18th Jul 2015, 04:48

A glow plug light just means that one of your glow plugs may need replacing. The glow plugs only work on start up, and once the vehicle is running, they no longer operate. This is also the case if you start the engine when it is warm. So if you still have 3 glow plugs working, you should have no problems unless it is really cold one day, and then the vehicle may be a little harder to start.

5th Aug 2015, 17:57

Could you please tell me in detail how to give the rail full pressure? You mean disconnect the wires from the IMV or disconnect the IMV from the pump??

17th Aug 2015, 10:59

Have a Ssangyong Kyron diesel and the engine light is on. Advised by the dealer that it needs the rail pressure switch replaced and it costs about USD 1200. Anyone who had a similar issue, please advise where you got a cheaper rail pressure switch and if it's OK to continue driving the car in this state? Thank you.

10th Sep 2015, 16:18

What is the usefulness of the driver circuitry IMV?

15th Sep 2015, 00:01

Could someone please tell me where the glow plugs are located in a Ssangyong Stavic 2005?

19th Nov 2015, 01:35

Hi, my SsangYong 2007 Actyon has been giving me trouble at 90.000klm. Now she's on 160.000klm. I replaced 4 injectors new at a cost of R19000 ex-import. It was running much better, but an injector bracket broke and the injector shot out. I replaced it with a new one and re-tapped the damaged bolt. Now vehicle will not start. Can someone tell me what the problem is?

Thank you.

5th Jan 2016, 23:22


We have a 2008 SsangYong Actyon, and the glow plug light has been on for over 12 months with no problems. The warning light is there on start up and disappears, but then comes back after about 20 seconds and stays on. However the last few weeks, a warning light comes on and beeps and the temperature rises to hot. The car however is not overheating. Turn the car off and then this warning light disappears and the car is sitting back at normal temperature.

We are going to change the glow plugs and the temperature sensor, but just curious if anyone else has had the same issues and how did you fix it?

Thanks, Jenny.

12th Jan 2016, 20:36

This happened to 2 SsangYong Rodius I've had. I thought it might be the thermostat, but when I asked the dealer about 2 years ago, he said he never had to sell a thermo, so I left it and it wasn't a problem. If I was driving up the motorway, the temp needle would just drop to cold and a few minutes later come back to normal. If I turned off the ignition and restarted, it would also return to normal. I never fixed it and it was fine.

21st Feb 2016, 01:51

Had similar issues with a Rexton and had the dash removed and repaired. Still a work in progress as this fixed the loss of odometer, but the fuel still says empty.

27th Aug 2016, 06:01

Gave a 2007 Actyon Sports with 227000km.

Temp gauge goes to hot and the alarm sounds usually after hitting a bump in the road. Chose to keep driving and have the engine run in limp mode or hope the next bump fixes it, or pull over, turn off, restart, and keep going.

Told by the dealer that this is a wiring fault in the loom or dash (known fault by Ssangyong).

Glow plug light is intermittent and is caused by a bad connector to plug. Cutoff old plug, use a small round wire connector, job done.


28th Aug 2016, 08:32

Glow plug alarm simply says that one or more of the glow plugs are out of spec (usually open circuit, but have seen high resistance also). Experience has shown that they have minimal effect on starting. They can be removed and replaced without removing the head. It may be necessary to die grind a bit of the cam cover flange away to get the deep socket onto the hex, but I have successfully unscrewed and replaced one much like a spark plug. There is a significant probability that the thread in the head will be stripped and will need to be fitted with a thread insert. This can also be done in situ provided care is taken to prevent swarf and the break off tang of the insert entering the combustion chamber. A ground down long needle nose pair of pliers is a useful tool in this process. In the worst case that the insert tang falls onto the top of the piston, it can be removed with a small magnet fixed to a long shaft lowered through the glow plug hole. Use anti seize on the new plug thread.

12th Sep 2016, 10:08

Long-term review of my Actyon diesel at 80k km. Just changed my fuel filter, water separator, fan belt, cabin filter, and air filter. Did these as preventive maintenance measures. Also cleaned the EGR valve and sensor. The car is smiling and performs very well considering its age at 8 years.

Had a similar experience as mentioned above re the temp gauge going to H with the bell alarms. Pulled over to inspect. No leaks, no hot engine compartment. Guess it was a sensor. Opened coolant cap for around 10 minutes then ran off home. No repeat of this incident happened. Mechanic confirmed it may have been a loose coolant sensor. Anyway, will change coolant this week so it conforms to the maintenance schedule.

Happy Actyon owner here. It's a comfortable and dependable ride as long as it is kept and maintained properly.

23rd Sep 2016, 02:18

After driving the Plus highway for 100km, my 2010 Actyon check engine lit up and the err engine stalled, stopped the car, switched off the ignition, restarted the engine, drove for another 5km, symptom repeated. Replaced the diesel filter, water separator and the priming pump, yet the problem stayed. Any suggestion?

18th Oct 2016, 10:48

I had the same thing happen just last week... no alarm or warning light for water in fuel, but the check engine light came on, blew a heap of really black unburnt diesel soot from exhaust, so I pulled over and turned off the engine. Bled lines and injectors on the side of the road and managed to restart it... but the check engine light came back on again so limped it home. Now I can only get the car to start if I squirt Aerostart or Start Ya Bastard into the air intake. It will idle nice and quiet and steady, however as soon as I put a load on the engine, the black soot starts again out the exhaust and runs like a bucket of crap. Have spoken to a few diesel "experts" here in Oz and also a Ssangyong service technician and they all said the same thing - sounds like one or more dodgy injectors.

$90 + GST each to have them tested or $460 each for brand new ones, so I think I'll save my $400 odd testing and just replace them all with new ones.

This is after the automatic gearbox died a year ago, which cost me $4,000 for a replacement second hand job... ($7,500 for a new Chinese made one from Ssangyong).

I do like this car, but it's become a money pit.

I honestly think if it had been a Toyota there would've been a global recall, but Ssangyong like to sweep everything under the carpet... their customer service and lack of empathy to their customers is appalling! I say let's all start a group action against them because I've had enough... I've spoken to a number of people who all had the automatic transmissions die on them too... and it's always once it's just out of warranty period.

3 year / 100,000 warranty here in Australia and mine died a month out of 3 years and only had 60,000 km on the clock!

I wouldn't buy another Ssangyong ever again!