25th Jul 2007, 17:30

11:22 No I didn't know the Daimler or Dodge, or Chrysler, or whatever was an 'American' company again. Just like that, huh, in a day? Well, I'm sure I'll have a lot more faith in Dodge knowing that they changed ownership AGAIN. Guess I'll have to read the newspaper daily to know who owns Dodge now, maybe it'll be China next week.

Yeah 8/10ths of American autoworkers are still employed by the little 2 (GM and Ford), but still, you miss the point. This number is just leftover statistics from 40 years ago. Look at TODAY'S trends. They are selling out. More and more made overseas, GM workers being asked to leave or pushed out the door, plants closing, vehicles being discontinued, etc. Bad news for American autoworkers every day.

Ford is a joke. They're lucky to still even be in business after losing multi BILLIONS of dollars. You know I'm right. Everything I stated is hard fact. Toyota is on the way up, GM and Ford are on the way down, just as they both deserve.

26th Jul 2007, 06:13

I'd wait and save another 8-9k and buy a loaded GM...100,000 mile warranty, better perfrormance and features throughout. 36,000 mile warranty isn't enough... underpowered and plain.

26th Jul 2007, 15:34

When I bought my 1999 Honda Accord in 2004, they gave me a free 100,000 mile warranty through Honda. They replaced the brakes and the battery as well as all the fluids.

What is that guy talking about saving up money to buy a GM? Well he must be losing out on deals on GM, Fords, and Chrysler. I see things like Trailblazers for like 10k-14k off original price for a new one. There is no need to save up an extra 8-9k on a mediocre car. Sorry.

And my car now is ticking at 160,000 miles on the original transmission and its the V6. It's going to have 200,000 miles in no time, and it will still be better than any Ford or GM.

My dad was once a GM only guy, but once he saw how my 1994 Honda ran just as well as a GM car at 60,000 miles when I had 260k on it, he became a Honda man.

26th Jul 2007, 15:44

I will list some domestic cars that have proved to be poor over the years or that are built crappy. Here are the top ten of about 250 domestic models. This is for the nineties.

1. Chevrolet Cavalier.

2. Dodge Neon.

3. Buick Skylark.

4. Oldmobile Achieva.

5. Olds Cutlass.

6. Chevrolet Astro.

7. Ford Tempo.

8 Ford Contour.

9. Dodge Stratus

10. Chevrolet Malibu.

HMMM. I wish I could write them all because they are built so poorly. The domestic crowd seems just pleased if they can get something that is built poorly to 200,000 miles. Well I have heard stories of people with things like Yugo's with 200k. So what does that mean? It means that people will drive anything that will get them anywhere.

Most domestic owners do not seem to care their vehicles are built from some of the cheapest materials, and have the most rusty sounding engines. I had an LT1 Impala SS that I bought from an older couple, and it had a rod knock. Quality, quality, quality. Knocked at 60,000 miles and never abused.

26th Jul 2007, 16:22

GM has to offer a 100,000 mile warranty because of their terrible (and accurate) reputation for making cheap, low quality vehicles.

Toyota doesn't have to give a 100,000 mile warranty because of their well earned reputation for making high quality vehicles.

If GM and Toyota both offered a 36,000 miles warranty, nobody in their right mind would buy a GM, hence GM's need to offer a much longer warranty.

The funny part is, the 100,000 warranty still isn't enough to convince people to buy GM's, which is why Toyota is outselling them badly. A Toyota is still like new at 100,000 miles. What happens with your GM when you get past 100,000? You're stuck with a piece of junk with an engine that's about worn out, or will be in the next few years.

And don't even attempt to say Toyota has a lot of problems. They sure as heck don't when compared to GM and Ford.

The 100,000 mile warranty is a sales ploy that GM uses to try and sell junk to people who are misinformed enough to buy into it! What new car, of any make, won't get to 100,000? This isn't 1972 anymore; with today's technology, 100,000 miles on a vehicle is practically guaranteed. Toyota's are usually just comfortably broken in at that point. So, do you want to buy a good car, or a piece of junk with a useless warranty?

26th Jul 2007, 16:46

I feel very sorry for you being forced to drive this car. If I had to drive a Camry for work, I would be looking for another job.

27th Jul 2007, 13:26

My cousin works for the Government and has to drive a Taurus. He is always complaining on how bad the car is. It is dumb that someone would get a new job because they had to drive a nicely built Toyota. What, are you happy to drive a Grand Prix? That is among the worst car according to Consumer Reports. It has a score of 56 compared to Toyotas near 90 rating. I am not stupid. I will take the Camry... or better yet an Accord.

27th Jul 2007, 14:26

To 13:26.

Really the Grand Prix is unreliable? Take a look at the JD Power website and you'll see that they give its mechanicals its top rating. The Oshawa, Ontario plant it is produced at is the best in the industry.

27th Jul 2007, 16:55

I suspect the reason Toyota does not match GM's warranty is because Toyota dealers are so busy responding to the almost daily Toyota recalls, there is no time left for warranty repairs!!!

Also, a previous poster mentioned Toyota outsells GM... In the US, GM remains the largest seller... check your facts next time...

27th Jul 2007, 17:05

I don't trust anything Consumer Reports claims anymore. They are grossly biased toward the Japanese competitors, and don't give domestics a chance. I owned both and I personally love my domestics!

27th Jul 2007, 17:57

Think about why people that work at GM, for example, can't drive Toyota's to work without worrying about other employees damaging them. It's the jealousy of a better car, plain and simple. If you work at GM and drive a rusted out Yugo to work, nobody will touch it. They might say it's a piece of junk and laugh about it, but they won't really pay it any mind. If you drive a Camry to the a GM parking lot though, you take the chance of having it vandalized or even flipped over (it happens a lot, or used to). Jealousy. Plain and simple. Contempt for a better made car. It bothers the employees that you would dare drive something 'foreign' that is BETTER made than a GM.

All of you guys that write these comments attacking Toyota are doing exactly the same thing. If the Toyota's truly were of lesser quality than GM or Ford, people would just ignore them and go on buying GM's and Ford's and not worry about the issue. But everyone knows Toyota's are much better than those two, so it bothers them enough to get angry about it.

How many of the new comments on this site every week are in the 'Toyota' section of the site. A lot. Please, keep writing them. Each of these non-factual comments proves my point further and gets Toyota's name mentioned more and more often, which is obviously increasing their sales. Thanks.