17th Apr 2011, 10:38

I hear the RS200 is slow, but is 0-100kph in 7.5sec slow? I reckon it ain't too bad.

Another thing is the fuel consumption, I hear it's horrible, how many km's do you get per litre when driving normally? Can this car be used on a day to day basis?

5th Jul 2012, 23:10

It is fine if you take traction control off, hold the revs up, let out the clutch, and kane it to near the red line. But it's when you drive it more normally that you see how the performance in these is lacking.

5th Jul 2012, 23:16

Oh, and the fuel economy of my 6 speed RS200 was 11-11.5L per 100km city driving (mainly to and from work), so not good at all really.

16th Jul 2012, 21:58

I have a manual 2000 Altezza. Full tank is 60L. Fuel warning light comes on at 50L @ 500km. This is mixed driving. Highway driving without speeding will give you 550km - 600km on 50L.

Only problem I've encountered so far is the stuck CD changer, and the throttle body needs to be cleaned every 10k km. Otherwise, it's a solidly built car. 12 years old, no sound coming from the outside. Only a small cricket living in the air conditioning. But at this age, what is there to complain about?

31st Aug 2014, 04:41

Not sure where most review comments come from, but certainly people with financially tight positions. I have one and I think it's brilliant on fuel. An RS200 auto does about 8L to 100km on the open road, and in town between 10-12L. A car with this performance is not meant to give Honda Jazz fuel economy.

22nd Mar 2016, 06:01

Hi, I have a 2002 RS200L and fuel economy is 7.8-8.2 litres per 100km on the open road and 10.2-10.6 litres per 100km in town / city. p.s. my calculations are over the 6 years that I have owned it and are worked out by filling the tank until the fuel trips (I try to use the same station as often as I can) and the km travelled on the trip meter. Note the fuel economy on the dash is a lot less accurate.

I have added over 80,000 km to my car, and apart from the tendency to wear the inside edges of the back tyres when there is weight in the boot, I have spent nothing other than regular services (8,000 km intervals).

Manual gear box is a bit hard on a cold frosty morning until it warms up a little (even with real good synthetic oil). But when it is warm, it is an absolute dream to change gears, even under high loads / revs.

Quite expensive when I bought it, but well worth the money. Great car.