1998 Toyota Corolla G6 1.3 (6 speed) from UK and Ireland


A car that is reliable and nice to drive


Nothing serious, spark plugs, ignition coils,

General Comments:

Very tidy car, electric windows, electric mirrors, aircon, 6 disc CD changer, 6 speed gear box.

Nippy around town, but wouldn't trust it on long distance journeys.

40mpg around town, sometimes it stutters and doesn't pull properly, ignition coils make it difficult to isolate the problem, but when it runs, it runs nice and smooth, and is comfortable for a car of this size.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2010

1998 Toyota Corolla LE 1.8L from North America


Best car I have owned



General Comments:

This has been a great car for us, in fact the most reliable car I have owned in 30 years. Only had to change the oil and put gas in it.

Unfortunately it is now using oil, but not burning it and not leaking it, so I can't determine where it is going, but I have to add about 1 litre a month or every 1800 kms.

There is very minor rust over the rear wheel wells.

The 5spd is fairly peppy, although it does lose power on climbs in the mountains.

Mileage is about 45 mpg (Canadian) and we do mostly highway driving.

Seats are reasonably comfortable, but lack support on long drives.

We have literally not spent any money on repairs; only tires, wiper blades, replaced the windshield twice, and oil changes.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2010

1998 Toyota Corolla 1.3 from Kosovo


Very very economic and durable


I seem to have a transmission problem with my manual gearbox. I sort of knew when I purchased the car, because it was leaking oil from below the gearbox. I changed the pan gasket, but the problem persists.

Now I have troubles engaging in the third gear and it's making a crunch noise like cogs are not matching. I read somewhere in the tube that it's a called a synchromesh, but don't know whether to go ahead with a new gearbox.?

General Comments:

This car is really easy and fun to drive. It goes very smoothly and it really sticks to the road. It's like driving a train on the straightforward line.

The fuel consumption is ridiculously low, I managed to get over 190 KMs with just over 10 litres of petrol. It starts even in the -7 degrees cold with the first attempt. I really think this is a wonderful engine, considering the volume of it. OK, it's a bit sluggish while overtaking, but then in Kosovo I don't need speeds above 120 kms per hour.

The only drawback is the driving position for tall people like me. Otherwise the seats have the combination of french vehicle ride with german vehicle toughness.

Have the impression that if this car was new, it would last at least good 15 years without any problems.

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Review Date: 18th March, 2010

1998 Toyota Corolla LE 1.8 from North America


Not the sportiest, but worth every penny


Starter started going bad at 167000 miles. Not expensive to replace.

Replaced the rear struts at 145000.

General Comments:

Awesome gas mileage. It is a 5 spd and on the highway I can get 44-45 mpg. Even driving back and forth to work I average 34-35 mpg.

Some of the plastic interior parts around the door have begun to shrink and warp, and the headliner is beginning to sag in the rear. Overall, considering what I get out of this car compared to what I have in it, it is great.

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Review Date: 17th October, 2009

1998 Toyota Corolla LE 1.8 from North America


Take care of it and it will take care of you. Good car


I bought the car from my mom at 89k. She did all services with Toyota.

The seat belt light was blinking when I got it.

Starter went around 110k.

I replaced the sway bar links.

Driver's side door handle broke at 130k.

Headliner started to come apart at 140k.

Some exhaust gasket has gone bad up front. In the process of having that replaced at 150k.

I always change my oil on time.

Have yet to replace a clutch.

Steering locks up under lots of turning, AKA driving really fast around a parking lot, swerving back and forth.

A/C had to be recharged.

Suspension is starting to go. Might make it to 200k.

Don't let this scare you, this car has been great. Most of this is general maintenance. I love my Corolla.

General Comments:

I like this car, it's peppy. Great fuel economy, and not too small.

I drive this thing way to hard, I was 19 when I got the car. And have driven like a 19 year old would. But I've only gone through one set of tires.

I corner hard. Accelerate even harder. It's seen 100mph.

Don't load this car up with 4 people. It just can't take it. You will see a huge loss in fuel economy.

I have a roof rack, and still get great fuel economy.

Seats are so comfortable. I am going to miss them.

Terrible design with the charge and cup area, can't use both.

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Review Date: 5th October, 2009

5th Oct 2009, 19:11

If this identical review with the mileage, mechanical problems, etc. had been posted with the words 'Chevrolet Cobalt' substituted for 'Toyota Corolla', it would have ended with 'this car sucks and I will never buy American again'.

Wake up folks. Just because the cars are built here, doesn't mean the corporate money, company dividends, and research and development investment stays here. At least GM and Ford cars are built and owned by companies based in North America.

Chrysler's now owned by Fiat.