1997 Toyota Camry CSi 2.2 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Another fine (if boring) car from Toyota


Nothing really, I haven't had it long enough to really say, but I had a few globes replaced, and a service (which it didn't really need) that's about it.

General Comments:

This Camry handles better than it's MK-III predecessor (holds onto the wet road better I suppose) but it feels underpowered compared to the MK-III. Doesn't seem to have the same acceleration. And the general build feels cheaper than my '93 Executive Camry. Wish I had bought a Vienta...

The heating controls are somewhat harder to access, and very hard if the car is in 'Park'. And when I close the boot I don't like the sound of the lid closing. Otherwise, little to complain about; it drives OK, it's fairly classy looking, quiet inside, and has good economy.

If I have any real gripe about this model of Camry it's that it is very boring all round. Get the V6.

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Review Date: 19th August, 2007

1997 Toyota Camry V6 from North America


I am thinking of buying a 1997 Toyota Camry V6, but am confused about some of the comments. Owners claim the V6 has sludge problems. The dealer blames the customer for poor maintenance, the customer claims there is a defect in the engine. Over 3,000,000 V6 engines were made between 1997 and2001,yet only 3000 had sludge problems. If there was a defect wouldn't all the engines have the same problem?

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Review Date: 10th June, 2007

21st Aug 2007, 22:09

I'm in Australia. I own 2 Camry's. and I know a few people who own Camry's. They and me have never had this 'sludge' problem, or even heard of it. Well I have, but only on this website. Must be the people who get sludge don't change their oil very often (thinking, 'she'll be right mate, it's a Toyota') or live in a cooler climate. But 0.1% of engines having this problem is not too bad going.

22nd Aug 2007, 18:50

I've owned my 97 camry 3.0 since it was new and it has almost 200k on it. Change your oil on a regular basis and sludge shouldn't be an issue. Not a cheap car to fix, but a great car otherwise.

1997 Toyota Camry LE V6 from North America


Best Car I've Ever Owned!


Check Engine light went on a few times. Leaking seal on Gas Cap. Replaced for a few bucks, problem solved!

Otherwise regular/preventative maintenance: Oil Changes, Etc.

General Comments:


Bought for $2500 from Private Party. Previous owner went with me to Dealership for a total inspection. Previous owner paid to have all problems the Mechanic Found prior to purchasing (again at $2500).

The dealership replaced (at cost of owner) :

1.) New Windshield (free).

2.) Set of 4 new tires.

3.) Timing Belt Change & full tune up.

4.) Detail clean the interior.

Only thing I've ever had to do to this car so far is replace gas cap, get regular oil changes every 3000 miles, and I just put in new brake pads yesterday afternoon.

GREAT CAR. 100% reliability. No problems to speak of yet! :-)

All my previous cars were GMs & Fords. Total GARBAGE!!! I'll NEVER buy a car from the Big Three EVER AGAIN! 29 MPG from this used car is WAAAAAY Better than the 12 MPG I got from my V6 Oldsmobile with the same size engine!!! A THOUSAND times better than my Ford, Chevy, & Oldsmobile ever were! Toyota has a customer for LIFE.

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Review Date: 26th March, 2007

26th Mar 2007, 19:27

Welcome to the club! Enjoy your Toyota, it's easy to do. Nice to know you'll probably have another 150,000 miles before you MIGHT decide to trade it, isn't it?

26th Mar 2007, 19:33

You're VERY lucky. Look over the 2006 Camry reviews and you'll find that the Camry's "Glory Days" are WAYYYY behind them.

26th Mar 2007, 21:11

Much of this seems far-fetched. The previous owner must have been your grandmother if they spent all of that money at the dealer and sold the car so cheap. Also, I do not believe that an Oldsmobile V6 only got 12 MPG. I know that even the Olds Aurora with a V8 manages at least 16-17 MPG in town. I grow tired of such extreme reviews. Everyone knows that the Camry is generally a superior car, but there is no need to bash other car companies just because they are "domestic" when in fact the Camry is built in this country as well.

27th Mar 2007, 02:09

It's getting obvious.

27th Mar 2007, 10:24

Really? What is your proof? The reality is Toyota, unlike ANY domestic manufacturer, acknowledges quality issues and is devoting a ton of resources to correct them.

This is radically different from the domestic manufacturer way of doing things which is to never fix the quality issues, but just come out with a new body style.

27th Mar 2007, 12:38

19:33 Why does this person need to look at '06 Camry reviews, he has a '97. Maybe you want him or her to read one of your comments to the effect that Toyota has lost quality. Well, smart people know better than that and still buy them, and drive them troublefree for hundreds of thousands of miles, just like always. Go work on your Chevy or Ford, I'm sure something's wrong with it right now.