's at their discretion and they decided not to give me one (he really said that).

General Comments:

It looks good, but is just an attractive door stop.

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Review Date: 27th November, 2007

2003 Saturn VUE 2.2L 4 cylinder from North America


Rear wheel bearing,at 1,000 miles.

General Comments:

Sorry. I have to laugh about the previous comments about owners of there 2003 Saturn Vue. In another week the odometer of my Vue will turn over 140,000 miles. Other than a slight noise coming from the rear wheel, when new, I have had, virtually no problems with the car. It has not required one in or out of warranty service call.

You see, I bought the GM engine - not Honda and the American transmission - not the Japanese CVT transmission. I change oil, about every 5,000 miles because it's easy to remember. New sets of brake pads, maybe 3 times.

It's a great, trouble free car!

If you had problems with other than the Honda engine or the CVT transmission, then my advice is to do not go to a Saturn dealer for service. Their rates are outrageous and the service work is typically padded - big time. I know, I have owned 4 Saturns.

GM is a good company and the Saturns are good cars.

Think I'm full of it... I'm not.

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Review Date: 25th November, 2007

25th Nov 2007, 13:45

Glad you've had a good run with your VUE. We like ours too and find many of the comments unusual given the good service of our particular vehicle.

Just wanted to clear up some misinformation, though. The VTi transmission (CVT) is a GM-Fiat design and it's actually built in Hungary. It isn't Japanese. In addition, the 5-spd manual transmission in your VUE is assembled outside the US. I believe it is a Saab unit.

3rd Dec 2007, 19:53

I now have a 2003 vue 2wd 4cyl and have found these little truck to do exactly what they are intended to do. They are meant to be cheap and economical to run. Mine has 120,000 miles on it and all I have done to it is brakes, tires, and for some reason the daytime running lights sensor on both of the Vue's I have had. Also watch for the horn switch; if it goes, you will need a new airbag (as it is in the steering wheel). Putting that aside, it's been a great vehicle and I strongly advise people to go with the manual transmission as well as the GM motor. The 2.2l 4cyl is a much better engine than the Honda!

12th Dec 2007, 12:40

Yes, in the Vue the engine to choose for reliability is the 4. The Honda V-6 has not proven itself very reliable. In looking at poor reviews of the Vue, virtually every poor review is of a Vue with the Honda drive train. Hopefully this will help wake people up to the myth of import superiority.

When we bought an SUV in 2003 we didn't even bother to drive a Honda Pilot because of all the bad publicity about their "disposable" transmissions. The one Honda our family had experience with (a Civic) was one of the most unreliable and poorly built vehicles we ever owned.