2006 Toyota Corolla LE 1.8 from North America


Very comfortable, very reliable, great car


Basically nothing! This has been a great car. The only things that I have had problems with are:

The button that tells if the passenger air bad is on/off...well its not a button.. and I tried pushing it and pushed it into the dash. This was fixed with a shop vac, it sucked back out and clicked into place. Also, the brakes have worn fairly quickly, I'm already getting the pads replaced at 7900 miles. Probably my breaking, and the fact that it is almost all city mileage.

General Comments:

This car is much better than I had expected out of an economy car. The interior, while not luxury looking, is extremely comfortable, in city driving, and especially on long trips, almost to the point of making you fall asleep (which I've almost done on several occasions.) It is also very very quiet, very low road noise, very very smooth ride.

Gas mileage is good, but somewhat confusing. For example, recently I wanted to test my gas mileage in city driving with a/c on. I got 175 out of the first half tank, 75 out of the second half. Overall city mileage, even without a/c, is OK. 26-28. Highway, however, amazing. My ex girlfriend lived about 40 minutes away, and I would drive to see her a couple times a week. During that time, I got around 380-400 miles per tank. Highway driving, this car is awesome! And with only 11 gallons of gas, you do the math.

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Review Date: 29th July, 2006

29th Jul 2006, 21:25

I owned an Altis 1.8G over 6 months back. I quite agree on the above-stated comments. Altis is indeed an excellent car. I like the interior design, very classy looking. Its pickup on the highway is better than what you expect. It feels like driving a Japanese-BMW, very comfortable. I used to drive long distance from Penang to Malacca, non-stop. I never felt tired at all. It is really amazing! This is what you paid for, really! My top speed on the highway reaches 200km/hour.

My car's mileage is 13,000km and the brake pads are still in good condition.

The Toyota service center charged me about RM160 for every service. This is very reasonable.

The fuel consumption for full tank is close to 450km, highway driving. This is even better than my old Wira 1.5L.

If we would compare Hyundai Sonata, the technical features are quite similar. Things like ECT, TRC, Airbag, ABS, VSC. However, I believe Altis has a much better fuel consumption than Sonata due to its lighter weight and a more refined fuel combustion.

Lastly, I like Altis due to its appearance. The stylish look that never fades away over the years. I am even betting that the new Corolla (expected to be released in 2008) may not look good as Altis.

21st Jan 2007, 23:25

Not sure why you're talking about a Jeep on a Corolla site.

However, it sounds to me like your Jeep has been amazingly reliable. 40 oil changes? So what that's just regular maintenance.

22nd Jan 2007, 15:01

Yeah, somebody who complains about changing spark plugs after 210,000 kms will never be satisfied with any vehicle. He's giving it a glowing testimonial even if he doesn't realize it.

22nd Jan 2007, 15:56

Sounds about right look at his high mileage... I wouldn't let my oil changes go. I change my oil and filter every 3,000 miles or 4 months. Its expensive when you have a sludge issue on an import.

2006 Toyota Corolla CE from North America




Battery dead at 3000 miles due to a bad cell.

General Comments:

Great economy and not a bad ride for a small car. Paint and interior are well done even for a made in the USA vehicle. As it is made in the USA, it was in the shop for a repair at less than 6 months and there are the usual rattles that I never have on made in Japan vehicles. The battery went dead and they replaced it with a non-factory battery.

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Review Date: 18th June, 2006