7th Apr 2007, 17:40

14:11 There isn't enough room on this site to list all of the bad practices that GM and Ford especially have used through the years.

If Honda's only issue is the odometers, fine with me. I don't care what the odometer says when the car never breaks down. They still make the best 4-cylinder engine that money can buy, and they build excellent cars around them, too.

But maybe you don't want to research Ford and Chevy for fear of what you'll find out. I'm sure glad I don't own one after reading a lot of recall and safety issues concerning them.

8th Apr 2007, 05:59

I'd rather drive a safer full size domestic vehicle less than 5 miles to work than an import 50-75 miles each way which many do and I will do more to protect the environment and have less dependence on foreign oil. Justifying a vehicles existence just because it is small with a small motor does not mean they are not driven a lot more and further with much more gas used. The imports I have had also cost a lot to repair and I have not seen that lately with my domestics.

8th Apr 2007, 09:12

That's funny. Millions of Americans, including myself, have had the exact opposite experience.

And if domestics are soooo reliable why would GM offer a 100K mile warranty? And why didn't they in the 1980's or 1990's?

8th Apr 2007, 14:36

20.06 What makes you think I'm a guy or just some guy?

The point I'm making is quite simple really, Honda is as bad as any other brand when it comes to misleading the public. Needless to say, both Toyota and Honda have secrets they want to hide and profits, are what it's all about.

These companies as ruthless as anyone else out there and if you think they're sweet, pink and innocent then be happy and keep on buying a Toyota or Honda. Me, well, I like to make up my own mind, I haven't surrendered to the Asian Mind Melt just yet, I still consider Chevy the best!

8th Apr 2007, 14:43

That's funny I know people who would never buy deathtraps from GM that work at GM. Door mounted seat belts? Poor crush zones (Cavalier especially). Don't come on here and start making things up like the people at these factories won't drive Honda or Toyota cars. I think they should be grateful to have a job in America!! Should they go work in Mexico instead so they can have their Fusion?

8th Apr 2007, 19:38

Well good for you. Now that we know that Toyota and Hondas new vehicles are safer than the American cars in their competing field, no one has to worry about driving them anymore around town and getting killed.

The new Civic is not that small anymore and is even safer than the Ford Fusion (NHTSA)... and the Civic has more safety features than the Crown Vic too... I don't want to start comparing apples to oranges, but if the apple has more zing to it than the orange, you have got to second quess yourself.

8th Apr 2007, 22:55

The big 3 STILL employ 8/10 of all US autoworkers, whether you like it or not! I'll bet you didn't know that your beloved Toyota Prius is built in Japan did you? Wow, buying that really helps our economy!

9th Apr 2007, 08:30

Trying to compare a flimsy, tiny Civic to a Ford Fusion (one of the world's most reliable and best built cars) is like comparing a 1980 Yugo to a Rolls Royce. The Fusion outperforms the tiny Civic in every category.

9th Apr 2007, 08:56

Remind us all again about all the times engineers at Toyota or Honda told their superiors the vehicles they were working on were unsafe and should not be marketing yet the manufacturers did anyway?

Because that's what Ford has done for DECADES with the likes of the Pinto, Bronco II, Explorer, and so on.

9th Apr 2007, 09:24

If imports are so much better why such a short warranty? I may have stayed with Honda. I see the domestics better and better... I had a lot of mechanical issues in under 50,000 miles V6


9th Apr 2007, 10:18

To the commenter who said Honda is up to dirty tricks just as bad as Ford, GM, and Chrysler. Are you comparing deaths because of faulty designs to odometers that have 3.74 % more miles than in truth? I don't think Honda is quite as bad if this is the problem they are suffering with. Honda's transmission problem is not even as bad as most of the things that have hit GM or Ford. What I do not get is how you guys on here like to slander Honda Motor Company in saying that all their cars have odometer problems. Well all five of my Honda's tell the correct mileage--even better than my Buick that rolls its odometer backwards or my Chevrolet that doesn't even have an odometer anymore.

9th Apr 2007, 10:33


If you believe it's the only thing then you just go on believing that. It's okay, we understand.

9th Apr 2007, 10:43

To 17.40

Faulty odometers the only thing! Well, how about Odyssey and Camry transmission failures, I'm know there's others, but why waste the space listing them.

Why people still suffer from the Asian car fallacies is concerning. There is a cure though, it's called GM, Ford & Chrysler. Try one, you'll buy one!

9th Apr 2007, 11:11

<<Should they go work in Mexico instead so they can have their Fusion?>.

They can also go to Korea so they can have their Chevy Aveo, to Canada so they can have their Buick LaCrosse, or to Belgium so they can have their Saturn.

Or they can work in America so they can have their Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Hyundai, or Subaru.

9th Apr 2007, 11:50

At least the Japanese HONOR their warranties. Good luck taking your Malibu in at 90K miles and getting something covered for free.

9th Apr 2007, 13:55

09:24 Why such a short warranty on the imports? Because their cars sell on the merits of being reliable, and having extremely few mechanical issues, while GM MUST offer a long warranty if they want to sell anything because of their reputation of hit and miss reliability.

Toyota drivers are Toyota drivers. They don't generally care about a long warranty, because they know that their last Toyota got 285,000 miles before anything minor even went wrong. GM owners remember when the transmission in their mini-van scattered at 65,000 miles, and have to lean on a warranty, as the cars need them.

9th Apr 2007, 16:24

Wow, that's kind of like saying buggy manufacturers employ 8/10 vehicle workers in 1905. Guess how many jobs were left in 1915?

Sorry, but the Big Three are NOT hiring new workers and are trying desperately to SHED them. Meanwhile, Asian (and some European) manufacturers are hiring US workers like mad. AND the domestic manufacturers are OUTSOURCING more and more of their work.

Funny you bring up the Prius, yet mention NOTHING about the Fusion, LaCrosse, PT Cruiser, Crown Victoria - ALL made without US workers.

9th Apr 2007, 16:31

What do you recommend? Mexican-built Fusion, Korean-built Aveo, Canadian-built LaCrosse, or Belgium-built Saturn?

9th Apr 2007, 16:51

10:43 Yeah, I've owned one of each, and I wanted to push each of them into a lake. That's when I bought my first Toyota, and realized what a mistake it was to ever own anything made by Chevy, Ford, or Dodge.