26th Feb 2007, 11:15

Wow that means my 3 GM's that I have had no issues with especially since 2004...must be light years ahead of Toyota even with that belief. By the way that Q C comment is very inaccurate. I have been a supplier to GM assembly plants with pneumatic and DC electric torque controlled tooling.

26th Feb 2007, 17:33

10:55, so you admit that GM used to suck really bad? Good. Now, if you can just agree that their recent cars LOOK a little better, but still actually suck, then you'll be on your way to Toyota ownership, and you can breathe the free air again. You're half way to the top.

26th Feb 2007, 17:34

How did I contradict myself when one poster says his friends who work at GM plants state the SAME type of things are going on?

You really think some GM lineworker whose job is already in jeopardy is going to pull the cord to cost the company $50K? Not likely, so MORE defects get through.

I've worked in union shops, and there is ZERO incentive to make a better product if the management is telling to make an inferior product. And when management gives you a DISincentive to look for quality issues you ain't gonna look for them.

But the point is moot since GM is offshoring virtually all its production except for large trucks.

27th Feb 2007, 16:22

I totally agree with comment 00:00. NO CAR requires "tune ups" or "adjustments" after leaving the factory. If a Toyota won't run when it comes off the ship, it's because it is a defective piece of crap, not a car that hasn't been "dealer prepped". Putting on wheel covers has NOTHING to do with whether a car runs or not.

1st Mar 2007, 21:52

While we're on the subject of RECALLS...

Oh looky lou, another MAJOR SAFETY RECALL FOR TOYOTA!!!


2nd Mar 2007, 05:29

You "domestic" cheerleaders have no argument left to use, so you just vent your frustrations over the fact that your precious Ford, Chevy, and Dodge are falling apart and being embarrassed a little worse every day by Toyota's success.

Let me tell you what I see and know as fact:

1. Since I switched to Toyota from Ford and Dodge, I've spent zero dollars on repairs, versus probably $3000 on the other last two domestics.

2. Toyota has already surpassed Dodge, and with Ford and Chevy's low quality and recall issues swirling them down the toilet, they will be bankrupt next, or even be bought by Toyota. By the way, Ford has already taken one step in that direction.

3. Toyota has had only a VERY small fraction of recalls in the last 20 years compared to the Big 3, so you can't say that Toyota has a lot of recalls when the company you support has had WAY more.

4. Toyota and Honda have taken turns LEADING the pack by having the best selling cars in the United States for several consecutive years with the Camry and Accord; both rated as the best by any automotive publication worth reading.

5. Toyota will eventually control the truck market also. The F-150 has sold the most trucks so far because until recently your only other choices for a full size truck would be a Chevy (junk) and a Dodge. Watch Tundra and F-150 sales in the next five years. Toyota sales will skyrocket Ford sales will CONTINUE to plummet.

6. The Big 3 constantly borrow technology and FOLLOW Honda and Toyota. Did you not know this? Toyota may collaborate with GM when it comes to truck beds and such, but anytime anything cutting edge comes up, the domestics are following Toyota's lead and asking for help. There are no Toyota's with Ford engines, but Ford has asked for and received help from Toyota on several issues (hybrids for instance) when they can't come up with something that works on their own, which is pretty often.

Toyota follows no one, and their quality is matched by no one. That's a fact. If you don't like them, drive something lesser, because you can't buy anything better.

2nd Mar 2007, 11:13

We realize that Toyota follows in the number 3 spot in the USA...

2nd Mar 2007, 11:21

"You "domestic" cheerleaders have no argument left to use, so you just vent your frustrations over the fact that your precious Ford, Chevy, and Dodge are falling apart and being embarrassed a little worse every day by Toyota's success."

Ha ha! Yes, in a way you are right. I am soooo frustrated that my Dodge has run for so long because I kind of wanted to buy a new vehicle, but really had no justification to do that as long as the Dodge really had nothing wrong with it. Talk about frustrating!

2nd Mar 2007, 12:29

UHH HUH their quality is matched by no one eh? and you say that's a fact? I'm sorry, but that IS NOT A FACT. That is your BIASED OPINION. Did you even look at the video that was put on here? Maybe that will enlighten you about toyotas NEGLECT TO RECALL VEHICLES! As has been stated MANY TIMES BEFORE... THE AMOUNT OF RECALLS ON DOMESTIC VEHICLES ARE FOR COSMETIC AND MINOR GLITCHES, NOT SAFETY RELATED. The camry and accord are no longer "the best buy"; that belongs to the ford fusion for that class mid-sized sedan.

And if Toyota's quality is soooooo wonderful, then explain why 5 out of 7 ships coming into the port have had PROBLEMATIC VEHICLES, I.E. NOT RUNNING AND DYING AND NOT MOVING, while ALL domestic ships have had ZERO PROBLEMS. If a car can't make it 2 miles out of the factory, it's junk.

"truck beds and such" ohhhh by "such" you mean, copying FORD trucks for the new tundra? Nearly everything new on the tundra is a re-make of what's been on the f-150 for years and years and years.

I think you should also know that I was the owner and reviewer of the 2005 sequoia that had the serious electrical problem that Toyota neglected to fix.

And another thing you might also want to know, my Tahoe is doing perfectly fine with no problems.

Yeah, new domestics are real junk and Toyotas are flawless.

Yah right.

2nd Mar 2007, 13:50

Your import case may have had validity prior to 2000...after that I found quite the opposite. Imports were eating me up with mechanical especially transmission woes. Since 2004 I have had no issues with the Silverado especially. Better ride, performance, handling cost to own over 5 years per Edmunds than the Tundra. I just left totally unimpressed with my recent Tundra test drive... if it was a lot less price wise with the options I selected I still would not buy one. I am open minded on imports and domestics... the best one to drive and enjoy driving gets my business every time.

2nd Mar 2007, 13:54

To comment 11:21:

You may get EVEN MORE frustrated if you actually try to wait until you start having trouble with your Dodge before you get another car. After almost a QUARTER OF A MILLION miles I finally (after 15 years) got rid of my Dodge just because I was tired of it. Other than brakes, timing belts, hoses and windshield wipers it had never had a problem. It was STILL running perfectly when I sold it.

I just love it when I read these rants about "your Dodge (or Ford, or Chevy) is going to fall apart" Yeah, I'm sure they will... at about 600,000 miles. I just read a review on a Chevy S-10 with over 490,000 miles on it. Not even the FRAME on a Toyota truck would last that long.