2002 Seat Leon Stella 1.6 16v from Italy


So far, almost nothing: VW Golf built-like shift-gear is a little difficult to manage sometimes.

General Comments:

The car behaves marvelously.

Very comfortable inside and the design is quite likable.

Handles well in all circumstances.

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2002

2002 Seat Leon Cupra R 1.8 turbo petrol from UK and Ireland


Seat Sport produce a stunner


Car had a fault when bought. Couldn't turn the traction control off. Being sorted by the dealer.

General Comments:

Cupra R is a major step up from the original Cupra, which I like. It has the performance needed and the tweaks to the chassis make it a very enjoyable car, both on the motorway and round the lanes!!!

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Review Date: 20th November, 2002

2002 Seat Leon SE 1.8 20V from UK and Ireland


Volkswagen Build quality for Ford Prices


Up till now I have been very impressed with the quality of this car, however as with most new cars there always a few niggles, in my case one loose bit of trim on one side of the dashboard. A brief visit to dealer and it was promptly sorted out.

General Comments:

Car looks and handles superbly.

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Review Date: 9th November, 2002

16th Nov 2002, 06:21

The Leon looked OK in the first year, but now after two years it already looks dated, especially the rear.

20th Nov 2002, 13:18

Saying that bear in mind its competitors, such as the Golf and Focus do not exactly look that inspiring either.

The Golf, A3 and Leon are all due for a major face lift in 2004.

24th Nov 2002, 11:04

True, except the market is flooded with Golf's at the moment which will probably mean the majority those owners will loose out financially with the arrival of the replacement Golf.

25th Nov 2002, 05:43

True, but what do you think what will happen with the price of a used Leon when the price of a used Golf drops?

Or do you think that people will pay more for a used Leon than for a used Golf? I don't think so!

So if used Golf prices drop because of the arrival of the Golf IV, your Leon will also drop because of this.

25th Nov 2002, 14:44

The only reasons for paying more for a Golf than a Leon would be because you are paying for the name. Personally I'd rather have a better spec car than a car with a 'VW' badge on it.

As long as the Golf remains over priced the Leon will always be the attractive alternative.

Admittedly though the Golf's do have the advantages of being fitted with the new PD Diesel engines which the Leon's currently do not, which is abit disappointing.

26th Nov 2002, 08:57

Actually, the UK is one of the few countries where you cannot get the Leon with the VW PD engines. On the continent, the Leon is available with both the 130bhp and 150bhp (badged Leon 4) TDi PD engines.

As far as looks go, it's all down to personal taste. In my opinion the Leon isn't the most cutting edge design around, but few cars are at present. It does however represent excellent value for money, unlike its overpriced and overrated brother, the Golf.

2nd Dec 2002, 09:54

The Leon still has a fat ass!

2002 Seat Leon SE 1.9 TDi from UK and Ireland


A lot of car for the price


Nothing has gone wrong with this car to date.

General Comments:

The engine sounds quite noisy when cold, but soon quietens down when the engine has warmed up.

Performance is excellent from the 110bhp diesel engine.

Throttle response is good and there is plenty of power available for overtaking etc.

My only dislike is the red dashboard lighting.

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Review Date: 8th November, 2002

2002 Seat Leon S 1.6 from UK and Ireland


A solid bargain, though annoying quality control doubts


Supplied with:

1. Paint defects (raised blemishes which leached waxy stains) on three body panels - ultimately required respray of all three panels.

2. Poorly fitting handle assembly on one door - required return to dealer.

3. No owners manual (although it did come with a Spanish language manual for the Toledo!) - took dealer two months to obtain proper manual from Seat.

General Comments:

Faults 1 and 2 should clearly not have got past factory quality control or the dealer inspection - it is a major worry that these highly visible problems were not picked up. Why a manual could not be supplied by return of post, I do not know.

Notwithstanding, dealer service was provided without quibble, albeit in a quite laid-back manner. All problems have now been solved to my satisfaction.

Despite all this, I really love the car!

It is sporty enough for my needs (town/frequent long drives). Looks great in black, by the way.

I got a good deal (£1000 off list, and less than 'What Car?' Target Price) - without finance too!

Interior specification and build is solid, tough and high quality (equal to Golf, for instance - many shared components)

Handles very well - smooth, sure and solid, rather than 'on rails' (nothing like Focus, for example)

Despite what has been written elsewhere, the sound system ('Seat Aura') with 6 CD-changer option is fantastic. Tight bass, crisp treble, excellent spatial representation. (again, nothing like Focus!)

I would absolutely recommend test driving a Leon if you're looking at a Focus, Golf or A3 - you might find it fits the bill and leaves you a few pounds left over!

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Review Date: 1st November, 2002

21st Jan 2003, 04:36

It sounds like you had the same Leon as I had, same problems same non service.