6th Jul 2011, 09:26

Oh, and I'm sure this will be followed up by more claims - like the infamous "sagging frame" issue that gets brought up on this site over and over.

Sorry - but Toyota quality DID NOT decline, they still make the world's best automobiles, and I along with the many who have had nearly flawless performance from their products will continue to buy them.

6th Jul 2011, 14:33

Again, nobody is asking you to change. Also, the quality DID decline, I know this from experience.

6th Jul 2011, 16:17

I'm not so sure about sagging frames, but I can tell you right now that the sagging exhaust is an absolute issue. Every time I am driving behind a Toyota, I do notice (not on all, but quite a few) models including the Camry, Solara, Avalon, Corolla, Lexus ES series and even Rav 4, the exhaust is hanging very low. Like I said, not all, but quite a few. Therefore if some sag and some don't, I would say there is a problem and not a "claim".

7th Jul 2011, 11:13

I have NEVER seen a sagging exhaust pipe on any newer Toyotas, and trust me - as someone who lives in California where Toyotas sell extremely well, I see a huge amount of them on the freeway every single day.

The comments about Toyotas somehow magically declining in quality is in my opinion yet another attempt to discredit their hard-earned reputation for building reliable vehicles... that somehow back in the "old days" they built great cars and now they don't - which is an awfully convenient claim.

All I can say is that we own Toyotas that range the full spectrum in age. The oldest is 16 year old. The newest is from 2005. The experience has been the same as expected: no major problems. The 16 year old Toyota now has around 250,000 miles, and so far the miles hasn't affected it in the least. Everything is still tight, the engine has factory-spec compression... even the paint still looks like new.

My Brother has an Avalon with close to 300,000 miles. He has more or less abused the car, seldom changes the oil, transmission fluid or coolant, and even so it still runs just fine. The newest car is no different. It does its job and is entirely reliable. Thus why I and many others stand by their products, and can easily refute any claims that they are somehow faulty products.

8th Jul 2011, 07:46

Yes, the 250,000 MI Tacoma, and the 300,000 MI Avalon, we have read about this a million times already. That is your experience, that doesn't mean it can happen to everybody. I really don't think other owners are going to make up bogus claims and stories. Face it, Toyota along with every other brand has its issues.

8th Jul 2011, 13:34

Toyota corrected the sagging exhaust issue in the 2007 model, however I have never seen a 2004-2006 Camry that did NOT have the exhaust nearly dragging on the ground. Just yesterday driving home on the freeway, I saw three Camrys, all of which had the exhaust hanging about an inch off the ground. This is a well-documented problem caused by not using a bracket to properly support the exhaust. Although most noticeable on Camry, it is also present on other Toyota models.

And to argue that Toyota quality has not declined, flies in the face of facts. Over 22 million recalled vehicles does not speak well for quality. Three Grand Jury subpoenas in one year for questionable conduct regarding their customers is hardly a sound endorsement either.