2002 Seat Leon TDI S 19 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


A poor quality product made worse by an inept Dealership


Difficulty in engaging reverse gear upon delivery. Corrected by Dealer after 2 weeks.

Rear passenger door poorly painted. Dealer attempted to re-spray and failed so badly that the front passenger door, rear passenger door and rear wing had different colours, overspray and orange peel effect. Rear Door rubber seal torn off in process.

General Comments:

A potentially good car has been spoilt by a poor factory bodywork finish.

The Seat Dealer did not carry out a full pre-delivery inspection.

The dealer made matters far worse when attempting to correct the problem.

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Review Date: 9th August, 2002

9th Sep 2002, 04:53

When you wash your car next time, feel the bodywork with your hands, you will probably find sand in the paint job around the wheel arches, lower front doors and on the rear.

This is also a known problem with the Leon and if you are persistent, you can get a respray under warranty, but they won't easily admit it.

2002 Seat Leon Cupra 20V turbo from UK and Ireland


Fun all-rounder at a good price


Intermittent wipers did not work due to the wrong circuit being put in.

Right car horn stiff so re-fitted.

Small scratch on drivers door on collection.

Main problem is a dreadful creaking noise over the passenger side rear wheel arch. The car has been at the garage for over 2 weeks now, the problem is attributed to a broken weld spot where 3 pieces of the car overlap.

General Comments:

Judging from other comments looks like Volkswagen need to improve the assembly quality.

Car drives wonderfully and is very comfortable. The leather seats and electrics are worth the extra money.

The whole car has a good quality look and feel to it.

Particularly good sound proofing.

Excellent for steady commuting or a bit of fun.

Cannot comment on reliability at this stage, but expect it to be good once initial problems sorted out.

So far with a bit of pushing the dealer has tried hard to sort out the problems. I have insisted on a few extras as compensation and they have obliged me.

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Review Date: 16th July, 2002

24th Jul 2002, 02:24

I know what you mean, the Leon is so low to the ground that you will hit anything on the road, tins, road kill, ice-blocks.

I even got stuck in 6 inches of snow, and on a paved country lane just because the road was curved.

24th Apr 2003, 03:23

Update... nearing a year old, the vehicle has recently suffered the infamous coil pack failure. Otherwise no more faults, though the rattles and squeaks continue to annoy.

2002 Seat Leon Sport 1.6L 16v from Greece


Nothing at all!

Hope to keep it up this way for years to come... (there is a Greek saying that goes like "a good day can be spotted early, from the morning")

General Comments:

Finishing a summer tour of 2500 kilometers in the northern Greek mountains, and the picture is becoming clear: On the first part of the trip, I tested the car on a very difficult journey from Igoumenitsa to Alexandroupoli (west to east border approx. 850 km) through all the Pindos mountains, passing an endless line of trucks, having second and third gear up high, 4500 - 6000 RPM, without noticing even the slightest sign of "complaint" or "disapproval" from the Leon. It just kept on climbing the mountains and passing the trucks, without giving me any grounds for second thoughts about its build and reliability.

The second part was from Alexandroupoli back to Athens; approx. 900 km mostly on freeway. Anyway, keeping an average speed of 140 - 150 km/h, it took my back and waist only one stop for lunch to keep up happily with this distance-muncher. Needless to say that the above is a totally noise-free travelling speed.

Reaching the 7500kms service, the car is in perfect shape, never "grinch-ed" or "made a sound", the engine sounds more "free" and the smile grows bigger on my face every day...

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Review Date: 13th July, 2002

2002 Seat Leon Cupra 1.8T from UK and Ireland


Amazing value for money. Makes BMW look sick pound for pound in value


I have just taken delivery of my Seat

Leon Cupra and have done 300 miles in one week.

My previous car was a VW Golf VR6 Highline which I thought would be impossible to beat.

I have only used upto 3000 revs as it is running in. It is just superb and very quick with fantastic roadholding.

It knock the VR6 silly.

The design is also excellent. The ride in spite of it being a sports car is very smooth mostly.

The Hi Fi is good and I cannot wait until it is run in.

I have also had a Porsche 944 Turbo SE and I like this little car as much. It is really exciting.

General Comments:

At present cannot fault it.

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Review Date: 4th June, 2002