30th Dec 2012, 16:35

Original Reviewer.

My Camry is now at about 97,000 miles. Still haven't had any problems. I haven't gotten my 90K service yet either! But I've made an appointment for it to get a 100K. It's close enough to that mileage anyway.

With my son now a Toyota technician at a dealership, he has full access to all things Toyota. We knew about the window switch recall before the news got to it. Thankfully, my Camry was not affected by the faulty switches. I did however receive a recall notice for the sun visor not staying in place. Apparently the clips can wear out allowing the sun visor to slowly drop down. This hasn't happened in my car either, my sun visor works just fine!

Will be needing a set of tires soon. But I'm not complaining, I'll have gotten close to 80,000 miles out of this set and they haven't been rotated since replacing the flat tire since it went on the rear of the car due to the other tires being significantly more worn than the new tire (could have caused differential and steering problems had it been mounted up front according to my son).

Also according to my son, the original brake pads are only worn about 45-50%. At this rate, I'll have to change the original pads at around 200,000 miles. Yeah, I have no complaints with this car.

16th Aug 2013, 19:59

Original Reviewer

My Camry is now just under 125,000 miles and still going strong. No real problems to report, just expected maintenance items.

At about 105,000 it was time for a new set of tires. Opted for a set of General Altimax HP's, which I love. It's never ridden better or been more quiet than it is with these tires.

Didn't do another thing to it until 120,000 (except oil changes of course). At 120,000 the water pump and coolant were replaced along with the serpentine belt and spark plugs. Gas mileage remains around 34-35 MPG.

I started to hear a very slight squealing noise at around 118,000. The rear brake pads fell victim to a common issue on my model year Camry, in which the pads freeze up a bit in the calipers. Ended up wearing the pads a bit prematurely. Had the rear pads and rotors replaced at 120,000 miles. The front rotors were machined due to a slight pedal pulsation, but the pads are still only about 50% worn.

I'm very pleased with my Camry. At 120,000 miles I expected more issues to crop up. And really, I've done nothing but expected maintenance items. It also helps when your son is a certified Toyota technician. Repair costs are limited to parts cost only.

Now that everything is like new again, I'm ready for another 120,000!

17th Aug 2013, 09:29

Sounds to me that your certified Toyota tech. son is writing all the updates on all 4 of the cars in your family.

17th Aug 2013, 14:51

I wish I would have gotten 125,000 miles out of my 2009 Camry (posted on this website).

The car was purchased brand new. By the time it had 60,000 miles, it was traded in. Peeling paint, cheap interior, lifter tap, A/C problems and much more were enough for me.

21st Aug 2013, 11:54

Try putting an electric free standing car lift kit in your garage and see family members clamor to use it. We did 4 oil changes one Saturday. And then I have to dispose of the old oil.