2004 Toyota Camry LE from North America


I bought this car because of its reputation, but now I am not sure about its quality


Toyota Camry 2004 was just diagnosed with a steering shaft problem. Unsettling clunking sound that could be felt at mainly low speeds while turning or going over speed humps or curbs. Under warranty the part will be replaced. This is the 3rd Warranty item in the 25 months of ownership... and I only have 17,500 miles.

General Comments:

Overall the car is adequate transportation with plenty of room.

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Review Date: 15th January, 2007

17th Aug 2008, 11:33

We had the same steering shaft problem with our 04 Camry. I had it back 3 times before they acknowledged there was a problem, even with the service bulletin. I was also told it was not a safety issue. It was pretty obvious Toyota's corporate policy on the thing was "hope the customer doesn't notice it before warranty runs out". We did notice it and had it fixed under warranty, but just barely. I thought Toyota was better than this. (?)

16th Sep 2008, 14:55

Bad news for me. I have the same problem, but my car is over the warranty. Does anyone know how much it will cost to fix it?

2004 Toyota Camry LE 4 cylinder from North America


Probably would not buy another Toyota


In response to an earlier posting where person noticed noise with steering.

I have noise in my steering and was discussing it with a friend and they said they knew someone with a 2003 Camry and had same problem.

Toyota diagnosed it as steering shaft problem.

I took mine in and Toyota diagnosed same problem.

My car just went out of warranty, but they said they'd fix it for $170 (normal repair they said was over $500).

I called headquarters and learned they issued a technical service bulletin on Camry for this very problem.

They said it was not a safety issue, therefore, they would not recall the cars.

Dealer told me if I didn't have it fixed that my steering would eventually lock up.

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Review Date: 5th January, 2007

5th Jan 2007, 22:16

Welcome to the REAL world. Sorry you got taken in by the ad hype. Toyota quality went down the tube decades ago.

6th Jan 2007, 14:51

Sorry you got taken in by Toyota. Unfortunately Japanese auto makers are not required to issue recalls for such dangerous issues as steering and brake problems, so the owners get stuck with the bill (if they aren't killed first!!). If you browse thru the various Toyota sites you'll see comments and references to the NUMEROUS major safety issues Toyota owners are faced with, as well as the less dangerous problems with transmissions, paint flaking off after a year, engines failing at 34,000 miles and numerous other problems too numerous to mention. Why anyone would pay 5 or 6 grand more for one of these death traps than for a much safer and far more reliable Ford, GM or Chrysler product (as well as keeping American money in American hands) is beyond me.

2004 Toyota Camry LX from North America


I love my Camry


Virtually nothing.

General Comments:

This is my third Camry, and I find fault with the rear bumper finish. The paint is peeling off like the shell of a hard boiled egg. My dealer gave me a quote to fix it of approx. $300.00, which is fine, but I can't see where it won't happen again. If my next Camry has not addressed the problem, I may have purchased my last Camry. I still think it was the best value for the money at the time.

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Review Date: 26th September, 2005

8th Dec 2010, 11:47

I mean no disrespect, and although it is a pain to have paint peeling off your car, it is no reason to say "if it doesn't change, it's my last Camry" or whatever you said. Get it repainted by a place with quality paint. The engine that will last 300,000 miles will make up for it.

2004 Toyota Camry SE 2.4 from North America


Bad experience. If you're thinking to buy Camry, please go buy another car!!


Rattle noise all around my car since the first day I own it.

General Comments:

I am so upset to buy the Carmy 2004 SE since June 2004. At the first, you couldn't believe that the door locks are all loose. I brought back for services 3 times in order to fix it tight with no noise. Second, it brings me a rattle noise from my driver side door everyday. It is a plain. The tech states that it is normal from Toyota nowsadays. Unacceptable = (

Toyota does not care the quality anymore.

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Review Date: 5th October, 2004

15th Mar 2005, 18:44

From what I've read, there seems to be lemon everywhere. Guess I was just luck to have been driving my 04 Camry LE for 1 year without any problem. Rattle a little, yes. But not continuously. Only from time to time. For a 4 cylinder, at $17k+, it really exceeded my expectation by a big margin. The car handles slope and mountain roads with no problem. The gas mileage is decent too. No complaints. It's not sporty for sure. But you got what you paid for. I tested a new 05 Accord this year, it seriously rattles, much to my surprise. The car feels loose. And it's brand new. Watch out for the lemons, it's everywhere...