7th Jan 2007, 13:34

Where is the rock solid proof??? Just say they are the best and the big 3 suck does not address the following air bag safety in an accident, accelerator linkage sticking, transmission and brake failures... and spend more? Why not spend the same get more options and a longer factory warranty with a domestic mfr. Answer why the above quality issues are the best before you jump on the domestics... I would expect perfection if I am supplying the words "Rock Solid" Add on top of that a worse ride, spartan interior, less power/poor performance and you will buy a domestic on those merits alone. I cannot see why all the enthusiasm... you will save a few bucks on gas and get to point A to B with few creature comforts or any amount of inspired performance or handling. It saddens the imagination. In my opinion if fuel prices drop to a realistic level we will see a complete realistic turnaround across the board on vehicle purchases. I feel that the majority of vehicle owners would prefer more midsize vehicles, SUV's etc instead of being crammed in little econo vehicles. For the time being fuel is high and it is a factor... I believe the quality of my new domestic exceeds the one of my last import. I've had both and I am comparing 2000 and a 2002...not older imports that were made in Japan at the time. If you do not believe my comments read Consumer Reports on Honda and Toyota and see 2000 and before had a lot less mechanical issues.

7th Jan 2007, 17:17

Why did the Big Three dominate the USA for so long? And your god like Toyota company is only now becoming competition?

Ignoring the past does nothing for your arguement.

7th Jan 2007, 17:24

'I mean, if domestic vehicles are the end all, be all, why isn't every American buying one?'

It's simple, there are a lot of people like you that buy into the Toyota ad hype and are completely taken in by this absurd assumption that just because a car is built in Japan, its better! Frankly I find it funny, especially since our American cars are very reliable and were less expensive then your over-hyped Toyota, and therefore we have more money in the bank for home improvements, et cetera!

8th Jan 2007, 01:55

Statistics show that Toyota is still number one in quality, but the difference is getting smaller compared to most other manufacturers. Also the cars are getting more complex, life cycles are shorter and Toyota has been through an heavy international expansion, building plants everywhere. All this lead to poorer Toyota products. Ford, GM etc have been getting their asses kicked and have improved their quality dramatically the last decade or so. Hence the quality gap is smaller than it used to be, and I would not buy a Toyota product on quality considerations alone. But the Toyota dealers are fantastic (usually) on fixing problems on customers cars. I know several people that have had problems on their Toyota where these issues have been fixed be dealers without a fuzz. It's when the dealers start to run away from their responsibilities that a car manufacturer start to get into trouble. Manufacturers like Ford that spewed out junk cars in the eighties and part of the nineties, at the same time running away from any claim, should learn from Toyota. If you let out junk cars, you at least have to take responsibility. Toyota know this.

GM, Ford, DC are suffering from past sins and they deserve it.

8th Jan 2007, 10:11

Wish you people would actually do some research before posting.

The Camry is designed, engineered, built, sold, and bought IN AMERICA by AMERICANS. It is MORE American that MANY of these so-called domestics (Crown Vic, LaCrosse, PT Cruiser, Fusion, etc) you people are saying will "save American jobs"

And still wondering how American cars are "more reliable" since EVERY import, Japanese or German, I've owned has been 100% more reliable than the American crap I had, including my 2000 Ford Focus.

Americans buy American cars because they are CHEAPER and no other reason. I see this in the mid west when I visit relatives. There are Korean cars everywhere because they are CHEAP.