29th Oct 2009, 17:26

"Gee, I guess that's why Ford's Fusion has topped Accord in reliability for the past 3 years."

Once again, that's great for Ford. But my personal experiences with Ford have NOT been so great. What's so hard to understand about that? I'm not saying that Ford isn't at the top spot right now. I'm saying that the Ford's I've owned have been JUNK. Perhaps I got lemons, but I won't be buying a Ford again.

29th Oct 2009, 18:54

My American made Corvette was manufactured in Kentucky as well with no check mailed overseas. The engineering research and development profits can remain in America.

29th Oct 2009, 21:46

"It is US Corporations who are putting these people out of work. It is NOT the Toyota or Honda owner."

Oh really. Just how does sending your money out of the country and supporting a foreign economy NOT put our citizens out of work? I'd love to see a logical answer to that question.

29th Oct 2009, 21:53

"Gee, I thought it was like 10% to 90%."

The actual figures are 10% (roughly, at this point) of ALL U.S. auto-related jobs are held by people working for ALL Japanese brands combined (not just Toyota and Honda). The figure of 4% for Toyota is probably actually on the HIGH side. It is probably more like 2-3% of U.S. citizens that benefit from people buying a Toyota. A tiny handful of people in Kentucky may draw a salary from Toyota. While 2 of them are getting by, you are endangering the jobs of more than 90-100 loyal American workers. It's sad that no one seems to care.

30th Oct 2009, 08:41

And yet everyone dodges the truth of Ford and GM outsourcing much of their factory work to Canada and Mexico, once again.

Please explain to me how beneficial it is to buy a Mexican built Fusion over a U.S. built Toyota? How does that benefit the jobs of "loyal American workers"?? I keep asking this question... funny how people avoid it because there is no argument for it... and no excuse other than Ford and GM being interested in their own profits even more than they are interested in keeping their own U.S. workers employed.

Sorry, but at least Honda and Toyota aren't pretending to be the great American companies that help out every hard working American... and then send their labor jobs to foreign countries!! Give me a break!!

31st Oct 2009, 18:38

Okay, I'll explain (for probably the hundredth time, at least). The U.S. auto industry employs 90% of ALL auto-related workers in the U.S., REGARDLESS of some outsourcing. Japanese car makers (all of them COMBINED) contribute to just TEN PERCENT of those jobs. Now, why is it so hard for anyone to understand that helping NINETY PERCENT of our citizens beats helping TEN PERCENT??? Where is the sanity in arguing otherwise? University studies, prominent economists and recently the excellent CNN special on buying American have explained this over and over, as have countless commenters on this site. Can no one read? it is like trying to communicate with a brick. The power of ad hype and millions in Japanese car advertising budgets STILL continues to confuse and mislead car buyers. Not only that, but it is now a cold, hard fact that Japanese brands are of lower quality than domestic vehicles. Should we start posting our comments in Japanese to get import fans to read them?

1st Nov 2009, 08:57

Because of what, the Ford Fusion and the Buick line-up? That's only one vehicle class, the Japanese brands beat the domestics in every other vehicle class.

1st Nov 2009, 10:24

So it's okay to you that Ford and GM are only shafting a certain number of people with their outsourcing as long as they are not hurting you? The old "ends justifies the means" argument. That's fine with me, but just don't say you are patriotic by supporting 100% U.S. industry... because you are NOT. Ford, GM and Chrysler are about as patriotic and 100% domestic as Honda.

Did your "excellent" CNN go over how they have mixed and matched parts from Toyota, Mazda, Honda, etc. over the past 20+ years? What is so patriotic about that? You seem to be really on the bandwagon for companies that really didn't care enough about this country to operate intelligently and efficiently, which would have kept them viable and thriving instead of looking for handouts. Yes, Ford is better than GM and Chrysler for not using tax money... but they did go on the trip to Washington, in their corporate jet to seek help in case they needed it didn't they?

You are a proponent for the end of the U.S. by supporting this kind of business. People are so "doomsday" over the end of the auto industry. Please... there are many rich investors willing to pick up where the business would have ended. Look at Saturn and Hummer. They got bought up immediately as would the rest of the industry. In short, they wouldn't have been allowed to fail but would have morphed into smaller, leaner companies. The trouble is everyone in this country is afraid of change... even when it is greatly needed and they fight tooth and nail over patriotism and such issues because someone doesn't agree with their point of view. Do I want to see things fail in the U.S.? Of course not... Am I an import lover... well I drive a Ford so... I'm just not confused by propaganda is all.

1st Nov 2009, 10:32

It also keeps more of our engineers research and development teams in America employed. Japan can buy all our cars they wish to better our economy. I am glad GM high quality vehicles are selling well overseas.

1st Nov 2009, 21:08

Hardly. Nissan is notorious for building unreliable vehicles (such as the laughable Titan and Armada). So is Mitsubishi. Toyota is now ranked "average" in reliability (lower than most domestics) and Honda/Acura is now famous for its "transmission of the month club". The SUV's with the WORST resale value last year were the Nissan Armada and the Toyota Sequoia. The best was GM. Maybe at one time Japan built a handful of decent vehicles. Not lately.

2nd Nov 2009, 18:05

As a therapist, it amazes me how ad hype can so totally brainwash people. To think that buying a Toyota or Honda (or Saab or Mercedes for that matter) DOESN'T harm our country's economy is just mind-boggling. It is almost as if they are in some sort of hypnotic trance. Even all the current data clearly indicating that both Ford and GM build better cars is just brushed aside. Prominent economists, university studies and CNN's wonderful show about the (obvious) benefits of buying from U.S. industries just goes in one ear and out the other. Either that or many of our citizens really DON'T care about hurting their friends, families and neighgbors.

3rd Nov 2009, 13:33

My teen is so enamored over his first car, a Civic. He has nothing to compare it to. I bought it yet I cannot stand it. It rides hard, the seats are terrible parts, especially the EX tires are high. It starts and runs and is not too powerful. The point is some have limited ownership exposure basic models, and yet think they know all there is. I have owned many in 40 years of driving and continually learn the newest performers drivetrains etc, and I buy not armchair critique with limited ownership instances.