1st Jun 2015, 19:15

A mid 50s Mercury 4 door at a show is not even close to vintage Mustangs. My beeline is to the 60s Fastbacks and Shelby GT350 and GT500, Boss 302, 428 Cobra Jets, Hertz Models, 60s early 70s. Amazing Mustangs. Driving a late model 6 is not even close. If these cars bore you, it's a shame. I see the racing heritage and pedigree on pieces of American automotive history. The Mustang was a sensation when first introduced. People were glued to closed showroom windows to get a first look in their cities. It's been highly popular ever since. A true milestone car. Even the 50s T Birds have dropped a lot lately. Up to 1970 has been my favorites, especially Fastbacks. They are very hot.

2nd Jun 2015, 00:18

Retire at 45. May likely live to 90. Can't touch your 401k without penalty til 59 1/2. Social security not in sight til 62. Full insurance on your own. No Medicare til 65. Likely no pension. I would not expect a wife to work if applicable while I kick back. Live in one of the most expensive states in the country. I think I would sell my cars and take a public bus. And strongly reconsider keeping my day job. Good luck.

2nd Jun 2015, 14:01

Here's the part I do not get. Why would someone commute 80 miles a day? The first reason is people typically work 8 hours a day. The commute adds 2 more hours of unpaid time. In addition I consider that time work, like it or not. So you work 10 hour days. If there is an accident or a late Friday, add on more time. Or hit a happy hour for a couple more hours to burn off. You then buy a dedicated vehicle and put many, many miles on it. There are wear and tear items likes tires and depreciation. The cars can't be that comfortable on long trips. Your head hitting the back glass if you are a taller driver. And plugging in every 35 miles or so.

I like freedom of movement with fuel. I may take a 10 minute ride or be out a couple of hours. I understand half of these cars are sold in California. Expressways for decades have smog issues and even cars years ago had special emission requirements for that state. I work 10 minutes from my job. I can drive an old car or a modern horrible MPG vehicle. Right now gas prices are low. But if they go up, many used luxury cars are quite a deal. I can even shoot home mid day for lunch, and say hello to my kids who are off for the summer etc. At 4:45 PM I am home. If I had to move or relocate, it would be worthwhile vs 2 plus hours every single day in start stop traffic. I am not tired at work, and get home and spend the quality time I would rather have with my family. I go to the beach and/or north to the mountains on most weekends. That's my 1-2 hour commute on many weekends. But that's fun driving in a real comfortable roomy vehicle that takes us anywhere. Makes it up the mountain elevations and plenty of driving distance with a full fuel tank. Modern cars also have much lower emissions today and have cats. Many areas are not congested, and I don't see plugging in and burning up the savings eating at a restaurant while it's charging. Maybe we can take 3 of them on a family vacation!

3rd Jun 2015, 17:27

In regards to my Mercury, I've owned it for 13 years, and yes - it always gets way more attention than a Mustang, simply because while someone could walk to a typical car show and see literally 100s of the same model Mustang over and over again, chances are my model Mercury is the only one in the whole show. I've setup next to a few Mustangs before, and people simply walk by that and up to mine. It's human nature to be more curious about what they don't see on an everyday basis.

"Here's the part I do not get. Why would someone commute 80 miles a day?"

Answer: Because I get paid fairly well, and as mentioned intend to retire earlier. So it's either commute on a long commute for a number of years OR commute a shorter distance and work for years longer. I choose.... Option A.

"And plugging in every 35 miles or so."

"I like freedom of movement with fuel. I may take a 10 minute ride or be out a couple of hours."

Let me reiterate once more this, not only for the sake of this conversation, but for others who still don't seem to understand fully how cars like the Volt work. It's not just an EV or a simple hybrid. It is a series hybrid. It has a 40 mile range battery AND a conventional gas engine that only comes on once the battery drains. Once the battery drains, there is still another 375 miles worth of gas in the tank. The battery is there for the 90% of the time the car is used to go back and forth to work, and thus where the majority of gas is used on most cars. Given the drastically lower cost of electricity over gas, this is a significant cost savings. BUT on the other hand, if I want to go on a weekend trip, I can do so and the car simply works exactly like any other conventionally powered gas car. It's that simple.

Plugging in isn't rocket science. If you've ever plugged in a vacuum cleaner, toaster or lamp, then that's what is required for my car. I simply pull up to either the house or the office parking stall, get out, plug in the car to an ordinary outlet, and go on my merry way.

3rd Jun 2015, 19:07

My wife and I make high incomes close to work and drive luxury cars. The cars keep the mileage off, and less wear and tear into the shop. My wife works full time and less than 20 minutes away. We could retire, but see the financial rewards remaining past 45. We stepped up with a home close by to our workplaces in a quiet neighborhood. Add up the 401k growth and pension growth; it's a no brainer. If I could do a Roth I would. If you have a 401k and are under 45, it's stocked with penalties just to do the 4 percent a year replenish average. If your health is good and you have high pay, why walk? I still don't see the real cost quality of life driving 2 hours a day. It would age me out before my time just to save 250 or so a month. I'd rather drive a nice luxury car and relax.

30th Jun 2015, 13:03

I just bought the 2015 Camry XSE V6 model, and I have to disagree with your comment big time! The dealership here in Philadelphia Pennsylvania was urging me to get the XSE model for its combination of power and class. The seats are so comfortable. I will be keeping mine forever!

30th Jun 2015, 23:18

Even after reading your comment three times, slowly, I cannot work out exactly what point you are trying to make.