3rd Nov 2007, 11:33

I would much rather have a cliched rav4, it might be as boring as nap time at a nursing home, but at least it's made properly and won't break down. also the styling wont make your eyes bleed unlike the Ssang Yong.

5th May 2008, 15:47

We've just gone for a diesel 2008 model. We considered and test drove a number of vehicles in different classes too. The thing about the Actyon is that it's different.

Sure, some folks just don't like the styling, it is subjective of course and everyone is entitled to their opinion. Anyway, talk is cheap. We went for the full leather too, and behind the wheel is just great. It's high-up, not noisy at all once the auto has moved into 2nd and in the back, well, it is pleasant, spacious, comfortable and handles bumpy roads with ease.

The deciding factor was the engine and overall package, we're not looking to change our car every few years and we were pretty cool about the looks given that it's different. Not everyone will want one, and that's cool because there's very few on the road.

For thos RAV4 drivers, or whatever the common SUV preference is these days, good for you! You're happy in yours, and we're happy in ours, nothing to debate!

23rd Jun 2008, 05:08

I just ordered a blue Actyon diesel from the dealership. Its true that its very different from the other options in the market. It is a car to keep. If you intend to get one and sell it later --- get a Toyota or a Honda. The designs that Ssangyong had put out are different --- ugly to some, appealing to others. I cannot accept the Stavic but it put a smile on my face. The Actyon's eagle eyes and raised car-like body are trendsetting to say the least. Couple this with a tried and tested Mercedes Benz engine, and sunroof --- bring out the checkbook. I now look forward to driving my new X6 look-alike for 1/5 of the cost. Great buy!

27th Sep 2008, 04:19

My wife is currently waiting for her marine blue Actyon, which is expected to arrive at the end of this month or the 1st week of October. It's a newer version with 6-speed dual transmission (Tiptronic and Automatic selection). In Tiptronic drive, there is an option to change gears via the steering control switches or on the trans lever itself. She was immediately attracted to it when she saw it in Trinoma Mall, and been asking me about it ever since... hehehe. She liked the unique design, which will make it exclusive, and the interior, which is really decent looking.

1st Sep 2009, 01:52

So far so good. Have travelled over 13k kms with my Actyon diesel and have gone on several long journeys around it over the past 12 months. Am very satisfied with this car. Very comfortable, very solid ride for a Korean car and very fuel efficient --- at an average 9.5 km/l city driving and as much as 14 km/l on the highway. It can take the rough trails with ease and accelerate on bends after a momentary lag which one gets used to.

Most amusing of all, is because it is different and queer-looking, it manages to get stares, second-looks from people you pass by. Not bad for a Korean car.

I smile whenever I see someone in the car park doing a look-see on my Actyon. When I reach my car, they indulge me in FAQs about the car --- and they most often tell me it looks cute.

I love my Actyon --- whatever else other people say. I hope SSangyong stays alive through this crisis so they can continue to make them.

6th Nov 2009, 09:54

I think it's a very good car!

The newer versions have 6 speed auto. And the only thing to fix it's the cargo space.

And something I like to mention, Actyon was first to make a SUV like a coupe (not X6), :P.

17th Jan 2010, 05:16

Have had my Actyon (diesel, automatic 4-speed) for three years and will NOT change it until it totally breaks down, which it shows no signs of doing. I love the fact that it's big and robust, and is still easy to drive in town and on the highway. Have been on the third service (45000km), and only problem I've had is the freezing of the trunk lock this winter.

27th Jan 2010, 08:00

Long live the ACTYON!!! Performance and comfort level is at 7 out of 10..

I don't like the OE speakers, they all broke off on the 2nd year, good thing it's got warranty! :D

Fuel economy runs 8 on city and 10km/L hi-way.. Mine runs on 2.3L Mercedes Benz petrol M/T.. love it..

"Actyon- dare to be different" :D.

5th Jun 2010, 14:45

Actyon petrol 2.3L acceleration power is there! My model has a Power and Winter activation switch. Power on will add a lot of boost to highway driving... if you driving in tropical rain, the W or winter switch enable you to feel the roadholding immediately. This is very good in rainy weather when the roads are wet...! Mercedes E230L engine gives very spirited drive. The Actyon looks actually like an American SUV/Truck; looks like a Chrysler/GM... mix. Aggressive, large, and I have no qualms about making a statement about the car and driver.

Rossi Actyon since Feb 2009.

17th Sep 2010, 01:03

Actyon Diesel unit has run 25k kms right now. Noticed a damp spot underneath the engine cover, and when the dealership checked, it was the EGR. They replaced it under warranty. This had happened already to two other Actyon owners. They gave me a tip so as not to damage the new EGR. After doing a long drive at high speed, DO NOT turn off the engine once you get to your destination. Let the engine run idling for around two minutes to allow lubrication of the turbo unit. This would minimize the damage on the EGR.

Also, when parked on an incline with the nose pointing down on the slope, and you wish to back up upwards, shift the gear to "R" with your foot on the brakes and wait for the blinking "R" indicator on the cluster to stop before proceeding to back up. This lubricates the transmission for you to move back. Forcing the Actyon to move at once will not work --- and if you force it, it may seriously damage your auto tranny.

Most importantly, when you first start the car in the morning, let the engine run for about 20 seconds before shifting the tranny. This allows the oil to properly lubricate it before driving off.

These are some of the tips that the service manager told me to avoid unnecessary damage to the engine and tranny. Sounds like old school, but at least these little "quirks' can save us money from unwanted repairs.

I told them that they should properly orient their sales people to remind their customers about these things. While these are all in the manual, except for the EGR thing, it's still good practice for their sales people.

30th May 2011, 07:21

I am the original poster. An update after nearly 5 years of ownership, and more than 70000km.

So far so good, nothing went wrong. Of course, the car was serviced regularly at the recommended intervals, so 7 oil changes, 1 gearbox oil change, numerous filter change, glow plug changed about 1 year ago. The car is fitted with a turbo timer, so this might have prolonged the life.

Over the 5 years of ownership, the paintwork is still good, but since it is used as a runabout, we only managed to wax it thrice. It went though 1 set of tires, 1 set of brake pads, and new set should not need changing until 30000km later.

Only 2 bits went wrong, the seals on the aftermarket trunk lid detached itself, but glue sorted it out easily. The other bit is the flappy cover in the centre oddments box, which has derailed itself - but this also happened to our Merc.

We upgraded the factory speakers to some aftermarket items, as one of the speaker started muffling.

Overall, very satisfied, and I am now looking forward to possibly trading in this old one for the new model when it comes out later this year!

Well done Ssangyong, interior plastic quality may not be as good as a VW or Volvo, but it didn't show any signs of wear, and the soft top door caps and dash is a welcoming feature.

Ssangyong has definitely produced a reliable car (suspension, gearbox, engine, steering rack and all mechanical or superficial components are all extremely durable).