2005 Toyota Corolla LE 1.8L from North America


Very reliable and inexpensive to own


Nothing Really. A few little quirks such as noisy front brakes and a couple of weird dash rattles.

General Comments:

Reliable & cheap vehicle to operate.

Excellent fuel economy.

Very roomy for this class of vehicle.

Very good acceleration for this class of vehicle.

Driver's seat becomes uncomfortable after long trips.

Should have purchased a Corolla earlier instead of my former piece of crap Cavalier.

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Review Date: 6th August, 2008

6th Aug 2008, 21:50

Why the poor mark for dealer service?

2005 Toyota Corolla LE 1.5 liter gas from North America


I love my Corolla!!


Left low beam bulb burned out at about 80k miles.

General Comments:

This is a great economy car! I knew that I could not go wrong buying from Toyota when I got this car. It came with alloy rims from the dealer. I can't say enough good things about this car...And yes, my friends envy the mileage I get: 35mpg or better.

VERY low costs to maintain. So far all I've done is change the oil every 4k miles or so, and rotate the tires at 6k miles. I did have to get it a new set of tires at 50k miles though. I am planning to change the timing belt soon as a preventive measure, as called for on the owner's manual. But the car does not feel like it needs a new belt at all.

If the car had ABS, it would be very close to a perfect 10 on my book.

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Review Date: 3rd June, 2008

17th Jul 2009, 18:31

Please reconsider changing the timing belt; Toyotas from the Echo on have timing chains, which have the lifespan of 400,000 miles or so.

2005 Toyota Corolla ce 1.8 lit from North America


The best car I've ever owned!! Very happy!


Not much. Water pump was replaced under warranty. Two front tires replaced which wore too quickly (n/c).

General Comments:

This is a great car! It's everything I'd hoped it would be. Toyota builds great quality!

It doesn't weigh much, so be careful on very windy days.

Great gas mileage (45mpg on highway).

It just does so much right.

A car like this could last FOREVER if maintained.

If you want peace in your life (like I did) coming from an unreliable car to this Toyota, you'll sleep well at night!

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Review Date: 18th March, 2008

2005 Toyota Corolla S from North America


Extremely reliable


All 4 tires have been replaced twice.

Windows fog up all the time.

General Comments:

This car is extremely reliable and handles pretty well.

The cabin gets extremely dusty and the windows fog up all the time.

The trunk space is pretty nice for a small car.

I love the sunroof that comes with my vehicle.

It achieves over 35 miles to a gallon, which is very important nowadays.

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Review Date: 18th February, 2008

2005 Toyota Corolla S 1.8 from North America


Cheap/Budget City Commuter


Tires wear out quick, Bad traction. (Common with this car)

Window runner seals warp after 2-3 years.

Radio does not play a CD unless temperature outside is about 50F or the car has warmed-up inside for 20 minutes if its cold outside.

Power steering pump leaked after one week.

General Comments:

Makes me wonder every penney I am saving in gasoline to save for tires etc.

I doubt the seat material will last average use.

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Review Date: 14th January, 2008

2005 Toyota Corolla XEi 1.8 Gasoline from Brazil


Great car!


Module to close windows when activating alarm broke 2x. A piece of rubber from the roof of the car ripped itself loose, but was replaced free of charge.

General Comments:

Excellent vehicle. Good performance, a reference regarding suspension. Auto shifter could be a little smarter, but is OK. Handles great. Toyota never invested much on interior design, but with the release of the New Civic, they would be smart on seriously investing on interior design... and technology, for that matter.

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Review Date: 21st November, 2007

2005 Toyota Corolla S 1.8L from North America


Could have been a winner


Upon taking delivery of my Corolla S, the steering wheel was off center and the cruise control was not working (sensor not adjusted properly). A single trip to the dealer and these issues were addressed.

More disconcerting is an ongoing problem I've had with the driver's seat. It developed a little bit of play and an annoying knock around 12K miles. I have since been to the dealer, who fortunately has been patient and understanding, a total of 6 times. The seat frame and tracks were both replaced twice. The first replacement exhibited exact same symptoms less than 2 months later. The second replacement failed to latch properly to the right side rail. Am currently having this issue looked at, so my seat problem overall has yet to be resolved.

The 2007 Corolla loaner the dealer gave me does not have excessive play in it, but it does make a lot noise for only having 5500 miles on it.

How hard is it to make a decent seat? They've only been making them for 50 years! This is inexcusable in my opinion.

General Comments:

I would be fairly satisfied with the vehicle, if it weren't for the seat issue. It is quickly becoming a turnoff. Bought Toyota after finding out that Honda was cutting corners. Now it appears Toyota may be doing the same thing.

Do auto manufacturers think we won't notice when they pull this crap??

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Review Date: 18th October, 2007

7th Nov 2007, 14:41

Just an update to 19:33 above:

My dealer has worked with me exhaustively to get my seat issue resolved. They have finally just replaced the entire seat, which cost them roughly $3000. Unfortunately, the new unit still has what I consider to be an unacceptable amount of play in the seat back (pivot). I see no reason for this, especially when I compare the seat in my Corolla to seats in other cars. But at this point, I am exhausted from making so many trips to the dealer and I just want to put the issue to rest.

I have settled, and I think that's a damn shame for something that costs $15000+.

Kudos to my dealer, Seeger Toyota, located in Chesterfield, MO, USA for their patience and willingness to repeatedly address my concerns.