13th Mar 2015, 03:58

I am in Zambia and own the 1998 Harrier. I had this problem also, which I sorted out myself. The cause of that is a defective rear brake light. There is a brake light just under the rear spoiler on the rear window screen. There was something loose, and when I just touched there, the problem was gone for good. Hope this will also work out for you! Good luck.

16th Apr 2015, 00:57

Try to check your fuel pump, and clean or replace it. This could be one of the causes.

13th May 2015, 13:49

I have a Lexus RX300 with a gear problem. Can I use another gear (e.g. 2MZ gear) on it?

12th Jun 2015, 15:18

Do you have a manual? My screen is in Japanese and I can't do anything.

23rd Jun 2015, 20:09

You said: I have a Lexus RX300 with a gear problem. Can I use another gear (e.g. 2MZ gear) on it?

You can only use the gearbox for your car - if it is a 1999 to 2003 4WD Harrier or RX300, it's the 4-speed U140F gearbox. The gearbox communicates with the other computers in the car, and everything must receive the correct codes or you'll get an error message which will put the car into "get-you-home" mode with limited engine revs and no 4th gear.

I found that a faulty ignition coil gave me a check engine light, which stopped the gearbox working in manual mode and it wouldn't go into 4th gear - there was nothing wrong with the gearbox, but the engine problem restricted the gearbox's functions.

The most fragile part in the U140F gearbox is the front planetary gears - they were very weak. Toyota made stronger gears for the 2003 model onwards (and gave the gearbox 5-speeds, the U151F, I think), and the uprated parts became available to replace the weak gears in the U140F, so if you get your U140F gearbox rebuilt, make sure you get the updated part number for the replacement planetary gears.

For the reasons I gave above, you can't use a U151F gearbox in a pre-2003 RX or Harrier - the computers won't like it.

My 2000 Harrier gearbox with 120,000 miles (200,000 km) failed to go into drive one day, but I kept revving it and trying forward, reverse, forward, and eventually it worked. After I changed the gearbox oil and filter, it has been OK since then.

For this gearbox to work properly and last well, make sure there are no engine error codes, and change the gearbox oil and filter regularly - good luck!

10th Jul 2015, 08:22

Anyone found how to re-program Japanese to English yet? I can't even correct the clock. I own a 1998 model. It's a great car to drive.

23rd Jul 2015, 12:08

Bought a 1998 Harrier Four 3.0 six months ago. Engine oil is leaking from the engine. What is the cause?

1st Jan 2016, 05:00

My RX300 has the same clock problem; mine has a TV switch where the clock switch is shown in the manual. Where is the clock switch, or how do I change the clock?

29th Mar 2016, 07:57

Fully-synthetic engine oil can last up to 10,000km.

19th Sep 2016, 15:48

Change gear sensor.

19th Oct 2016, 20:15

I am also experiencing the same problems with my Harrier. It's engaging in gear no. 4. Please help.

20th Oct 2016, 11:51

I have a problem. My CD changer was removed from the slot. Where can I find it? I want to buy one; I'm in Zambia. The whole housing is there, it's intact, it's the loader which is removable that is what was removed. I was told that if you can find it, it is easy to fix.

And I'm also experiencing a hard start; what could be the problem?

The car is a Harrier 3.0 1mz engine V6.

14th Feb 2017, 22:50

I have a Harrier 3.0 and there on the CD changer slot is where I put a new and powerful JVC car radio with Bluetooth function, and no worries about loading loads of CDs anymore.

24th Feb 2017, 00:41

Looking for a English manual for a Harrier 1998. Can anyone help?


20th Apr 2017, 13:34

I have a Toyota Harrier 1998. Recently after I closed my car door, the hazard light was still blinking for few minutes. Can I know what is the problem? Thank you very much.


25th May 2017, 12:58

The rear parking lights are not working.

14th Jun 2017, 05:38

Hi Hussain, just wanted to know if you managed to win on the gearbox of your car? Mine has the same problem.

2nd Jan 2018, 02:03

Clock works off sat nav and English disc fails to read.

31st Jan 2018, 15:39

I have 1998 Toyota Harrier 3.0. The up and down buttons on the steering wheel are not working?

Does anyone have an idea about it?

26th Apr 2018, 04:23

Hello, I am experiencing the same problem with my Harrier 3 litre 1MZ 2001 model. If I even try to push it by stepping on the gas, it brings up the engine check light (when put in for diagnosis, it brings up a p0330 error code [knock engine sensor in bank 2 faulty]). Please, if you have found a solution, please let me know. Luhanga91@gmail.com

24th Jun 2018, 05:48

Hi owners of the Toyota Harrier from 1998. I recently purchased a Toyota Harrier 3.0 V6 FOUR. It's an excellent vehicle if you are planning to upkeep it and show it lots of love and care. My car is now 20 years old and I'm hoping to use it as long as possible. Always change the engine oil on time. I have read that fully synthetic oil can go for up to 15000 KM, but please change it earlier due to our hot weather. I plan to change it every 8000 KM and I'm using Shell Helix Ultra 5W 40 Fully Synthetic. Don't play when it comes to oil changes and the type of oil as the engine is prone to sludge buildup. Change the PCV valve as soon as you can, as all that old sludge can sometimes block this valve. Be extra careful as the old PCV valve is plastic and can easily break. There are videos on YouTube for the Lexus RX300. I have not experienced any issues with the transmission, but I've changed the oil in it as well as the differential oil in the front and back. I'm using Toyota oil for this.

This is a powerful and comfortable car with relatively low maintenance cost. Keep this vehicle well serviced and I'm sure it will give you many years of comfortable motoring. It's quite affordable currently in the used car market, but this may change if the car hits cult status. The road tax for this vehicle is RM 1625 for the 4WD model. The 3.0 2WD version road tax is higher. I notice that many are unaware that this can be had as a 4WD version, and made the mistake of thinking they bought a 4WD but ended up with a 2WD. Always look under the middle of the car for the prop shaft near the exhaust system to confirm.

Thank you, Ravi.

6th Sep 2018, 03:07

The hazard light blinking after you shut the door is normal; it can be stopped after you lock the door. If not you should check with an electrician.