2nd Mar 2005, 07:58

Update to last post. Saturn of North Charleston, SC has agreed to purchase our VUE back.

18th Mar 2005, 16:43

My Saturn VUE 2002 AWD... has been in the shop numerous times in its first 2 years for faulty this or that. Recently I returned it for a recall on the rear suspension. Also, at that time I had my front brakes replaced. Now my right rear wheel bearing needs replacing... and of course this happened AFTER my warranty expired!!! This car is a piece of junk. This is my last Saturn/GM product.

2nd Apr 2006, 23:02

We too have had to replace 2 wheel bearings on our 2002 Saturn Vue, (on separate occasions) along with several other costly repairs over the last couple of years. I'm 60 years old and I only recall replacing a wheel bearing one other time, on a much older vehicle.

I sure hope they've figured out the problem on newer models, although it's unlikely I'd ever buy another one.

25th Nov 2006, 22:01

Our 2002 Vue has had 3 wheel bearings replaced, at considerable expense to us, and now that familiar noise from the 4th wheel is present. I guess we should be thankful there are only 4 wheels! We wouldn't even consider another Saturn product.


Ennismore, ON.

12th Dec 2006, 17:13

I have a 2002 Suturn Vue. It has had 4 alignments, the auxiliary fuel pump replaced, blower switch got stuck in on position, but you can turn to off, but kept blowing. My turn signals work as long as it's cold out. When taken in for this they said it has to be not working for them to figure out if it's the switch or a electrical problem. I brought my extended warranty when the Vue was almost 1 year old,4 years or 100,000 but they said it expired after only 3 years from purchase of the extended one that cost me $1800 They back the date up to the purchase of the Vue. Anybody else had this with their warranty? I brought it after almost a year.

20th Feb 2007, 03:03

I just bought my '02 Vue used a month ago. It wasn't doing this when I bought it, but now the windshield wiper fluid dispenser doesn't work and something hums whenever I turn the wheel in any direction. The turn signals just give out on me every now and then and my gas mileage just seems to be getting worse. I read great reviews before I bought this car, now I read the above and I'm worried. Can anyone give me further information on recalls or fixing these problems? My email is michael at rouxs dot net. Help me out!

27th Feb 2007, 08:21

I purchased my 2003 Saturn Vue in October of 2002. It has had to have several service reapirs in just over years.

I needed to replace my front brake pads and rotors after 18k miles. I did so myself, because the dealership refused to guarantee I wouldn't be charged for the repair, because my driving may have caused the warped rotors. My performing the repair myself cost less than their quoted cost for installation alone.

I had my front, driver side wheel hub replaced at about 20k miles due to a bad bearing.

My gas tank sending units failed and needed replacement at about 25k miles.

My linkages needed to be replaced in front, both at one time at around 34k miles.

My muffler had to be replaced at 47k because the baffles inside rotted out.

Sitting at 50k miles right now and the ABS is now pulsing from 5mph to stop. After some driving the light comes on and it deactivates the ABS, it drives fine.

For the last 5k miles the steering column makes a lot of crunching noise when it turns. A friend with the same year vehicle had service for his same issue, where it took 3 visits to have something lubricated to fix it. I don't want to pay to silence the steering column.

Also, my check engine light repeatedly comes on with an error code saying that my coolant temperature isn't high enough.

When I complained to Saturn about the quality of my vehicle, they were helpful in repairing it, even offerring discounts on repairs post warranty. The problem is the number of issues I've had with it. I've never owned a vehicle that required as much service as this one.

The Saturn service people told me there was nothing wrong with needing multiple trips to the shop for repairs every year, because it is expected. I don't consider needing repairs constantly for strange issues I've never had with a vehicle, as normal. What have we come to expect for quality when it's "normal" to need all these things replaced inside of 50k miles? I have made it clear to the Saturn quality people that I spoke with that I will never buy anothe rproduct of theirs. It's a shame, because I really did like this vehicle when I bought it.

4th Jun 2007, 11:00

I have a 2003 Vue that I purchased in October 2002. When it was three months old the transmission died and was replaced. Then it was replaced two more times since then. Today it is in the dealer to have the right front wheel bearing replaced ($369.00). Other than a few recalls, a rust spot on the back hatch and not knowing when the transmission is going to die again, I like the vehicle. Just wish the people who engineered the transmission would have done more in-depth testing of it. The VTI transmission was a big bust...

30th Jun 2007, 17:51

I have a 2003 VUE (AWD V6). Bought it new in Oct 02.

I have had NO problems with it. I now have 108K on it, and has been one of the best vehicles I have ever owned.

30th Jul 2007, 12:14

I own a 2004 Saturn Vue and it seems they have fixed a lot of these issues. I did have my transmission go after only owning it for less than 2 years. Luckily it was under warranty. I also had them check a loud crunching sound coming from my right wheel when I turned. They did fix that and all has been well since and it has been over a year. My rear tires got destroyed though from poor alignment. The tire place said it is from the roads, but I am not so sure about that. They had no tread on the insides of the both tires and were fine on the outside-this was at 55000 miles. That $700 for new tires and alignment was the first money I have spent on it and now at close to 60000 miles I think I need new breaks. Overall I have been impressed with my saturn as I do a lot of driving. The only other problem is my cd player. It sucks! It skips and deceides when it wants to play a cd and when it doesn't. I should have had it replaced while under warranty, but I forgot to ask!

31st Jul 2007, 11:24

I bought a 2002 VUE special edition (power, moonroof, keyless entry, etc.). Here are my complaints:

Noisy on the highway (wind sounds in passenger side door - brought it to dealership 3 times for this and eventually gave up).

Moonroof: Tube to drain rain came off, car flooded every time it rained (no garage) and dealership didn't have a clue and wanted to charge me to figure it out.

Antenna snapped off at the same time - dealership wanted to charge close to $300 to replace.

Found a new mechanic. Carpet pads had to come out at that point, but he fixed the issues for a 3rd of the cost.

I have 73K on it now.

About a year ago I got in to reverse out and the car wouldn't move. Eventually I got it to and a loud CLUNK CLUNK!! noise greeted me. Since then I hear the noise a few times a week. I finally got it checked out (yeah, I'm safe) and it seems it's the stablizer bar which now has to be replaced.

Steering wheel squeaks with every movement. That started about 6 months ago. Tried ot have it fixed - mechanic charged me $85. Within a day it was squeaking again. Found a new mechanic... again :)

Last week my blinkers stopped working. Just stopped. Then worked again 30 minutes later. Yesterday the same thing happened. I was on empty so I filled up and they worked again.

Traction SUCKED in the snow to the point where I won't drive if I can avoid it (but I just replaced tires so maybe this year winter will be better).

Turning is hard on the body - you feel it. I have to slow way down (but maybe the stabilizer bar will make that better).

Air conditioning is WEAK. Heat is WEAK. But only in the spot by the driver's door (and I assume the passengers).


Tires were replaced for the first time at about 68K. Not bad.

Brakes are being replaced at 73K for the first time.


Overall I can't say that it's been a terrible car... just a lot of quirks. I plan to run this into the ground. I tried trading it in and could only get 5k for it. Wasn't worth it to me.