1997 Toyota Camry LE 2.2 Liter 4 cylinder from North America


Good looking, reliable, but underpowered


- Driver's side outside handle broke, $50 on ebay and 1 week to fix. Dealership wanted $200, 100 for the handle and 100 for labor. Whoa!

- Driver' side and passenger side inside door handles broke, replaced them myself from ebay, it was a PAIN.

- Front bumper paint peeled off, I replaced the entire bumper, not worth repainting, $225 total.

- Speakers crapped out, and it was a huge PAIN to replace them. If I'd have known the trouble beforehand, I would have paid a store to do it.

- Sparkplug wires rotted and one end got stuck inside, and was a pain to replace. $50 (DIY)

- Passenger front window jumped off the rubber track and I changed the window motor before realizing what it was :) $50 off ebay, DIY.

- The car is underpowered. It's good in town, but has a hard time accelerating on the interstate, especially if you have 4 people in the car. Downshifts and sounds like a race car, but doesn't accelerate much. We were having fun on the trip, and I used the AC button as "turbo". When I turn off the AC I get quite a bit of boost.

- Started burning oil, due to valve stem seals leaking. This is a common problem, very expensive to fix. Seals are cheap, labor is expensive. Some suggest replacing the motor would be cheaper, ouch!. I've changed to 10-40 fully synthetic oil and it's better now.

- The headlights don't turn off automatically, I've drained the battery at least 20 times in 2 years. Probably THE most annoying thing.

General Comments:

- Very easy to change the oil myself, the filter is easy to reach.

- Reliable, it never broke down.

- Spacious.

-feels soft on the road but too soft in fast curves.

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Review Date: 27th September, 2008

1997 Toyota Camry Conquest 3.0i V6 from Australia and New Zealand


Alright, but wouldn't buy another Camry. Next car might be a V8 Holden Calais, Ford G6T. More power!


Sometimes stalls on start-up during hot weather.

Gearbox is hard to change out of 2nd when cold.

Motor revs at 1900rpm on first start of the day (not sure if all Camrys do this)

Motor is always under powered in terms of torque, especially when towing a 6 by 4 trailer... even when empty. It isn't a good car for towing.

Not gutsy below 2500rpm.

Has to be revved out to 3000-4000rpm to perform well. But then it used way too much petrol.

Fuel consumption not that great for a 3 litre motor. Around 450-520km per tank.

Timing belt failed at 155,640km. Needed replacing.

Rear standard suspension was too soft, causing the car to handle badly. Easily fixed by replacing it.

Door seals leaked water in.

Gearbox whines and howls during slow city traffic.

Brakes were rather spongy and faded lots after a few pumps on them (or when they got hot anyway).

Mountain driving is not fun in this car, because going up hills you were constantly changing down gears (when loaded with 4 people)

Motor ran roughly on petrol below 95RON.

Front motor mounts recently replaced.

All 4 shock absorbers replaced.

Power steering pump replaced due to failure (mechanics did not know why).

Aircon has recently been re-gassed but has never been good anyway.

Interior not of high quality. Fabric on doors receded.

General Comments:

Generally somewhat reliable.

Freeway driving was a breeze.

Speed build up was generally not too slow, but needed to be revved hard to do this. Initial 0-100 times were 8.2 with no wheel spin.

My wife likes driving the car because she thinks it's easy to drive and it really is. It is also very comfortable in the drivers seat.

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Review Date: 14th March, 2008

1997 Toyota Camry V6 3.0 V6 24v from UK and Ireland


Quick, quiet and comfortable motoring in complete anonymity



General Comments:

It's lively, it's comfortable and quiet. It feels indestructible. Loads of kit, although I'd like more adjustment on the electric seats and a self dip rear mirror would be nice additions.

Climate control works beautifully, but it's due for a gas change soon.

The three litre engine sounds lovely (what little you can hear of it anyway), and revs cleanly. Auto box always manages to be in exactly the right gear all the time.

On the downside, it's not all that quick for a three litre petrol car; its midrange shove is easily outclassed by the current crop of 2.2ish litre diesels which seem to ram your eyeballs into your head under acceleration.

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Review Date: 1st January, 2008