1996 Toyota Camry LE 4.0 Cylinder from North America


Best friend I have


The antenna quit going up and down at 110,000 miles. I had the electric wire cut and now I raise it manually.

I replaced the timing belt every 90,000 to 100,000 miles. (preventative maintenance)

Trip odometer quit at about 150,000.

I had to have some seals and tie rods replaced at about 190,000 miles.

The paint wore off the windshield wipers at 190,000 but black spray paint works great.

At about 200,000 I started having trouble getting it to go out of park. The dealership told me about a secret trick where you stick a screwdriver in the little slot above the shifter to release it. This trick worked great for about 4 months, then the problem just went away!!!

At about 250,000 tie rods again and motor mount replaced and seals. Also a water pump around this time. It never broke down, it just started making little noises and I knew it needed attention.

At 350,000 miles the radiator started steaming with a small crack on top. I had this replaced for about $450.

The exterior door handle on drivers side broke at 365,000. I was able to purchase an unpainted one for $26 and have it painted and installed for $69.

At 370,000, the pin stripes started to peel so I replaced them my self for $23.00 (first time ever. looked great)

The hood is now starting to weather some, but a good coat of wax really helped.

General Comments:

The seat is a little uncomfortable, but I drive 3 hours a day. I started having problems with my right hip.

Everything else still works. Sunroof, stereo, ratio, CD. cruise control.

The car has been very reliable. Gas mileage has declined over time, but still reasonable. It started using 1/2 quart oil after 250,000.

It feels like one of the family. I can't imagine selling it. It still runs smoothly and quietly and I expect another 200,000 miles... at least. :)

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Review Date: 21st July, 2005

6th May 2006, 09:38

Wow it would be amazing if my Camry lasts over 300,000 miles. I currently have 120,000 miles on it and it runs brand new. Nothing is mechanically wrong with it. Gas mileage kind of stinks and acceleration is poor, but other than that this car is a dream come true.

1996 Toyota Camry Xle V6 from North America


Great car, but no power



General Comments:

This car has no power. I thought getting the V6 I would have more power I was wrong. The cars miles are super low. They are low cause I went out and bought a Lexus right after the Camry. I'm not sure I will buy another Toyota. Lexus is another story I now own 4. They are amazing cars. If you can't afford a Lexus go with a Toyota you will be happy, but once you drive a Lexus you can't go back.

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Review Date: 7th May, 2005

2nd Aug 2005, 15:12

I am not trying to criticize your review, but the Camry V6 comes right out of the Lexus ES300. Lexus and Toyota are basically one company, just like Acura is Honda. I have to sell my Acura for tuition payments, I think I will carefully consider the Camry V6.

13th Sep 2011, 19:28

The Camry has a faster 0-60 and quarter mile time than the Lexus ES300. Driven both, and it feels about the same. In fact the Lexus was a '99 and the Camry a '96.

1996 Toyota Camry LE 2.2 from Dominican Republic


The best car in the world


The radiator blew at about 70,000 miles, as well as the water pump, but it wasn't the car's fault since a valve had to be replaced and hadn't been taken care of.

Nothing else has gone wrong with it.

General Comments:

It is a great car, one of the most comfortable cars I have ever got into. The seats are great, very confortable, and provide very good support.

The engine is good and has good delivery, especially for a 4 cylinder car.

It is the best car ever, super comfortable, long lasting, low maintenance, and good fuel economy. It is very roomy, the audio sounds great, has good handling (could be better, but is quite good). It is also quiet, and feels very good (handles well and cruises comfortably) on highways.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2005

19th Jan 2006, 07:05

What would be your view of the greatest car in the world, please don't say anything with the words, chevy, ford or chrysler in it and I might agree with u.

14th Dec 2007, 22:37

The Mk-III Camry's are, for the money, very very good cars indeed.

28th Nov 2010, 19:33

My 1996 Camry shows 346000KM original engine. Changed two hom. joints and brakes, and reg stuff...

This is my second Camry, I sold the 1989 in 2004 to a friend, with 285000km.

If this is not the best car in the world, what is???

I drive hard and fast, I'm 43, I had my first at 29 years old and drove it like a sports car...