2007 Toyota Corolla Colour Collection 1.6 from UK and Ireland


It is the best car I have ever owned


Nothing has gone wrong so far.

General Comments:

It is very powerful and economical, I'd say to buy one of these if you love a reliable, no nonsense car

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Review Date: 6th December, 2014

2007 Toyota Corolla Ascent 1.8 from Australia and New Zealand


A piece of $20 000 plastic - yet reliable


Every nook and cranny rattles, I cannot emphasise this enough. I have gotten to the point where I am used to it.

Factory stereo head unit died, had to buy an aftermarket one (which works better).

Suspension creeks in cold weather.

General Comments:

Apart from the above MINOR issues, I have had absolutely no trouble with this car, and it's quite the looker too.

I am absolutely amazed by the fuel economy I get; 7 litres per 100km.

A previous review stated "refrigerator on wheels", which is very suited. The handling is absolute rubbish, and there's more plastic holding the car together than you can poke a stick at!

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Review Date: 2nd November, 2011

2007 Toyota Corolla CE 4 cylinder gas from North America


Reliable, basic, efficient, car


Gravel roads are pitting the paint job, and I've noticed if I drive over 45 MPH on gravel it tends to slide. The manual seat belts are annoying as I'm used to automatic ones.

General Comments:

I just retired an '89 Camry with 215 thousand miles on it, no air, and no muffler any more, so the Corolla is luxurious in comparison.

It's not a luxury car, however, just inexpensive, reliable 'plain-jane' transportation. So far I absolutely love it!

I had a trusted mechanic go over it before I bought it, and he could find absolutely nothing wrong with it.

I plan to drive this car until it drops (like the Camry, which technically has not 'dropped' as it still runs fine, just looks like heck).

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Review Date: 16th July, 2009

2007 Toyota Corolla from North America


Check engine light, charcoal canister


My engine light came on, took it too the dealer and I need to get a new charcoal canister, under warranty, thank god! The car is still new, only 25k miles.

The guy told me, that they have had quite a few problems with this lately (because colder than usual weather)??? And the canister is on back order (which does make it sound like it is happening to a lot of people).

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Review Date: 14th January, 2009

15th Jan 2009, 11:04

I was told the main cause of bad charcoal canisters was overfilling a gas tank, like leaking gas out of the fill tube full, so some liquid gasoline leaks up to the canisters. Is this true?

31st Jul 2015, 03:07

Yes, this is true, that's what I have heard as well. I have a Corolla, and I do not top it off when it stops. That's it, no more gas.

2007 Toyota Corolla S Sedan from North America


Not what I was expecting. No more Corollas for me


One door panel came loose.

Radio volume control works on its own call.

The paint on the spoiler came off (dark gray paint).

I go through batteries like no tomorrow- 6 in 14,000 miles!

General Comments:

The steering wheel is too close to the driver.

Leg room is below average in all seats.

The cabin is noisy.

The transmission is creamy smooth.

The seats are contoured well and very comfortable.

The headlights are weak.

Looks okay.

Absolutely horrendous in the snow and rain.

Acceleration is barely adequate.

The brakes are good.

Rear vision is good.

The doors close with a guillotine thunk- a sign of quality on the doors.

Defrost is decent. It was better than my last car.

Rear-seat headrests are a nice touch.

I get 25 MPG city and 32 MPG highway. Pretty bad for a car of this caliber. My last car (although with a manual transmission) was more like 30/45.

The paint must be rustproof. There is no rust yet (in PA).

It just wasn't what I was expecting. I probably won't purchase another Corolla, but maybe another model.

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Review Date: 15th November, 2008

27th Nov 2008, 02:09

I am impressed with your review because it speaks the truth.

Our Corolla was exactly as you described.

It rode sloppy, had no power and the best I ever got was 31 mpg on the highway at 65 mph. We averaged 20-25 in town. Other people claim they get 37 mpg in city, but I think they did their math while they were intoxicated.