2002 Seat Leon S 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Great all-rounder, good value for money


I've had this car for 8 months and had very few problems. It's used as a general runabout back and forth to work, etc..

I would say that Seat skimp on the body quality - I've had a chunk taken out of the bonnet from a stone on the motorway and the metal underneath has corroded which I have never seen on other cars. The panels are a bit flimsy - But you get reliable VW mechanics, so you pays your money...

The wipers need adjusting, but I'm being picky now. I've seen no evidence of leaks or condensation (touch wood) and I leave it outside all the time - I think Seat have changed the seals on the 02 model.

General Comments:

A great car! It's not the nippiest - don't be tempted with the dealer offers for a 1.4, 1.6 will have just enough for most drivers.

Very smooth ride, no sign of the old VW 'solid' suspension, and the gearbox and clutch are vastly improved over VWs earlier efforts.

Love the body design which is slightly retro 80s and quite distinctive.

Inside, it's comfortable on long hauls and the controls are basic, simple to use and sturdy - no curry-holders in here I'm afraid. The layout is very sensible and feels quite spacious. Good quality stereo and speakers - I'm told its comfortable in the back, but tall folk will struggle with clearance.

The rear seats don't go flat, unless driver and passenger are long-legged dwarfs - so you need to take the back seats out to maximise luggage space, but this is a doddle to do.

My dealer is very helpful, but overall no better or worse than dealers in general.

All in all, excellent value for money - you can tell that at heart it's a VW both from the ride, components and engine which feels like it will still be going strong long after the paint has fallen off.

If, like me, you always wanted a golf, but feel like you're being ripped off (you are) - this is the car.

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Review Date: 20th February, 2003

2002 Seat Leon TDI S 1.9 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Turbo blew within 1,000 miles.

CD player rattles.

General Comments:

This car has serious go in it. 0-60 the same as a Golf GTI, but once you are moving the extra torque of the diesel is huge. I think I was unlucky and had a Friday afternoon car with the Turbo, but it was resolved quickly. Quality of the workmanship was very poor, but after threatening dealings with SEAT UK, the problems were solved quickly.

The seats are very comfortable for long distance driving and the stiffened suspension gives a nice firm ride.

Same MPG as the 90 hp, so why bother getting that when the 110 gives you much more power.

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Review Date: 3rd February, 2003

2002 Seat Leon Cupra R 1.8T 20V twin intercooler from UK and Ireland


The ultimate in power, performance and looks at an affordable price


Absolutely nothing.

General Comments:

Choosing the Recaro seats was a gamble that has more than paid off. They are supremely comfortable and provide excellent support.

I chose Black as the colour as I think this really suits the car which is something of a beast.

The quality of the finish is excellent and all the parts blend together well both in looks and quality.

The handling is superb and the straight line performance stunning, but best of all is its ability to handle a mix of tight, twisting, bumpy B roads as well as the straight smooth motorways.

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Review Date: 29th December, 2002

2002 Seat Leon 20vt 1.8turbo from Mexico


This car is simply a great deal



General Comments:

This car is like day and night compared to the normally aspirated jetta that I had.

I can't believe that a turbo could add so much fun to my driving experience.

The suspension is a little soft for the power that you can get out of the car.

The space in the rear seats is limited, but who cares! The less people, the faster I can go!

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Review Date: 11th December, 2002

30th Jan 2003, 07:29

Is one of these better than an Golf GTI?

15th Apr 2007, 18:42

I have had GTI's and the output power is not as good as the Seat Leon, also VW is well know for their electrical issues!

Just my opinion!

16th Apr 2007, 11:22

'also VW is well know for their electrical issues!'

And Seat are known for having the worst dealers in the country, with the exception of Alfa Romeo of course!