4th Mar 2012, 17:47

How do I access the Musso car manual at the site you gave, that I have now joined?

30th May 2012, 22:14

The intermittent starting and stopping is caused by an AU 80 cent transistor in the over protection relay. In the 1997 3.2 litre (right hand drive), it's located in the area near the brake power booster. A grey relay, with a fuse in the top of it...

Found out with much difficulty and an oscilloscope...

19th Jun 2012, 00:29

I have a 1999 Musso 3.2. When the vehicle is started from cold, there is no problem, however when it is exposed to heat (40+ degrees) parked or when I have been on a long journey (20 minutes +), it will not crank or start.

I have had the battery and starter motor checked, and they are fine. Also, if I connect jump leads to another running vehicle, it will sometimes start. Once started, it runs perfectly. Please can anyone help me on this?

21st Jun 2012, 08:00

I have exactly the same problem with my 2005 Musso Sports at the moment.

I have managed to rule out any electrical fault, and have now narrowed it down to being a problem with the vacuum hoses.

I have replaced all hoses showing signs of cracks or splits.

The only part I have not checked is where the vacuum hoses go through the bulkhead into the back of the dashboard. This is where the ignition switch is linked to the vacuum system.

Please let me know if you have any further information.

27th Jul 2012, 19:01

Does it have a turbo timer? If it does, it should only run for about 5 minutes tops.

26th Aug 2012, 23:33

Have you checked the vacuum hose at the top of the air intake? That's what makes my Musso cut out. It will pop off at random times.

5th Oct 2012, 21:10

Ssangyong Musso. I have one that has done 185000 k's from new. Runs like a dream - suspension is a bit on the soft side, but they go great in the sand.

It has just acquired trouble starting (first time ever). Merc mechanic in Bunbury said it sounds like the crank angle sensor. If the sensor is kaput, the EMS doesn't know when to fire the plugs, and will just turn over but not fire. Battery is good - I was going to pull the fuel line off the filter to make sure I had a fuel feed, but the mechanic sounded pretty definite. Anyone know exactly where it is located?

Mine is a 96 with the 3.2 Merc motor. Way too much power for this style of car, but apart from a coil failing and rear electric window motor packing up, this car has been problem free.

15th Oct 2012, 01:51

The vacuum pipe has come off the valve on top of the diesel pump; just look for a loose 3mm black pipe.

17th Oct 2012, 23:11

The 96 Ssangyoug Musso crank angle sensor is located above the starter motor. You have to remove the starter motor to replace it.

19th Oct 2012, 15:31

My 320 is cutting out on me. I hear the clicking noise of a relay when it starts to die. New crank sensor, new air mass meter, new overload protection relay, still the same. Only the ECU is left. Anybody know where to find a secondhand VDO unit?

30th Jan 2013, 17:34

Yes, hello, I'm from Aruba, and I also have an Musso. It's a great car, but it has a a few things that I wanted to change. Can anyone tell me where I can get parts??

Email me at e_morel@hotmail.com please, and thanks.

1st Feb 2013, 18:28

Try Mercbits www.mercbits.com.au. They have a fair range of second hand spares for Mussos.

25th Feb 2013, 17:55

Hi. I just brought a 97 Musso with the same problem as yours... Did the fuel pump fix it? How much did the pump cost? Could you email me please with your answer? James.w.woolford@gmail.com


6th Mar 2013, 16:07

I was wondering if you ever fixed your problem with your Musso? Mine is doing exactly the same thing. johnnyrhino@msn.com

16th Mar 2013, 21:45

I had same problem with my 2005 Musso Sports 3 litre diesel.

The problem was the fuel cut off immobiliser (also could be key transponder or receiver on computer). We removed the immobiliser and fitted a fuel by-pass (no fuel cut-off immobiliser now) and it fixed the problem.

11th Apr 2013, 20:53

Hi, Betty from Brisbane, I bought a '97 Musso petrol auto after a violent split, as I was told being a Mercedes, it was safe! Now it has left me stranded.

It was running a little rough as a norm, but was starting to stall when I approach traffic lights, then out of nowhere it just stopped on the highway in the faster lane, leaving me to sit for hours half in the lane. It has not run since, and I was told it was the starter motor, but even I know if the engine is turning, then the starter's fine LOL.

It sounds as if there is nothing, but the engine winds over?

What could cause the engine just to wind as if no compression? Someone help please, as I need my car for my children's access changeover...

24th Apr 2013, 22:58

I have the same problem. I have replaced the same items that you have (except for the overload protection relay, as my model doesn't seem to have one). I also replaced the ECU. The symptoms seemed problem seemed to improve for a little while, but not for long. I have the ECU that I took out if you would like it, but I don't think it will fix your problem.


2nd Sep 2013, 20:32

Hi Tamara from Aus, I have a 1997 Musso diesel and it is superb. The engines are Mercedes, and it's one of the most reliable engines ever built. My advice as an engineer, find a good mechanic who understands motors, and service your vehicle every 10,000km with oil and filter changes.

29th Sep 2013, 09:01


I own a Musso E32 and I am just in the process of swapping my ECU.

But I'm wondering how to get the ECU out? It is mounted with 4 screws behind a kick board on the right hand side of the passenger foot well. The lower 2 screws are easily removed, but the upper 2 are difficult to access. How did you do it? Do I need to remove the dashboard to get access?

Can you please give me hint on how to proceed?

Greetings from Germany, Lutz Beck.

3rd Jan 2014, 14:18

Check the vacuum pipes.

4th Feb 2014, 02:47

Have you had any luck with the engine switching off?

I have a 1997 Musso diesel (non-turbo) and the vehicle started giving a similar problem. And no, it is not because of cold weather. This happens after driving for 20 minutes. Also from SA. The electro-mechanical advice is to install a cut-off valve. Seems spare parts for a new ignition switch are also difficult to find.

Thank you.

5th Mar 2014, 06:50

If the fault was in the transistor, wouldn't the fuse be blown?

12th Mar 2014, 04:37

I know it is a long time down the track, but in reply to the issue about not starting on a hot motor, try looking at the fuel shut off valve after the fuel filter, but before the injectors. I had a problem similar in my SsangYong 2005 2.9 diesel, and rang the repairer and they told me there had been a few with the same problem, and a bypass fixed the issue.