1999 Toyota Corolla CE 1.8 gas from North America


Won't attract any cat calls, but super-practical and ever-reliable


Replaced front stabilizer links, 2 interior door handles, serpentine belt.

General Comments:

The Corolla is anonymous, immensely practical, and totally awesome. I average 35 absolutely worry-free miles per gallon. Cheap and easy to maintain, roomy and comfortable for such a small and inexpensive car (power windows & locks, cruise control, lighted trunk, etc.), and looks respectable.

The only downside I have found (besides the usual Toyota door handles that always seem to be made out of recycled, low-grade plastic milk jugs) is that it is practically undriveable in snow accumulations of 1/16" or more. Really. I have great tires, as does my brother, who has the same model year Corolla. We have both had the same experience -- very little traction, extremely light front end -- kind of terrifying. That said, those limitations affect it only a few days a year, and it excels everywhere else.

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Review Date: 5th January, 2016

13th Nov 2018, 13:18

I am now up to 250,000, and it's still running like a champ. It is however a good idea to buy replacement interior door handles in bulk if you plan on driving this model Corolla for a while.

1999 Toyota Corolla VE from North America


Best car I ever owned!


The hardware has issues.

The door handles have been replaced more than once.

The interior is plastic, and after 13 years, it's in need of repairs.

I drive really hard, and the car can take it, but the ride is bumpy.

General Comments:

The car is excellent and runs great. They sure don't make them like this anymore. I still drive it on a daily basis after 13 years, and it is more dependable and worry free than my 2004 model.

I replaced the starter a few months ago after 13 long years, and the original battery lasted 7 years.

I did put in a short ram cold air intake to boost the pick up and performance, and I have outran newer Civics.

The car is now riding rough, but I do push it to the limit. It is vibrating and burning gas like crazy. I plan to replace the oxygen sensors, flush the fluids and replace them, and have it realigned.

It needs a paint job and the interior needs to be redone, but the engine is whisper quiet and super dependable with low maintenance.

I would restore her to her former glory if I won the lottery, because the new cars are built to break, and don't last.

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Review Date: 8th October, 2012

1999 Toyota Corolla CE 1.8 from North America


Reliability is almost guaranteed


All I have had to replace in 20k miles are:

The high pressure steering hose, $49.

TPS sensor, $45.

Front brake pads, $25.

Air filter, $20.

Tires balanced, $16.

I have also changed the oil every 3k miles.

I also change the ATF fluid and filter each year.

General Comments:

This vehicle has exceeded my reliability expectations.

I also perform all my own maintenance, saving myself a wad of cash.

It may not be the most exciting car to drive, but I feel sure it will not break down.

It also returns around 28 miles to the gallon.

Insurance is also cheap.

In my opinion, this car makes a good purchase.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2011

1999 Toyota Corolla LE 1.8 gas from North America


Extremely dependable and well made economy car that doesn't feel cheap


New front brake pads at 71,800.

Repaired starter at 122,000.

New alternator at 146,500 - old one still worked, preventative measure.

General Comments:

I bought this car new for my wife January of 1999. It has been an excellent car, no major repairs, economical, comfortable, extremely dependable.

Gas mileage 27 - 42 mpg (hwy trip at 60-65mph).

Changed oil every 3- 4,000 miles.

Still runs and looks good.

Have not even had the AC charged and it still works fine, as do PL, PW, dash lights, etc.

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Review Date: 24th May, 2010

2nd May 2013, 20:45

NEAR 40 MPG highway? Wow! My Camry 5-speed got around 33 MPG highway, but it quit running at 222k miles, despite A+ preventive maintenance.

I just reached 300k in my 2.4DX 5-speed Toyota truck. The older models have fewer problems, mainly due to fewer American inputs, and it still gets near 30 MPG (with no A/C).

I've been noticing a 99 Corolla LE (auto) for sale near the highway for nearly a week or more. It's a good chance I'll bring it home after your personal goodwill towards it. I hope to find as reliable economic solutions as did you. Besides, it's claiming to only have 150k miles.

Wishing us all many uneventful Toyota, high mileage, journeys.