8th Jan 2007, 13:40

Just goes to show what proper maintenence and attention can do for a vehicle, and what a properly maintained vehicle can do for you. The Toyota badge doesn't hurt either :)

20th Oct 2007, 09:18

My 1996 Camry has 370,500 miles (original motor and transmission). I believe the secret to it's success is consistent oil changes and regular maintenance. Sure, the car needs a paint job and my passenger side door handle broke last week (good to hear I can replace it myself), but I'm not ready to part with her just yet...

21st Oct 2007, 08:47

Do you do your own oil changes? If so, have you stuck to one particular brand? Every 3000 miles?

23rd May 2008, 19:01

That is too funny. Word for word everything that has been said has come true and to the km. Right now my Camry holds a current record of 375000 km and yes my driver's door handle broke off just this winter. lol. But seriously, big deal. It may look a little worn around the edges but I would not be surprised to see it go another 200000km. Of all the cars that I've driven this has hardly cost me a cent in repairs. When this car dies I will be first in line getting another. Rock on Camry owners. I will be the one waving at all the other poop boxes on the side of the road while I drive by in cop like cruiser. (It's white by the way)

9th Apr 2010, 18:11

About your hip problem, get a good chiropractor to fix it! Just like vehicles, our body needs maintenance too!

7th Mar 2011, 18:18

My 96 Camry was given to me from my parents and they purchased it new. They replaced the tranny at 125000, timing belt 3 times by 100000 miles, motor mounts, exhaust problems, door handles 3 times. The paint is destroyed from nothing considering it sits in a garage, and numerous leaks have been fixed. Now there are more starting and to top it all off the tranny is starting to slip again! Those are most of the problems but there are plenty I can't think of.

I am not here to talk smack about this car. I know these are good cars, but this was the biggest lemon my family has ever purchased and they serviced it at all times through the Toyota dealer.

Good luck.

27th Mar 2011, 01:52

Seems like the dealership took your parents on a ride with unnecessary replacement of timing belts. You could take auto mechanics class to help your parents learn about cars.