18th Jun 2010, 09:41

There needs to be a recall on the 2002-2004 AWD Saturn Vues; turns out there seems to be a problem with the Carrier Bearing/Center Support for the drive shaft that makes the car AWD.

I purchased my 2004 in 2009, and everything was really good for the 1st year, but now I have replaced one of the wheeling bearings on the front at a cost of $329, and that did not seem to fix the vibration that I had coming from what I thought was the front right wheel area.

I took it in to my shop, and came to find out that the drive shaft support is broken and it will vibrate when I go over 65 mph. Of course that will be another $450 to fix that. I had planned on getting it fixed, but it turns out that GM has the part on back-order, and there is no release date for when the GM dealerships will get it, so now I have to drive around with my truck vibrating, or totally avoid the highway when trying to get to work.

This is the last time that I buy a GM car; think foreign or maybe even FORD next time. Oh ya, if anyone has had this problem, there is a technical service bulletin out for this issue.

5th Nov 2010, 20:26

I bought a 2005 Saturn Vue, and it runs fine.

Replaced clutch and pressure plate. Now the wheel bearings are going bad. What should I do? Sell it or keep it?

22nd Jan 2016, 04:34

How did you bypass the oil cooler on the Vue?

12th Feb 2016, 18:49

I got my 2002 Saturn VUE just last month. Already lost power and is stuck on the side of the road. I have no idea what is wrong with it. But now that I see all the negative comments, I'm worried. As a single mother transporting my children, I think I need to look into a different vehicle.