1st Apr 2005, 12:02

That's strange. You said the a/c isn't so great. For me, mines is works really well.. even better than some new cars out there that my friends own. You just have to change the air filter on time basically. If it's not that, I think you will figure it out sooner or later. But I feel the a/c is awesome.. gets cool quickly and it's only on the first bar..

25th Jul 2005, 21:20

My A/C seems to be working fine too. I've got atleast 80,000 miles on the car and so far so good. One thing is true, this is a point A to B transportation vehicle. Good thing this car is my wife's.

14th Mar 2006, 18:46

You're right, it is boring... nothing stands out.

26th Jun 2015, 12:09

If you want to stand out, buy a super car...

27th Jun 2015, 09:17

Manufacturers have produced status symbol motor cars since the very beginning. You could buy a Duesenberg, Rolls, Stutz Bearcat or a Dodge Brothers car. Today you can buy a new Bentley or a Corolla. It could be unspoken, but it's an immediate status symbol or signal of perceived wealth. Or tremendous debt, depending on one's financial situation. But it's always been that way. A car really doesn't make the man. I learned this a long time ago driving a new sports car and a bland utility vehicle. You get attention driving a high end car, as they are looking really at the car, not at you. Switch to vehicle 2 and you are a faceless person in the crowd.

I do a lot of car shows. I never wear apparel that matches my car. I got over that and don't show off. People honestly never care or pay attention to who sits behind a car in a chair. I realize people put in hard work and effort, but people will find you out if they have questions. It's to see the car. It's cool to hear interest as an owner. And nice to see kids smiling looking at them. But the real joy of ownership isn't the status, it's owning and driving one first hand.

I like a regular A to B vehicle, as there's not concern over parking anywhere or going anywhere. Driving the others is almost a chore on limitations on usage, hour of the day, weather, parking damage worries, theft, vandalism etc. But I will always own a very cool high end car, even if just for weekends. I guess you may be able to tell I have been at this a long time. Enjoy what you drive, and have fun doing so. They are all great.