1993 Toyota Corolla DX 1.8 from North America


I love it!


Replaced Alternator at 120,000.

Replaced timing chain at 178,000.

Replaced water pump 200,000.

Power sun roof motor starting to die out at 205,000.

General Comments:

The overall drive is very smooth, but the seat could be a little more comfortable.

I have raced my Corolla against a couple of Honda's around the same year and have beat them several times.

My car still runs great, all I have done is kept up on the oil changes, and its still running with over 200,000 miles on it.

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Review Date: 3rd December, 2004

9th Mar 2005, 15:54

Sorry, the car has a timing belt. not a chain.

2nd Dec 2010, 14:10

Yeah, I was going to point that out. Also to note, these 4a-fe (1.6L) and 7a-fe (1.8L) engines use a "gear slave" or something like that to run both the DOHC's. What it means is that the timing belt does not run both camshafts, only one camshaft (the exhaust I believe) and the other camshaft (intake) is run off of the exhaust cam with the gear that is run by the timing belt. There are a few pictures of this set-up if you look for them.

Also, as far as I've researched, these are NON-INTERFERENCE engines. Meaning that the chances of the valves hitting the pistons upon belt failure is relatively low, not impossible I suppose, just low.

1996 Prizm Auto. 202,000mi. and newly acquired 1994 Prizm Manual 171,000mi.

1993 Toyota Corolla LX 2.0 from North America


This car is awesome and if you have the chance to buy one that has been taken care of, do it


Had to replace rear strut mounts.

Exhaust manifold cracked at 175,000 miles.

Dash lights are very touchy.

Had to put new power steering belt on at an unbelievable 200,500 miles.

General Comments:

This car has not had any major problems since it was made.

I have been very mean and hard on this vehicle and with 222,000 miles it still gets up and goes.

It starts every morning and averages about twenty five to thirty miles to the gallon.

The interior has held together very well.

With scheduled maintenance these cars will run forever.

Great beginner car.

Has survived three years of high school and one semester of college, so far.

Paint has slightly faded, but still looks decent.

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Review Date: 25th August, 2004

1993 Toyota Corolla DX 1.4 Incline 4 cylinder from North America


Best $2,800 I ever spent


Alternator was replaced before I bought it.

Car was also in a accident, passenger size was hit.

Replacing the starter recently.

The car seems to have hesitation going up hills for some reason.

One major tune up, apparently a distributer cap wasn't even connected the whole time.

General Comments:

At first before I bought it, I was very skeptical because of the high miles on it. That didn't seem to be a problem.

The frame is beautiful for being so old. It only has 2 rust spots the size of quarters on the bottom part of both front doors.

It does lack speed, but the space inside is pretty decent. Like the front passenger side and the trunk.

I would replace the engine just to keep this car.

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Review Date: 7th July, 2004

1993 Toyota Corolla DX 1.8L from North America


Definitely a keeper


Almost nothing has gone wrong with this car in the eleven+ years I have had it. I had to replace the water pump at about 45,000 miles and I replaced the engine timing belt at 50,000, but that is about all. The cup-holder has lost its spring mechanism and is going to need some duct tape pretty soon to keep it from falling off.

General Comments:

I had an accident in this car about a month ago. I crumpled the hood, grille and front bumper, and did about $3,300 worth of damage to it, but the only mechanical damage was to the radiator (the front frame bar was pushed up against it), and the car was still driveable after the accident (although I had to add some coolant periodically until I could get it into the body shop. Wholesale bluebook was less than the repair cost, but it was worth it to me to keep this highly reliable, low-mileage car running. (My car was manufactured in Japan, and I understand you can't get those anymore.) I had the car repaired at a Toyota dealer-owned body shop, and the car looks fantastic. The upholstery is a taupe color that has absorbed dozens of cups of spilled coffee, etc., since 1993, and it still looks brand new. The acceleration was never exciting, but then no one ever said it was a sports car.

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Review Date: 19th May, 2004