1996 Toyota Camry DX I4 from North America


I highly recommend a '94-'96 Camry


Lots of engine gasket leaks, distributor o-ring, oil pan gasket, oil pump gasket, valve cover gasket.

The taillight relay went bad.

Had to replace the radiator.

So far that's all, but runs well and looks good.

General Comments:

Bought it used, didn't have a mech. check it out first--BIG mistake--as you should for any car.

I can still recommend buying one of these, as I am a huge Toyota fan.

My family has owned 8 of them!

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Review Date: 24th November, 2007

1996 Toyota Camry LE V6 3.0 from North America


I'm ready for another one.


Driver side CV joint went out at 142,000 miles.

It leaks power steering fluid.

General Comments:

I bought this car in October of 2005 because I had a baby and my other car was a lifted Jeep Cherokee. Since then the only work I have had to do was have the CV joints replaced. I paid $6000.00 for it with 132,000 miles. I gave the car a tune up when I bought it and have not had to do any other repairs.

I now have over 175,000 miles on the car and this thing runs strong. This car has no problem getting up to eighty miles per hour and can still go. It has the V6 3.0L engine which gets me around 23mpg on average.

The paint is still glossy and the interior is in good shape. The only interior problem is the temperature knob sometimes falls off. I am 6'3", 280lbs and fit comfortably in the front seat when it is all the way back. The rear seats do not have much room for my daughters car seat and with another one on the way I am going to have to scoot my seat up.

I read reviews where they state the transmission on this vehicle has problems but mine shifts smooth. I like this car but it appears the person who had it before me did not take such great care of it.

I would definately buy a Camry again but I think next time I will buy the new Hybrid Camry if I can afford it.

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Review Date: 27th October, 2007

1996 Toyota Camry LE 2.2 from North America


My first Camry and won't be my last


Only problems that I have had are normal maintenance issues. I had to replace the two front tires about a month ago. The car is in need of a set of front brake pads (20 dollars at the parts store). I did have an accident in the car. It did very well in the accident and I did the repairs myself. The cost of the parts was very cheap on Ebay. All in all I love this car because I got it at a really good price with very low miles. I plan on keeping it well past 100k miles.

General Comments:

This is a very easy to drive and comfortable car.

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Review Date: 29th June, 2007

29th Jun 2007, 16:45

Just wait another year... if your luck was like mine, it will be your last Toyota. I also owned a 96 and had so many problems I traded it in on a 2003 Impala and have not had a single problem with the Chevy to date! Next time use a little foresight and buy a GM or Ford product!

1996 Toyota Camry LE 4 Cilinders from Dominican Republic


Confortable / Reliable


I want to buy a Camry LE 94, 95 or 96...

I've heard that the car is very reliable due to its heading on mid-long trips and the balance with comfort. But I've heard that they cause problem on oil leakage at this time...

I mean by 1996, the car was new, at 2000, only 5 year operative, personally I would redo the engine seals as a good owner, so I know that I got to look for this topic when I face my candidate, oil seals, and leakage...

I wanted to say that because some people say its wrong, but its normal that seals fail after the 3rd year of ops, and they last 5 or 6... Today in 2007, after 11 years, its fair to let em leak a bit, all you have to do is give it maintenance...

General Comments:

OK, today, june 2007, I want to buy a Camry LE 94,95 or 96.

What should I lock for besides leakage?

In fact this car is so reliable that its been a little difficult for me look and realize what problems the car usually face...

Here in Dominican republic, and some other countries, they put GAS (LPG or GLP) (Propane) instead of normal gasoline to run those cars, and the camry is one of the most wanted here, even when they have been running on propane for several years, the engine seems to be OK anyway, that seems amazing for me... And also they use DUAL hybrid sistem PROPANE-GASOLINE to reduce the fuel consumption, so:

What other problems should I look for on this car? (I've read all reviews, so don't tell me to do it)

Hope to get the best offer and the more convenient one, I'm going to think about your suggestions and itll be important at the time I face those cars in order to buy, I want something in very good conditions, had many headaches with my last car thinking on repairing things... No more!!!

Thanks in advance for attention...

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Review Date: 6th June, 2007