9th Jan 2012, 03:11

Hmm, who would have thunk that people would actually find the Actyon attractive...

The Actyon, original Kyron and the multi paper bagger Rodius are what have been keeping buyers out of the showroom, and sending Ssangyong into deep financial doo doo.

I am actually a Ssangyong new Kyron owner, and I really like the quality of the product and the value for money it represents, considering the Merc technology powering them along.

However Ssangyong, you need to move quickly to get those U-G-L-Y models replaced so that ordinary folk won't be afraid to come into your showrooms.

24th Sep 2012, 11:30

I brought a Ssangyong Actyon Sport 2008 second hand. Liked the look, good specs, cheaper than other utes of same year and k's (126,000).

But after four weeks, the glow plug light came on. Took it to be looked at (glow plugs need replacing). Two plugs seized in the head, the head had to be removed to machine them out, and then put the head back on.

No 4 injector now not working, and yes seized in the head. They got half of it out, but the head had to come of again, so it could be machined out also.

6k later, and still three other injectors stuck in the head, but still working at this stage. I think I have bought a lemon.

But at the same time, across the road, another Ssangyong with the exact same problem. Is this a coincidence, or are there a lot more lemons out there?

12th Oct 2012, 15:20

Yep, I am just doing an injector seal job on a 07 Actyon, and yep, one injector is stuck. In fact it has come apart, so the next step is to take the head off! Beware! Actually you could say you get what you pay for, but looking at it from a more proactive point of view, maybe every 40 000 km's have the injector seals replaced? Plus remove, test and anti-seize the glow plugs.

An automotive technician.

9th Nov 2012, 03:38

Carrying on from the above thread, I managed to remove the seized injectors without removing the head with a small slide hammer (easily made with a steel rod, a good size gudgeon pin to slide and some hub nuts (off an old Mazda 323 rear stub axle) which fit on the top of the injector, same thread), although after cleaning up and refitting injectors with new seals and stretch bolts, it took forever to bleed the air out of the system. Had to disconnect the IMV valve at the back of the high pressure pump and crank the engine (this gives the rail full pressure (note, not a job for the home handy man; 1600 bar. That's around 23000 psi!! Actually full pressure with the valve disconnected was 1800 bar).

Any how, after getting it going, number 3 injector was not working as it should, so I replaced it with a new one, had it coded, the truck was still very much down on power. Long story short, I ended up having to replace number 2 injector as well. Also a note, they self learn, the coding makes them work perfectly, but to be honest, you probably could not tell the difference.

Moral of the story, if any injectors are seized badly in the head, slide hammer them out, and replace them with new ones from Ssangyong.

6th Feb 2013, 19:02

I have been told that the glow light on will not cause any problems with the driving of the car. Would you agree?

18th Oct 2013, 19:37

I agree, for diesel it's pretty quiet...

24th Mar 2014, 02:15

Good morning,

My name is Martin. 081 353 8530. I would like to know where you bought the injectors and how much did it cost? I am in JHB. Was it new or second hand?

20th May 2014, 02:09

My 2006 Kyron has the plug failure light on all the time... my mechanic hooked up the diagnostic and told me that it that showed that all the plugs had failed. Fortunately this guy is not a money making crook and said that was just not possible.. The car starts first time even at zero degrees. If it works, just ignore it.. Cheers Geoff.

4th Sep 2014, 09:05

Ssangyong Actyon ute 2010 with a broken valve. Only done 52000 km, 4 months out of warranty. The dealer is not interested. The car never showed any sign of a problem. Has always ran a bit rattly. Thought nothing of it because diesels are a bit noisier. The car has never been mistreated! The timing is still correct, so it must have been that a valve bounced. Don't know how!

No1 and No4 injectors are a bit rusty and hard to get out. 3 and 2 are fine. No4 injector tip is squashed from debris. Thousands to fix.

It has always had a lag response on take off. Press the accelerator and car takes 0.5 seconds to respond. I think there's a problem with connectivity between the accelerator and the CPU. Nothing is mentioned anywhere about this issue.

Also I think there should be an automatic valve release on the rail to drain water when the car is switched off. Such high pressures create condensation, just like an air compressor does, and it needs regular draining to stop the injectors rusting out!

My first brand new car. What a disappointment. Still paying it off.

20th Oct 2014, 09:28

Bought a brand new 2014 SsangYong Actyon Sport, drove perfectly for 2000 km, then there was a noise coming from the engine, like a hydraulic lifter or something. Took it to the dealership, they said there was nothing wrong. After about 3000km the dealership decided to flush the engine and replace the oil.

The noise is still there, and now the vehicle has started smoking a bit.

Is there anybody out there that has had the same problem? I need some help.

29th Oct 2014, 04:18

My glow plug light has been on for 10k. I have been told it's just a warning. It's still going perfect.

22nd Jan 2015, 02:16

Hi, I have a 2007 Actyon XDI. At around 170,000 km I could hear this "chf chf chf chf" noise.

I looked at the engine and it was wet where #1 injector is. It was the washer under the injector that was leaking. I looked up in the manual how to replace an injector. Apparently you need a special tool, then you don't have to take the head off if the injector is seized and breaks.

The injectors also have a specific number setting printed on them. When you replace an injector, you have to enter that setting into the ECU with the diagnostic tester so they are tuned to each other.

So it went into the too hard basket and I took it to the dealer because they have all the specialised tooling.

I have done 187000 km now.

No further problems.

22nd Feb 2015, 00:05

I bought a 2007 Actyon Sports new. After 118000km the glow plug light stayed on and number 4 glow plug has melted and come apart. Can anyone tell me if the damaged plug can be removed and replaced? Thanks.

18th Mar 2015, 09:43

That's interesting, 2012. 10k you say with the glow plug light on. How much further did it keep going OK? I have a 2007 model and my light has just come on, around 10008km on the clock.

1st May 2015, 05:20

I've got a 2010 Actyon Sport diesel, and no. 1 injector is not working and I'm not getting a pulse signal from the ECU. But it's saying no. 1 injector open circuit, but the injector has circuit?