17th Jan 2010, 22:12

Well didn't buy a BMW fortunately, we replaced the Altezza with a 2003 Subaru Legacy Blitzen. The Legacy is completely in another league and makes the Altezza feel like a Corolla in drag. Ironically the Legacy was better value second hand on the NZ market too. Altezzas are nice to look at, but stock standard they are a total let down to drive and own. I am amazed at how expensive they still are to buy second hand.

25th Oct 2011, 18:35

Wait until your Subaru gets to around 150k. I have had several, and at about that mileage they need to be thrown away. The Altezza might not be quick, but it will last a lot longer.

9th Feb 2012, 02:14

Not all cars will be kept the same; maybe yours was the unlucky one. Mind you, buy a car according to your everyday needs. If you want performance, buy a Ferrari or Porsche. If you live at a farm, get a tractor, but if you live in a town like me where there is a lot of traffic, there's no need to over speed, and you need to show off your nice car, then get an Altezza. A car cannot please you 100%, just like a Porsche cannot do off-road, or a tipper truck cannot get you to a shopping mall.

If you are a constructor, you will get a tipper and jump in cabs, since most of your life revolves around what you live on everyday.

Go on Altezza, we love you, and I will still buy other ones, apart from the ones I have owned.

7th Sep 2012, 15:24

I have owned a 1999 Altezza since almost new. It has now clocked 214,000 km, and I have never had one problem with this car. Still drives like new and handles well. The key to longevity of any car is to have them serviced every 6 months. I will probably still get another one, as it has been so reliable. If you don't service any vehicle regularly, then expect problems to come up - much like your body, it is bound to have some sore joints if you don't look after it. As for BMWs, we have three shareholders at my work who own them, recent models, and the cost of upkeep is high, not to mention the problems they have had with the vehicles as well. GO ALTEZZA!

7th Jan 2013, 18:31

Subarus are total junk when they do high Ks. I've had many Toyotas, including an Altezza. And an Altezza handles and drives very well compared to a Subaru Legacy. It may not be as good, but as you do high km - an Altezza will still drive similar like mine at 310k, where a Subaru will die off past 200k. It might be personal choice, but cars are my hobby, and I am saying this from experience. Have owned a few Legacys, and this is based on the 2005 Legacy experience.

3rd Mar 2013, 03:31

Every car maker has one out of the box. I'm a mechanic, and I know a lady who owns a Citroen, and it has been utterly reliable for her. We often joke that Toyota made that particular example for Citroen. Just saying, it sounds like you got a one out of the box Altezza, which turned out to be a lemon.

15th Mar 2013, 14:01

I have a 2003 Altezza and it is a very nice car. I have not had to do any work on that car since I had it, and I have had that car going on 3 years. Beautiful vehicle. Lots of admirers and persons want to purchase. Not parting with my Altezza. Like the other writers, GO ALTEZZA!!!!

27th Apr 2013, 12:35

Well, have never owned a BMW, but hope to try it. I own an Altezza and it has not disappointed me yet.

15th Nov 2014, 18:46

I'm an African bachelor who purchased a second hand 1999 Altezza RS200 6 speed manual at 116k. Almost had it for a year and it's on 131k now. Great car, perfect handling around curves and corners. Ladies love it, and it still turns heads, despite the fact that it is almost 15 years old.

The only problem I have had was when one of the coil packs suddenly failed. Got it replaced (was quite costly though [USD80 locally for a good second hand]). Now it's up and running as before.

Besides that, I LOVE THIS CAR; very reliable, has a sports feel and a balance between economy and performance.


28th Dec 2014, 21:55

I owned a 1998 RS200 and it was amazing. Mine had the 6 speed manual transmission, which would have helped.

I was quicker than a 2000 model Subaru WRX over 100kph, and it could also spin the wheels in 3rd gear on dry tarmac.

Although I got a good one, as my friend's one just didn't seem as fast.