2006 Toyota Corolla LE from North America


Overall the car is okay


Since I purchased the car, the brakes squeak / squeal whenever I put the car in reverse and backup. Time is not a factor. It happens after an overnight sit, after 20 minutes, after 5 minutes. The dealership tells me all Toyotas have squeaking brakes. My mom has a Camry and her brakes have never squeaked. The last time the car was in the shop, two weeks ago, the dealership said they refaced them. Now two weeks later the brakes are sqeaking again.

General Comments:

It is the perfect size for my needs. Gas mileage is good.

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Review Date: 14th January, 2007

13th Sep 2007, 09:43

I have squeaky breaks on my Toyota Corolla too. I took it into the dealership, they cleaned them and they stopped squeaking. Now they squeak again. I still like the car.

8th Jun 2008, 19:18

Brakes squeak.

I have a 1999 Mazda 626 with new brake pads and rotors, and they squeak. Even the old ones squeaked.

4th Dec 2008, 10:33

Usually cheap metallic brakes squeak, put descent quality ceramic pads on and they should stop. The squeaking isn’t a safety issue anyways so you may as well wait until you need new pads. The squeaking is a buildup caused by the pads. That’s why when you clean them they’re OK for a while. You can get Japanese pads like “sumitomo” for a reasonable price. If cost is an issue PBR makes acceptable ceramic pads for cheap.

2006 Toyota Corolla S 1.8L from North America


Excellent car for the money; very reliable and great on gas mileage


Loud whistling noise coming from front windshield area.

General Comments:

Excellent car otherwise.

Great gas mileage. I drive a little over 80 miles per day and only have to fill up once a week.

I would buy this car again.

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Review Date: 4th January, 2007

2006 Toyota Corolla 2.0D Saloon 2.0 Diesel from Pakistan


Best Selling car in the History - Really Sucks


-Ash tray fall down on the first day of purchase and never fixed.

-Electric window for rear right passenger just stopped working.

-Brakes squick a lot when cars moves in first 2 kilometers.

-Stereo system with four speakers, but only two work.

General Comments:

One word. Economical. It's a good saloon car, but its not what you call driving pleasure. Steering is too low even adjusted at highest, but not high enough. Engine is very loud.

Interior is big, but its functional (surprisingly).

Rims are too small (14").

Engine managed to reach 5000rpm in first 2 gears.

Lots of storage spaces and lots of functions are available.

I previously owned a sportage and it was a big mistake. Compared to that it's a brilliant car. But compared to my Honda it Sucks.

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Review Date: 17th December, 2006

18th Dec 2006, 09:56

I saw a report recently that Toyota is scaling back production worldwide. Their rapid growth rate in production has been done at the cost quality, the very fact there is such high demand for their cars in the first place. They have admitted that their quality and reliability has taken a big hit due to the incredible demand they have experienced. Part of the problem has been they have run out parts at times for one car and used parts from others, which is inherently problematic. I recently bought a new 2006 Corolla and have had three minor problems already. I am worried about issues cropping up going forward. have only put 2500 miles on it so far. If I would have known at the time about their quality issues I would have bought the Civic.

2006 Toyota Corolla CE 1.8L from North America




Nothing so far its PERFECT.

General Comments:

This car has definitely surpassed my expectations. It is quite peppy and excellent on gas. Everything is laid out nicely in the car and well I think that Toyota has just earned a new lifetime member to their club, as I also have a 1984 Tercel that is testing new limits and going strong. With two cars that are more reliable than all previous cars put together (FORD, SATURN, CHEV AND JEEP) I think its safe to say I am now a Toyota MAN.

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Review Date: 14th October, 2006

14th Oct 2006, 21:00

You have 283 km on your car.

15th Oct 2006, 09:02

'Toyota has just earned a new lifetime member to their club'.

After 283kms. As it is a Toyota, it isn't likely to go too wrong, but a bit early for a comment like that.

20th Oct 2006, 02:24

Considering that I have to tailgate a Lexus to make sure it's not a Mercedes. Considering that a Corolla is a derivative of an 84 Jetta. Considering that an 84 Cherokee set a standard for modern SUV. Considering that japanese motorcycles can reproduce style, but not feeling, I do considered that authenticity is lacking in a Corolla. Budget is the key, a price has to be paid...