2001 Toyota Corolla LE 1.8 from North America


The most efficient, reliable compact sedan on the market


'Catalysts' or something to that effect needed to be replaced at about 120k miles.

General Comments:

I purchased this car new in 2001, commuting almost 90 miles a day round trip.

I averaged approximately 39 MPG back then, and I'm still getting that now, 11 years later.

For a 4 cylinder 1.8 automatic, it has a tremendous pick up, and I was amazed at how quick it accelerates, even at high speeds (65 - 70); when you hit the gas pedal, this car MOVES.

I've read 'complaints' about the Corolla having a 'soft suspension', but that's not a negative. This is what gives this smaller car such a smooth ride, and allows you to feel like you're in a bigger car, just floating over the bumps.

It starts right up every time you turn the key, even in the frigid New England winter, and it plows through the snow like a tank.

In the 11 1/2 years that I've owned it, I only had to replace the brakes, and I had to have a repair done to the catalyst, or something to that effect.

It wasn't the catalytic converter, but it had something to do with the emissions parts - a $1400 repair by a trusted mechanic my family has been dealing with for years.

I figure it's one major repair in 11 years - much better than a monthly car payment that would amount to much more than that, and certainly much better than the Chrysler PT Cruiser we bought brand new 6 months after the Toyota, that has had 4 recalls and at least a $400 to $800 repair every year since the warranty ran out.

Bottom line - the 2001 Corolla LE I bought was simply one of the best purchases I've ever made.

It starts and runs every day, sees me safely and smoothly through my commute, plows its way through the snow, and still gets an average of 39 MPG.

What's not to like?

I'd buy it again in a New York minute.

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Review Date: 1st December, 2012

2001 Toyota Corolla GS 1.6 VVTi 16v from UK and Ireland


Strong, reliable, friendly


This car was built in 2001, so it has done very well.

I had to replace the rear to front brake pipes on this car when I purchased it; that's the only fault... Amazing!!

General Comments:

I cannot fault this car.

When I got it, I immediately put some oil treatment in the engine oil, then flushed it out; it was very black, so a lot of gunk was removed. Replaced the oil and filter using 5w-40w oil, and the engine purred like a kitten.

If you treat the car with some respect, like keeping everything clean, including in the engine bay, I'm sure these cars will last.

I owned a Toyota Estima before this car, 18 years old it was, but with care it is still running well with the new owner.

I like Toyota cars, and will buy them every time. To me they are the most reliable of them all.

This Corolla is running like a new car, and will continue for a long time to come. The engine is strong, very reliable, and is easy to maintain. Mileage is around 40 MPG; better than 19 with the Estima. Starts every time and drives well.

There is a little road noise, but you get this with most hatchbacks.

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Review Date: 25th May, 2012

2001 Toyota Corolla XEi 1.8 gasoline from Brazil


Very good if you never had better


Basically, I got this car with loads of problems. The Corolla gave me a very bad first impression.

1 - The manual transmission was leaking oil. Even though this issue is solved.. up to date it still doesn't feel right.

2 - I can feel the acceleration, the engine effort on my feet, which I don't like... I think cars should be perfect and silent tools, a levitating brick if you will.

3 - The mat on the driver's side is always moving with my feet. It goes over the pedals sometimes... terrible.

4 - The steering wheel oil cable was leaking too.. I had to replace the oil every month or so. It has stopped leaking after repairs, but somehow I had to replace that oil again. Don't know if it evaporates or whatever.

5 - If you are not driving on a mattress, you can hear noises from all doors... it's annoying how this car looks like Lego plastic.

6 - I had to replace a piece called 'lambda probe' or whatever... it calculates the gas/air combination.

7 - The A/C motor had to be replaced; it was making an amazing annoying sound that could be heard a mile away, whenever I had the A/C on.

General Comments:

I find it amazing that the insurance for this car and the market is better than Chrysler's... so many customers like this piece of trash. Maybe because they never had anything better, or just because they're too humble.

The only reason that forces me to buy another, is the insurance value in Brazil, which is 1/8 of any Chrysler's.

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Review Date: 8th November, 2011

8th Feb 2013, 04:06

My Toyota 2001 VVTI has a very high oil consumption problem, which also clogs up the lambda sensors, which are very expensive to change repeatedly.

The engine oil consumption has no fix, other than to change to a new engine.

I hate Toyota VVTI technology.