1994 Toyota Camry LE 4-cylinder from North America


A comfortable, reliable car


When the car was about three years old, the steering wheel began to shake at freeway speeds, but stopped after realignment.

Right rear of car creaks over bumps and has done so since purchase. I have replaced sway bushings, struts and shocks, but it continues.

Brakes have intermittently squeaked since purchase. The dealers say that this is caused by dirt in the brake drums or by new, asbestos-free pads.

CV boots currently need replacement and dealer says there is an oil leak near the distributor.

The car has always vibrated a bit more than seems normal when stopped at intersections.

General Comments:

This is the nicest, smoothest, most reliable car I have owned.

Even though it has 93,000 miles, I notice that it still drives much better than other car makes with equal mileage. It's a bit creaky now, but still smooth and comfortable.

Repairs are expensive, but that may just be the nature of dealer maintenance today.

I have much greater peace of mind with this car than I did with my Subaru station wagon and Volkswagen Rabbit.

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Review Date: 4th December, 2002

1994 Toyota Camry LE 2.2L 4 cylinder from North America


Great car for your wife


Only a few of concern:

1. Lost water pump at just 80,000 miles. Note: if you hear a squeaking noise near your alternator that disappears when you add water pump coolant, better change it soon (1 week).

2. Slight smoke on cold start... going to try Valvoline Max Life to see if it will swell the valve seals.

3. Dis-coloration of the transmission fluid. I believe a seal between the engine and transmission is leaking. Not causing performance problems. I just change x. mission fluid more often.

General Comments:

4 cyl. peppy with electronic shift point button (power or normal) on automatic to squeeze all of the power out of the engine.

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Review Date: 5th March, 2001

1994 Toyota Camry Executive 2.2L from Australia and New Zealand


Comfy and solid, but unexciting and underpowered


Well a little while after we got the car the exhaust gasket broke and the car sounded like a tractor, got that fixed (for free under the dealers warranty).

Then I noticed a smell everytime you get out of the car after you have been driving it. Some how the transmission fluid is leaking out onto exhaust and that is why it smells.

General Comments:

A pretty good solid car, but the motor struggles to pull the load as the car weighs about 1300kg and only has a 2.2L motor.

A good cruiser on the highway and good for long trips, also gets good mileage.

The car is very bad at overtaking and pulling heavy loads.

Also some reliability problems with the motor and transmission.

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Review Date: 31st October, 2000

30th Nov 2001, 20:20

Toyota Camry Executive, bought 02/06/2001 with 160000km for 8900$ Australian, now 173000km.


Oil leak from the cooling system.

Oil leak from the timing belt bearings.

They fixed all of it under guarantee, and now a very little oil leak from the cylinder head gasket. The mechanic told me that is a really common problem, 4 cars of 10 have it, but that is really annoying because when it's hot you can smell the oil burning in contact with the exhaust pipe. If it wasn't for this problem this car would be the best.

With normal maintenance it give you a family size car consuming between 7 L to 10L per 100km, we are really happy with this good car.

1994 Toyota Camry GL 2.2 from UK and Ireland



General Comments:

Everybody who has ridden in this car has heaped praise upon it. I just know that when I turn the key it's going to start. Very comfortable. I know people talk about lack of styling but I genuinely like it, it's cleanly laid out and well presented, much nicer than Mercs. I think on the strength of this car I'll get a Lexus.

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Review Date: 7th February, 1999

6th Dec 2000, 14:22

I have a 94 Camry v6 and I do not have one problem with it. Everone who drives in it comments on how smooth and comfortable it is. The V6 engine just enhances the performance of the car.

14th May 2001, 03:53

I agree with your favourable comments about the Camry GL V6 1994. It's a beautiful smooth engine, lovely to drive (better than the 1 year old 2.2 litre I drive to work) and nice to ride in. It pulls my 16 foot boat and 5 people from Wanganui (NZ) to Rotorua and back again without any strain at all. The only adverse comment is the crack along the front of the dash board upholstery where the screen and the dashh board meet. Regards, Bill Simmons.

7th May 2004, 11:39

Just bought a 14 year old 2.2GL 16V.

109K with full history.

No apparent mechanical or electrical faults.

Air con working perfect.

No leaks from anywhere.

Recent 4 x tyres, clutch, rear shockers, full exhaust system, rear discs and pads.

Drives like a new car.

Inside is immaculate.

Metallic silver paintwork is showing age i.e. peeling lacquer in odd places, but no rust.

Paid £600 with 2 months tax and 7 months MOT

After driving and reading reviews, looks like I've bagged a proper bargain.

Will give update at later date.

28th May 2008, 15:04

Can I ask what the trim levels are like in the GL 2.2. I have a VW Passat, which has been nothing but trouble recently, and really want to go back to a Japanese car. A 94 2.2 GL has caught my eye and I'm curious as to how well equipped it is comfortwise. What are the electrics like in terms of reliability? The engine, is most of it accessible easily and so on?

16th Dec 2008, 08:45

I live in Jamaica and I recently bought a 1994 2.2GL 4 cylinder Camry. It needed a lot of work, as the previous owner did not take care of it. But since I fixed it up, man I tell you, the car rides so smooth, it's really comfortable, steady on the road, it literally feels almost new! I am beginning to think I got a really good deal; an absolute bargain!

1994 Toyota Camry LE Standard 4 cylinder from North America


The electric windows rattle when partially opened. The Dealer, Eddy's Toyota of Wichita, Ks., states, "This is a design problem and cannot be fixed" Zone manager also refuses to fix problem. Car is now out of warranty so I will just have to put up with it.

General Comments:

A great Car. We call it our "Baby Lexus" as the 1994 body style resembles the LX400 Lexus.

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Review Date: 29th June, 1998